Soldier Tells Sergeant She’s Pregnant, So He Orders Her Go On 12 Mile March


Twelve Miles

She couldn’t believe this was happening. She stared at the man silently, her eyes wide. How could he blame her for getting pregnant? Was the punishment really necessary?

Captain Amy Price was in disbelief. The Sergeant was equally responsible for this, but he was punishing her, forcing her to march twelve miles.

She would make him regret messing with her.

Big Dreams


Amy Price grew up in a small town, and through the years, she dreamed big.

For as long as she could remember, she wanted to join the military, and soon enough, her dream would come true.

She spent years preparing for it, and she felt that she was ready to face anything that could get in her way. She had no idea that one man would ruin everything she’d been working towards.

Working Hard


Amy knew exactly what she had to do to get accepted into her dream division.

She studied for hours on end and eventually passed all her tests with flying colors. She was making her dream come true.

She made sure to be at the top of her class, and because of this, there was no doubt that she would be accepted.

A Tough Decision


Finally, the time had come for her dream to come true, but she had one important decision to make.

She’d always been interested in flying, which is why the Air Force was at the top of her list. But as the years passed, she realized that there was another division that she was interested in.

She now had to choose between the Navy and the Air Force. She decided it was best to get more information before deciding.

Taking The Leap


Just after her 19th birthday, Amy decided that it was time to take the leap. She arranged meetings with a few army recruiters and got all the information she wanted.

She decided that the Air Force was the best option. She was going to apply as soon as she got home.

But a deep voice stopped her as she was about to head home.

The Man


The man with the deep voice was from the Army, but he wasn’t all that interested in getting her to join his division.

He had a few snide remarks to share with Amy.

Amy listened, letting him have his full; after all, she’d made her decision. But just then, the man said something truly unexpected, and she couldn’t just ignore it, “The Army is no place for a little girl like you.”

Competitive Nature


Amy was never one to back down. Her competitive nature kicked in, and she was ready to show him what she was made of. She wasn’t going to let anything get in her way.

She signed up for the Army immediately, surprising the obnoxious man.

He was about to regret underestimating Amy.

It Was Hard


Just a few weeks after her training had started, Amy began wondering if she’d made the right decision. The training was a lot harder than she expected; it nearly had her caving on many separate occasions.

But her pride kept her in place. She was determined to keep pushing.

But this was only one of her problems, unfortunately.

Men Only


Usually, when you think about the Army, you assume that it’s a place for men only, and the guys on Amy’s team wouldn’t let her forget that fact.

But they had no idea that they were only pushing Amy harder, making her want it even more.

She was determined to prove that a woman could take them on. She was making a major mistake.

Under Pressure


As the years passed, Amy made sure to crush every obstacle she faced into smithereens.

Many obstacles were coming from the job and her obnoxious colleagues.

But the harder they tried to put her down, the better she got. She was thriving under pressure; it was all she needed to shine.

Pushing Herself To The Limit


Amy pushed herself to the extent on more than one occasion, and her body often let her know that she was going too far.

However, she would never let the men see her weakness. No, she would let herself collapse when she was alone, and there was no one in the area that would bother her.

And because of that, she started making quite an impression.

Climbing The Ladder


Amy climbed the ranks faster than most people did, and before long, she had earned her place in Special Ops, where she became a Captain of her own team.

It seemed like every single one of her dreams was coming true. And people respected her for following them the way she did.

But Amy had a secret, and it might end up being her downfall.

A Secret Affair


Shortly after she got the title of Captain, Amy started having an affair with the Sergeant. They had met on a mission, and Amy was instantly smitten with the gorgeous man.

Their relationship grew over the years, and Amy was under the impression that they were serious.

But the Sergeant had other ideas, and he would reveal his true colors at the worst of times.

Mutual Understanding


When their relationship started, the Sergeant made a deal with Amy, and his terms were very clear.

Their relationship had to remain a secret because it could end up costing the Sergeant his job.

Amy understood the reasoning and happily agreed to his terms. She never thought that those conditions would lead to her losing everything she held dear.

One Tough Day


The soldiers had one tough day coming up. Even though they went through a lot while they were on the field, there was one day a year that had them all trembling with fear.

The Annual March was something nobody looked forward to. It was so hard that even the hardcore guys who bullied Amy tried to avoid it.

But it was also something no one could miss.

The Annual March


The Annual March was a grueling obstacle course that ensured every soldier remained fit. Whoever failed it would be forced to redo their training.

That was why everyone was so afraid. The course was designed to push everyone to their limits, and not everyone made it through.

