SKATERS: 5 Reasons We Love New York

Photo Credit: Peter Voelker
You may know them as the eager new punk kids on the NYC scene or you may know them as the dance-worthy openers for Portugal. The Man this past June. The trio SKATERS rose to the top of the NYC hot list after releasing a five song EP on their website in early 2012. Since then SKATERS has managed to charm both the New York Times as well as Britain’s indie rock band Palma Violets, with whom the trio will tour with come this Fall. If there’s one thing we like more than SKATERS’ post-punk sound it’s the way that they have effortlessly made themselves a staple of the NYC music scene in such a short time. This impressive endeavor is only amplified by the love they have for the big apple: “Every song we write is about experiences we’ve had here, and the energy of the music is New York-influenced,” singer Michael Ian Cummings says.

We caught up with the guys to dissect their Manhattan love affair and get some good hotspot tips!

5 Pizza

Photo Credit: Bryce Edwards

“It’s greasy, delicious, affordable and available on every corner 24 hours a day. What else could you ask for? My favorite spot is South Brooklyn Pizza for a slice. They taste the best at 2 in the morning… not because you’re drunk, but because they really taste better at 2am.”

4 The Constant Opportunity to Experience Art

Photo Credit: Facundo Falduto

“The streets, the museums, the plays, the films, the free live music. What else could you ask for? It’s fun to just go explore some museums by yourself and try and steal some ideas and inspiration. I could get lost in the MOMA for days.”

3 Some People Think City Folk Stay Indoors, but Not in New York

Photo Credit: Doug Kerr

“The after dinner walks, the subways, taxi rides, the high line, the parks, the beach, rooftops. What else could you ask for? I’ve decided that I need to go to the beach more. I always get a kick out of all the city kids in their cut off shorts trying to get cell reception on the beach to check their tweets.”

2 The Possibility of Adventure

Photo Credit: Nan Palmero

“Walking out of your apartment to bump into friends at the store, stopping for a chat on a stoop, catching a late movie, grabbing a drink, grabbing another drink, meeting chicks. What else can you ask for? Wandering the city is the best way to kill time. Sometimes I leave the house in the morning and before you know it it’s 4 am and you’re totally smashed.”

1 The City is Full of Surprises

Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley

“In New York you never know who you’re gonna meet, what you’re gonna learn, who you’re gonna see, how your life can change overnight! What else can you ask for? I know this sounds like something you would read in the daily horoscope, but it’s true.”

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