Shrewd Purchase: Top 5 Reasons the Smart Car is a Smart Buy

It’s ugly. It’s strange. It looks less intimidating than my kid’s big-wheel scooter. These are probably some of the thoughts that crossed your mind when you first laid eyes on the Smart Car. But there’s no denying that this mini mobile is quickly becoming popular, especially in major American cities.
So what is it that’s motivating people to buy this odd little coach? It doesn’t have the sleek features of a sports car, and it has roughly the same amount of ruggedness as a ballet slipper. It can’t fit your big family and it won’t win you any underground street races against Vin Diesel, but the Smart Car is still smart for plenty of reasons.

5 Humor

If nothing else, this weird little motor coach is pretty funny, especially if you happen to be a person of larger stature. While it is actually quite roomy on the inside, there’s no denying that the outside of a Smart Car looks like it’s probably powered by a wind-up pin. So whether you’re tall or wide, your investment in a Smart Car will ensure that you’ll bring enjoyment to those all around you when you step out of this comically tiny coupé.

4 Liability

Look at that adorable little car. Can you imagine anyone ever getting mad at it? Once you drive a Smart Car, any future vehicular misfortune that should befall you will never be deemed your fault. After all, who’s going to get out of their Ford F150 and say the little go-kart is at fault? It’s just so damn cute. So regardless of your traffic shortcomings, you can rest easy knowing that your Smart Car will free you of any blame.

3 Affordability

The Smart Car may not be so easy on the eyes, but it’s plenty easy on the wallet. Starting at around $12,500, it’s easily one of the most affordable new cars on the market today. And if leasing is more your speed, $999 down will get you a three-year lease at a ridiculous $99 a month. Which we’re pretty sure is less than it costs to rent a couch, so it’s probably an okay investment to make into your daily transportation.

2 Convenience

Have you ever spent an hour circling the block, desperately waiting for a parking space to open up? Or endlessly scanned the aisles at the mall only to find that some jackass in a Suburban somehow managed to take up three spots? Owning a Smart Car could bring an end to all of the parking-related aggravation you’ve ever experienced. Life will be a whole lot simpler when you need little more than a spot the size of a sewer grate to slip your tiny vehicle into.

1 Fuel Efficiency

With gas prices climbing ever higher, there are few things more important to today’s auto consumer than fuel efficiency. Sure, the Smart Car might not be the most respected vehicle on the road, especially if you’re trying to present an air of masculinity, but it will get you where you’re going for cheap. And while everyone who sees you driving it will automatically assume they could take you in a fight – including that old lady in the Buick Skylark – who cares? She’s not getting anywhere near 40 miles per gallon.

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