Sit Back & Relax: Top 5 Interior Design Ideas for Your Living Room

The living room usually gets a lot of foot traffic. These days, it’s where the TV and the surround sound are, so it dictates where people congregate. Or maybe you are one of those “I don’t own a TV” type—if that is true, good for you—maybe your living room really is about gathering around and communicating with other human beings without the help of ESPN or The Food Network. Maybe you stare at the fire and talk politics.
Either way, the living room is where people hang out. It can be the room you invite guests into for a cocktail or the room where you show off your HD flat screen and Wii. The style and feel of the room is totally up to you, so don’t feel like you need to conform to any certain look or keep up with what all the neighbors are doing. There are plenty of interior design ideas for this space—be yourself, TV or no TV.
Without further ado, here are five great ideas to get the wheels turning.

5 Au Natural

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Say the subtle, natural look is your thing. You love nature and want to keep things Zen and simple. You can find some great, unfinished wood pieces that look classic rather than chintzy. Neutral walls and fabrics, along with artwork that matches the theme are also a must. Think of nature when you are decorating—the sea, the forest—add some plants and possibly a small fountain! If you have big windows this is even better. The natural light will bring out the calming, soothing effect of this style.

4 Rustic

You do not have to live in the country or out on a ranch to pull off the rustic look. This is a great, homey, cozy option with a ton of style. It works especially well in rooms with a cabin-like feel—wood walls, wooden beams across the ceiling or a stone fireplace. A great color scheme is reds, blues and browns. A few cozy blankets and some Americana in the form of artwork or pillows work great.

3 Formal

For the traditional look, you want to make your coffee table the center focus, and make sure to keep the focus of the room inward. A couch could face the table on one side, and some chairs facing in on the opposite side. This works especially well if you don’t want a TV to be the center of the room. Small end tables, a fireplace and an Oriental rug tie this look together splendidly.

2 Mix and Match Patterns

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This can be a great way to create contrast and bring an eclectic feel to the living room. Don’t go too nuts and put a zebra print couch next to a leopard print chair with plaid pillows. Make sure the patterns mesh with each other! You can be a little daring, but make sure they are harmonious. If you want an animal print theme, you can have zebra and leopard in the room, just anchor it with some larger pieces in solid colors.

1 Bright and Breezy

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For an open, easygoing feel, you can go the bright and breezy route. This works especially well if your living room has lots of windows or French doors and plenty of natural sunlight. Think of light colors to start— like a beach house or a summer home. Whites, light pastels or you could even go all out and do white on white. That can be a great look, but if you have small kids or pets you might want to make sure you are ready for the possibility that Capri Sun or cat hair could wind up all over your couch and chairs. Add subtle punches of color with flower arrangements, a pastel or patterned throw and some artwork. If you love a beachy look, this is for you.

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