However, Amy wasn’t scared. She knew what they had to do, and she had been preparing.

She Had Been Preparing For Months


Since her first Annual March, Amy made sure to spend at least an hour a day exercising.

She nearly failed the first one she attended, and she wanted to make sure that it never happened again.

But there was something special about this year’s event that had Amy training even harder. This year, the top three soldiers would earn a prize, and Amy wanted it.

Eye On The Prize


The prize included a cash bonus that Amy intended to spend on furniture for her new house, and there was no way she was going to let that slip through her fingers.

So this year, she spent a lot more time training, and she was fitter than she had ever been before.

She was sure she would take first place, but something unexpected happened that ruined all her plans.

Hotter Than Usual


The Annual March started before sunrise, and by the time it came, everyone realized that it was going to be much hotter than they expected.

The temperatures were rising by the minute, and pretty soon, every soldier in full gear started feeling the pressure.

They started slowing down dramatically, and before long, some came to a complete stop.

Completely Exhausted


Soldiers were pulling out of the event as their exhaustion became too much to bear. Others kept pushing but collapsed along the way.

Amy could feel the pressure getting to her, and she knew it was a bad idea to keep pushing, but she wanted the prize so badly that she didn’t care about the consequences.

She was so close to the finish line. She couldn’t give up now.

She Collapsed


Amy was focused on the finish line when her vision started getting fuzzy. She blinked, hoping to clear it, but things only got worse.

The blur was now accompanied by black spots, and before long, there was total darkness.

She felt her knees slamming into the ground as her body gave up, and that was the last thing she could remember.

Medical Attention


Amy woke up in the hospital. Aside from the IV that was forcing saline into her body, she was alone.

She had no idea who had found her or how she had gotten to the hospital, but she did know that she didn’t win the race, and that left her disappointed.

She kept replaying those last few seconds in her mind and scolding herself for not taking those last few steps.

A Shocking Discovery


Amy was still a little upset when the doctor came into her room to share his findings. The doctor took a seat next to the bed and confirmed Amy’s suspicions.

Amy collapsed because her body simply couldn’t handle the pressure, but it had nothing to do with the race.

The doctor informed Amy that she was approximately two months pregnant, and the race was just too strenuous for a pregnant woman to handle.

What To Do?


Amy asked the doctor to repeat himself, hoping she might’ve misheard him. But he said exactly the same thing again, and at that moment, her world came crashing down around her.

She couldn’t be pregnant, not when she was at the height of her career. Not to mention that she couldn’t tell anyone who the father was.

She had no idea what she was going to do, but she had to tell the Sergeant.

Talking To The Sergeant


When Amy was released from the hospital, she invited the Sergeant over to her place and explained what had happened.

Deep down, she hoped that he would change his mind about their relationship now that they were expecting a child.

But his reaction wasn’t like anything she could’ve imagined. She thought of the good and the bad, but this was crossing a line.

Unexpected Reaction


The Sergeant ordered Amy to complete the March again and to pass it this time. Amy stared at him in disbelief.

She had just been released from the hospital because she collapsed during the march, and he wanted to put her through that again.

She tried to fight back, but the Sergeant simply turned around and left.

Fighting Back


Amy was furious with the Sergeant’s demand, but once again, she couldn’t back down. She put on her uniform, threw her backpack on, and marched the 12 miles as she was ordered to.

She paced herself in order to protect the baby, but when she reached the end, she realized that she had done it in half the time it should’ve taken.

With a victorious smirk, she pushed past the Sergeant and went home. She had no idea what was waiting for her.

The Betrayal


When Amy opened the door, she saw a letter on the ground.

She dropped her backpack and quickly opened it since it was an official letter from the Army.

The moment she saw the heading, she crumbled it up and screamed as she threw it against the wall. She was dismissed! He fired her because she got pregnant with his child!

Not Backing Down


At this point, Amy’s rage was through the roof. She lost her job, her dream, and it happened because some guy was afraid of commitment.

No, she wouldn’t stand for that. If she was going down, he’d be going down with her.

Trying to sound as calm as possible, Amy typed a letter to the Sergeant’s superior. She included the ultrasound as proof of his actions.

The Ultimate Punishment


Early the next morning, Amy had a reply. The Sergeant’s superior had asked her to come to his office, and boy, was she in for a surprise.

When Amy arrived at the office, she saw the Sergeant, who had just been dismissed from his position. His superior gave Amy a warm smile and not only gave her her job back but he offered her the position of Sergeant.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.