SKATERS: 5 Things We Learned While Recording at Electric Lady Studios

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Skaters are back! And ready to rock n’ roll, releasing two new tracks filled with explosive drums and punker angst. Both tracks “I Wanna Dance (But Don’t Know How)” and “Armed” were recorded at the legendary Electric Ladyland Studios, home to Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, and many more amazing artists. Here are the top 5 things that Skaters learned during there time in this iconic building, according to Michael Ian Cummings.

5 Legendary Studio

Top5: What was it like recording in the same place Jimi Hendrix cut “Electric Ladyland”?

Michael: It’s a really cool place. Hendrix used to say that he could hear a creek running underneath the floorboards of the studio. The water sound is what he liked the most about the place. It’s crazy… you can definitely feel a specific energy in that building, a strong vibe. You can tell that lots of great records were made here. And you never feel weird being there because there’s always people around; interns, other musicians. It’s a hard working place.

4 Creative Juice

Top5: Electric Lady Studios was designed to encourage Hendrix’s creativity. Did you find it did the same for you?

Michael: Yes. There’s actually a small studio on the top floor, full of light, where you can walk out right onto the roof. That’s part of the reason why we picked this spot. That’s what did it for me.

3 Snowballs

Top5: What’s the funniest or most memorable thing that happened while recording this album?

Michael: We got snowed-in one night and were drinking. We decided to go up to the roof and I don’t know who started throwing snowballs but every person there just started beating each other up with snowballs. That was definitely the most memorable experience for me.

2 Sounding Alive

Top5: Did you find the acoustics to be better at Electric Ladyland rather than other studios?

Michael: It didn’t really have to do with the acoustics. We were searching for the opposite of that. We were searching for a small room that would make the drums sound more alive.

1 Mojo Working

Top5: Electric Lady Studios has catapulted many artists into superstardom with its supercharged cosmic energy; do you hope some of that mega mojo will rub off on your band?

Michael: Sure! We could use a little mega mojo. Well, we’ll see… We’ll have to wait and see for that.

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