Social Netiquette: Top 5 Worst Profile Pics

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Social networking is part of our everyday lives now. There’s no stopping it. It’s an online free-for-all that is, for the most part, completely unregulated. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some unwritten rules you should be following, especially when it comes to posting pictures of yourselves.
Your profile picture is meant to represent who you are, so whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Pinstagram, or whatever other sites exist now, be careful to avoid these common profile pic missteps.

5 Your Car

You are the only one who cares that you can afford a new BMW. Or that you totally just took your Jeep off-roading. Or that you got a sweet new pair of trailer hitch balls for your Chevy Silverado. In fact, the only way that using a picture of your car as a profile pic is acceptable is if it’s completely ironic. Feel free to show off your ’96 Oldsmobile or your Tweety Bird spare tire cover, but that’s all.

4 Famous Person You “Look Like”

Oh, did one person once tell you that you look like so and so? You don’t. If you did, you’d probably be more famous and less part-time employed at a nail salon. This is just a reminder to everyone in the world that you’re completely delusional. And even on the off chance that you do look kind of like that beautiful celebrity, that just reminds everyone else of why they hate you. It’s a lose/lose.

3 Costume Dog

You know who likes seeing your dog in a cute little outfit? No one. Especially not your dog. It’s bad enough that you submit your helpless Chihuahua to the atrocity of dressing it like a tiny reindeer in the privacy of your own home, but slapping it on Facebook and making its humiliation public is really just downright cruel. The only thing that using your yorkie in a bumblebee outfit as your profile pic tells the world is that you’re weird, you have a lot of time on your hands, and you’re a shitty dog owner.

2 Frat Pack

Guys, we all get it, college was fun, but for God’s sake it’s time to let it go. That picture of you and your four visor-wearing, glassy-eyed buddies with your arms around each other in Cancun might be a fond memory to you, but to everyone else – including those people that were considering hiring you – it’s a sign that you’re a total douche who may or may not still have a legitimate drinking problem.

1 Duck Face

Ladies, while it’s hard to say exactly where this trend of pursing your lips and snapping a self-pic started, one thing is for sure, it must stop. No one knows how on Earth you’ve been led to believe this look is sexy, but my God, it isn’t. You could literally make any other face and it would be sexier than this stupid, self-indulgent duck face. Seriously, try it. Cross your eyes and stick your tongue out … Yup, still sexier. Knock it off.

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