30 Pics of the Cutest Sleeping Pooches

Our hearts melt when we see adorable puppy pics, and nothing is cuter than passed out pooches!

You know the expression “let sleeping dogs lie”? If the pups look as cute as these sleeping dogs,  let them keep snoozing. They’re way too cute to wake up.

1.) Perfect Fit

Sleeping dogs

There’s nothing better than a post-lunch nap. Based on the bulge in this pup’s belly, he looks like he had quite a feast and is now ready to have quite a nap.

We all feel like that on Thanksgiving, but this pup looks like he does this on a daily basis.

2.) When You Binge Watch Too Much ‘This Is Us’

Sleeping dogs

Six episodes in a row of a show will have you debating whether it’s time to leave the sofa or start another episode!

Looks like this pup decided to watch another, reached for the remote and then just passed out from exhaustion.