Happily Never After: The Shortest Celebrity Marriages in Hollywood

Whether you’re into following the fabulous lives of celebrities or not, when two famous people tie the knot, it’s hard not to watch in fascination. The dating lives of the rich and famous have always been a topic of conversation and fascination in pop culture, and just as we like to see the beautiful rise of a relationship, we can’t help but sit by and watch their slow (or fast) demise, too. Oftentimes in Hollywood, there isn’t much time between the sounds of wedding bells ringing and the signing of the divorce papers.

Studies show that about 40% to 50% of marriages end in divorce, and in Hollywood we’re pretty sure that percentage is even higher. We’ve rounded up some of the shortest celebrity marriages of all time, because in Hollywood (and in real life), sometimes you’re Happily Never After.


15.) Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney



Length of marriage: 4 months

The Oscar-winning actress and the country-music heartthrob pair exchanged simple vows in a sunset ceremony on St. John in the Virgin Islands before just 35 close family and friends—not a single paparazzo or celebrity attendee in sight. “It was a very spare service,” says the guest, a close friend of the couple’s. “It wasn’t about big parties. It wasn’t about grand gestures or massive $40,000 displays of flowers. It was about two very happy people finding each other.”

Zellweger and the country star tied the knot in May 2005, then annulled the union just four months later, citing “fraud,” leading to speculation about Chesney’s sexuality. The Oscar winner later released a statement noting that the term “fraud.”