Top 5 Reasons You Need To Go On a Ski Holiday This Year

Winter is here but it's not all bad if you're willing to embrace it. If you want a surefire way to enjoy winter your next trip should be a ski holiday.

Whether you like it or not, winter is here. The days are short, the nights are long, and it’s just plain freezing outside. But it’s not all bad if you’re willing to embrace it. Sure, you could hop on a plane and head south, but if you want a surefire way to enjoy winter you should go on a ski holiday.  

Now, I know what you might be thinking, especially if you’ve never skied before. Something along the lines of, why on earth would you want to visit a ski resort when you could be sipping from a coconut while basking in the sun. The thing is, many ski resorts have amazing weather so you’re likely to get your vitamin D fix anyways and if you ask your server, they’ll likely have some kind of coconut drink to offer you.

Plus, even if you’re not into skiing there are plenty of activities sure to make you fall in love with this supposedly dreary season. You’ll have a chance to try out something new in a destination you’ve never been to all while having plenty of opportunities to relax. So, start packing your snow gear because here are 5 reasons you should go to a ski resort this winter.


5.) Skip the Gym, Shred the Pounds

ski holiday exercise

If you’re not a gym person skiing is the perfect alternative to help you lose weight. Imagine, no more sweaty change rooms, no more wiping down your machines and no more competing for space in your exercise class. Instead, your gym would feature fresh mountain air and wide-open pistes to practice your new skills.

Skiing itself hardly feels like a workout and does three things really well: it boosts your cardiovascular endurance by increasing your heart rate, it builds muscles, especially the ones in your core and legs, and it improves your balance while boosting your flexibility. How is that for a good workout?


4.) The Scenery Will Take Your Breath Away

ski holiday mountain scenery

Ski resorts are set in some of the most picturesque places on earth. Imagine waking up to the snow falling outside your window, or when you look just beyond the flakes you’re privy to mountain views that seem to stretch into infinity.

On your ski holiday, there will be no shortage of gorgeous lakes, rivers, and streams to enjoy. These are found throughout the ski resort or a quick drive out of town. During the winter the lakes may be frozen allowing you to walk to the middle and snap some panoramic shots of the surroundings. Just make sure it’s safe to go across before attempting! Have peace of mind and don’t forget to book the best travel insurance for your ski trip.


3.) Relax Those Muscles After a Long Day on the Slopes

ski holiday relax

Pick your poison: massage, sauna or hot spring. Or perhaps meditation and yoga are more your flavor? Whatever you desire, a wellness package can be arranged on your ski holiday and you’ll usually find on almost every corner.

Hot spring waters are packed with minerals including calcium and sodium bicarbonate. Soaking in them for a couple of hours can relieve pain and leave your skin feeling baby soft.

Letting the sweat drip in the sauna will relax your muscles and give you time to unwind. Ski resorts are packed with different ways to relax after a day on the slopes you just have to choose the ones that are right for you.

2.) Ski Holidays and Apres Ski Go Hand in Hand

ski holiday apres ski

As soon as the ski lifts close, you can make your way to one of the numerous mountain bars or restaurants. Have you ever done a shot off of a ski? You can at a ski resort. What are your thoughts on fondue? Grab a skewer and let the creamy cheese coat your vegetables. Yummy!

Aside from the awesome food and drinks, ski resorts are also a magnet for top DJs and bands. Ever attended a music festival in your ski gear? It’s definitely one you should add to your bucket list. It’s hard to feel alone or get bored at a ski resort as there are new friends to be made on every corner.  


1.) A Ski Holiday Is The Perfect Time to Find a New Favorite Sport

ski holiday mountain sports

Aside from skiing, there are tons other options for those who choose to skip the slopes. You could strap on your snowshoes or cross-country skis and wander around the forest trails. There will be different paths for various fitness levels so make sure you’re on the right one.

You could also grab a toboggan or tube, sit down and slide all the way to the bottom. Hiking back up the hill will be a great way to warm up and increase your heart rate.

Why not grab a pair of skates and head to the local rink or frozen lake? You can stay toasty by packing a thermos full of your favorite hot drink.

Afterwards, you can challenge your friends to a snowball fight. Increase your chances of winning by playing on the higher ground. Whatever winter sport you want to try out, a ski resort is a great bet to find one that works for you.

If you are looking for some inspiration on where to go on your next ski holiday, stayed tuned. We’ll be sharing some of the hottest ski destinations around the globe. One could even be in your backyard.