Social Netiquette: Top 40 Worst Profile Pics

Profile pics are essential to be apart of social media. Check out the worst profile pics that will make you shake your head, cringe, and close your eyes.

Social networking is part of our everyday lives now. There’s no stopping it. It’s an online free-for-all that is, for the most part, completely unregulated. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some unwritten rules you should be following, especially when it comes to posting pictures of yourselves. Your profile picture is meant to represent who you are, so whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever other sites exist now, be careful to avoid these worst profile pic missteps.

Check out the worst profile pics of all time.

40.) Photoshop Fail

terrible photoshop

Sometimes photoshopping can enhance your photo to make yourself look good. Unfortunately, this guy completely failed at using the tool correctly.

His muscles look weird and his face is warped. Someone needs to teach him some skills!

39.) Selfie on the Toilet (Wait, There Is a Mirror!)

wait there is a mirror

When taking a selfie, make sure you are not on the toilet.

The mirror gave away her secret location.

38.) Why Are They Eating Watermelon This Way?

eating watermelon weird

Most people are obsessed with watermelon, especially during the summer months. Yet, this is an awkward way to eat watermelon.

Why would you post it online? This is one of the worst profile pictures.

37.) Model Fail


If you are a model, sometimes posing in certain areas is a great way of showing your artsy side.

Unfortunately, the photo is weird because she laying on garbage. This photo is hot flaming garbage that shouldn’t have been posted on the internet.

36.) Clown Makeup

pale clown makeup

Posting makeup looks are pretty common of profile pictures.

Clown makeup should not be part of this category because it’s scary for people of all ages.

35.) Toilet Roses

toilet roses

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

We have so many questions.

How about you?

34.) Hanging Out With Your Cat

cat bonding

Cat pictures are popular on the internet, but posting a profile picture that is half naked with your cat is a bit odd.

Thumbs down.

33.) Too Much Text

too much text

Remember back in the mid-2000s when people put text on their photo?

This is a great example of an era we are happy that we left behind.

32.) Baby Face

poor baby

While the mom looks super happy, the baby wants no part of this picture being taken.

It looks like they are saying, “Please stop, you are embarrassing me.”

31.) Makeup Fail

not real makeup

Even if you quickly look at this picture, you can tell she photoshopped her makeup on.

Some of us are guilty of doing this, but she needs to own up to it!

30.) Counter Girl

the counter pose

Why is she on the counter?

If she really wanted to take this terrible picture here, shouldn’t she have cleaned off the counter?

29.) Hidden Poop

hidden poop

Imagine you are taking a beautiful fall selfie, only to realize your head is several inches from poop.

Be more careful!

28.) Bad Parenting

bad parenting

If you are having your child take this profile picture, we have a lot of questions.

One of them being: why?

27.) Selfie Stick Fail

selfie stick fail

My dude, this is not how you use a selfie stick.

Why would you do this?

26.) Family Photo

awkward family photos

The mirror strikes again!

If you are trying to pose for a bikini picture, make sure your grandma isn’t behind you.

25.) Not Winning Real Money

fake check

Trust us, winning all of this money would be fabulous.

Unfortunately, this guy must have been having a bad day and wanted some likes on his profile picture.

24.) Under 21

baby drinking beer

It’s funny to have a kid holding a bottle of beer.

This parent took it a step further when they are forcing a drink down their baby’s throat. Bad parenting 101.

23.) My Little Ponies Fan

my little ponies

My Little Ponies are becoming popular again.

Some people are posting this profile picture that will leave you scratching your head.

22.) A Man and His Chicken

posing with a chicken

This man must really love his chicken.

It’s a bit weird though.

21.) Selfie on the Toilet Part 2

on the toilet

If you are taking a picture, please make sure you don’t take a picture of your friend on the toilet.

It’s embarrassing for you and them!

20.) Wait, What?

hate looking at picture


Yeah, looking at pictures of yourself can be painful, but why would you post this?

If you hate looking at it, why did you post it?

19.) They Really Like Music

too many headphones

If you want to listen to music, get all the headphones that you can.

Don’t post a profile pic of it though because it looks like you are trying to flex on people.

18.) Photoshop Fail, Part 2

fake butt

But it looks like she did edit her profile picture.

Big butts are definitely in right now, but try and make it more natural than this.

17.) Ew Hairy

too hairy


This photo is either filled with bad angles or the girl has really hairy arms.

Which one is it? We aren’t exactly sure.

16.) Duck Face


Ladies, while it’s hard to say exactly where this trend of pushing your lips and snapping a self-pic started, one thing is for sure, it must stop. No one knows how on Earth you’ve been led to believe this look is sexy, but my God, it isn’t.

You could literally make any other face and it would be sexier than this stupid, self-indulgent duck face. Seriously, try it. Cross your eyes and stick your tongue out … Yup, still sexier.

15.) Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls

If you saw this picture, you would definitely think that quote.

We did anyway.

14.) Awkward Pose

awkward poses

If you have it, flaunt it.

This is awkward though.

13.) Misspelled Tattoo

misspelled leopard tattoos

Imagine getting a tattoo and it’s misspelled.

And then someone points it out on social media. Oops.

12.) Nice Sword

nice sword

Why is he showing off his sword?

It looks weird.

11.) Duck Face By Grandpa

grandpa doing the duck face

Grandpa is making fun of your duck face.

Now, it’s his profile picture. What a winner.

10.) Spock

spock facebook fail

It’s great she is a fan of Spock, but she should know the movie.

She probably isn’t really a fan.

9.) Mirror Selfie Fail

selfie fail

Cutie selfie.

Why is her baby in the sink?

8.) Love Manga

manga love

He must really love manga.

It’s kinda weird though.

7.) Not Conan O’Brien

not conan o'brien

It’s exciting to meet a celebrity, but it’s a fail when you don’t know who they are.

This is Carson Daly, by the way.

6.) Child Support Money

child support money

All that money looks great, but it’s child support money.

Why is she showing that off?

5.) Pregame in the Bathroom

pregame in the bathroom

When you are getting ready to go out, it’s normal to drink in the bathroom.

It’s not normal to take a picture with someone on the toilet!

4.) Planking Christmas

planking during the holidays

Planking is a weird trend that took the internet by storm a few years ago.

Now, this is a Christmas card that someone posted!

3.) Appearing on Maury

on maury

Not going to lie, this is a weird thing to brag about.


2.) Covering Your Baby in Money

all that money

It’s a weird flex to cover your baby in money.

Especially since money is dirty!

1.) Vowels?

is it true love?

We think they mean vows.

Hopefully, there were some vowels in there.

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