Silly Sweets: Top 5 Most Ridiculous Candies of the 1990s

For years, young people (and sweet-toothed adults) were content to gobble down candy canes around the holidays, salt water taffies when visiting the coast, and those awful button candies when they visited the five and dime store. You know, those candy dots printed on sheets of paper that always encouraged you to eat more paper than candy? And then the button candy itself was pretty awful even if you got any of it. Oh well, moving on. As the pace of life grew ever faster in the 20th century, people started creating wilder candies to match the prevailing mood. By the 90s, things had gotten pretty nuts in the candy aisle…

5 Chewy Gobstopper

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For a candy that basically threatens to hurt or kill you, jawbreakers/gobstoppers are wildly popular. Think about it – do you want your jaw broken? Or your “gob,” meaning mouth, stopped up? No! But still, these things fly off the shelves. Thus it was that in the 90s, the Wonka Company doubled down and released the oxymoronic (but delicious and wonderful) Chewy Gobstopper. It’s the jawbreaker that’s actually not a jawbreaker at all!

4 Tongue Splashers

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Sometime in the early 1990s, in a boardroom somewhere, a group of ostensibly intelligent human beings got together and agreed that what kids really wanted was gum that would stain their mouths strange colors for hours after the gum has been spit out (or swallowed). Thus was born the gum known as Tongue Splashers. These dark little spheres were quick to lose their flavor, but long to leave the mouth, specifically the tongue, stained an ugly shade of greenish, purplish, or blue. And you could buy them by the gallon-sized paint can.

3 Sour Gummy Burgers

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For some reason, plenty of people seem drawn to candies made to look like other foodstuffs. There are those among us who see a waxy, gelatinous glob roughly in the shape of a fried egg, or hamburger, or some such item, and say “Hey, is that a gummy something or other? Sold!” Or at least, we can only assume these people exist, because the people at EFruitti keep on churning out their Sour Gummy Burgers.

2 Bubbaloo Liquid Filled Sour Cherry Bubble Gum

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When the name itself spans seven words, you know you’re in for a treat. The folks over at Bubbaloo took a look at regular bubble gum and they said “The hell with that – not crazy enough for the modern consumer!” So they added a glob of lip-suckingly sour liquid goo to the middle of the gum, and launched a liquid gum filled revolution. Sort of.

1 Bubble Tape

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OK, so Bubble Tape was technically released in the late 80s, but thanks to clever marketing, it was the iconic gum of the early 1990s. What was the marketing campaign that convinced so many kids to invest in a thin, 6-foot-long strip of artificially flavored gum? It hinged on the words “For you – not them!” Meaning “Kids, you need to have this gum and don’t tell any adults about it! You are so awesome and they are not, now go buy gum! Lots of gum! Now! Guuuuum!”

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