Think You’re Ready to Move In Together? These Are Signs That You’re Ready

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Moving in together is a big step in relationships. It’s Gen-Y’s test trials for marriage. Signing a lease is a precursor to the prenup. The big concern is: Yes, I love you, but am I going to love you when your dirty laundry is all over our bedroom? When people rush into these things there are broken hearts, broken homes, and sometime you just go broke. It’s expensive when someone leaves.

5 You’ve confessed to your grandmother you’re living in sin.

You’re announcing your relationship to co-workers and other family members who have no business in your personal business. You’ve taken yourself off the market across the board. Everyone knows you two are banging recreationally and they aren’t going to stop it. Why? Because you seem happy, weddings are fun and you would look hilarious with a baby. If you’re blowing your trumpet for all the world to hear, let your horn lead the way to the next step.

4 You’ve both passed the fart barrier.

In the beginning it’s a game of who farts first. You’ve spent months staying away from your ‘gassy foods,’ holding it in or let it out really slowly while sitting on a cushy surface, creating the allusion that your body produces nothing foul. Then when the other person lets it rip all eyes are on you. When you do, it’s almost a celebration. When you both have popped the cherry, you’ve officially got over the fart barrier. Everything is fair game. That’s healthy. It’s healthy to be healthy together, no matter what it smells like. If you do move in together, you’ll be able to take a dump in peace in your own bathroom.

3 You’re spending a ridiculous amount of time together.

If your friends have come up with a mash up name that’s a good indication you’re attached at the hip. If you can’t remember the last night you spent apart, or remember it because you fell asleep talking to each other on the phone, it’s time to increase that just to see what happens. If there is no out, no escape, you’ll start making plans with your old friends and wanting “me time.” You got to shake it up and see what real constant contact can provide from a roommate situation.

2 You’re a guest

There is always that late night decision to sleep in the same bed that leaves one person driving around endlessly looking for parking at the other person’s house. Then risking a ticket in the morning because you didn’t remember it was street cleaning. Or if you don’t have a car, someone has to ride the public transport with some pretty sketchy characters. You are still a guest, so you have to ring the bell, waking up the roommates who are in their jammies and angry that you’re there, again. Or if you have a key and someone is sleeping they could think you are an intruder. No matter how comfortable you are, you still feel weird about checking the fridge or taking a shower and swear someone’s listening to you go to the bathroom.

1 You live out of a backpack

You enjoy the adult sleepovers and are having a really great time falling asleep next to each other. Except, there is a place to put your stuff. Maybe a corner or a drawer or that pile of dirty clothes, but other than that all your crap is living somewhere else while you visit your 2nd tooth brush every other night.All you have is a little backpack or overnight bag big enough for a day’s outfit. The trip home every day to change wardrobe is costing you gas, time and grief, laundry is something you’ve scheduled when your main squeeze has their mom in town. This life is a mess. Then all of a sudden you come to the conclusion that you are living in two places and some people don’t even have one place. And now you feel really bad.

If you co-habitate, it might end in disaster, or happily ever after. Either way it’s a great test to see if you should or you shouldn’t say, “I do” somehow in the future. I mean, you’ve already seen each other naked, how many more surprises are there?

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