Top 5 Reasons to Visit ‘Shithole’ Countries

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a bit of debate over the word “shithole” – specifically, “shithole countries,” after President Donald Trump referred to Haiti and African countries as such.

According to Urban Dictionary, a “shithole” is defined as “[a] horrible place that is considered (by the majority of thinking members of homo sapiens) completely undesirable to live, work, or play in.” Based on that definition, a shithole country seems like the last place you’d want to spend a vacation. However, after a bit of exploration (and checking out Parkour Studio creative director Fabien Dodard’s GoFundMe campaign to run “shithole” themed ads for Haiti, as seen in the image above), we’ve decided that’s exactly what we’d like to do and we think you will, too. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should add shithole countries to your bucket list:


5.) El Salvador’s Hikes

Shithole Countries - El Salvador

El Salvador’s Santa Ana Volcano

If you love nature – hiking, swimming in crystal clear lakes, and cooling off in fresh waterfalls – then El Salvador is one of the shithole countries for you.

Located in Central America and bordering Guatemala and Honduras, El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America and approximately the size of Massachusetts. Though small, it has several parks and areas for hiking. It is home to The Santa Ana Volcano (vulcan Llamatepec), located in Cerro Verde National Park, which – at 7,850 feet – is the highest volcano in El Salvador. Still active, the top of this volcano offers beautiful panoramic views of the city below, as a beautiful turquoise lake that rests in the center of the crater.

Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed in the lake, though tempting it may be after a long hike. The hike to the top takes approximately 4 hours and is doable via guided or self-tour. It’s not terribly difficult, so okay for both beginners and experts.