Her Face Was All Over The Internet, But Now She’s Missing


This Comment Was Different

She had a face that was made to break hearts. She had the genetics to be a model and started on Instagram. She would gain a lot of attention, especially from men.

Claire had collected more than 300,000 followers. She had a lot of comments on her pictures but one stuck out. Who would say something like that? Her stomach twist into a knot. She tried to forget about it but it lingered in her mind.

A Famous Face

Instagram/Claire Abbott

She started posting selfies at the young age of 15. She would also share a little bit about who she was, what she liked, and so on.

She was an extroverted teenager that had a positive outlook on life. But maybe her positive outlook made her a little too naive.

Taking Instagram by Storm

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Claire outgrew Facebook and decided to move to Instagram. Teenagers often want to be seen by the world, but it was eerily strange how quickly she won the attention of so many people.

Beyond her friends, she started getting thousands and thousands of likes and follows. But she couldn’t have imagined what would happen next.

A View of Her World

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Claire would go beyond just mere selfies but she’d also share her thoughts, feelings, interests, and hobbies. She provided the info on her fitness routine and what clothes she thought were fashionable.

All of her posts were positive and many of the comments were happy    Claire shared more as her selfies gained more and more attention. But if only she knew that she should have stopped it right there.

Keeping It Real

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Claire wanted the photos to feel real. She didn’t want to edit them in any way, what was the point in that?

She thought that maybe that’s why she grew so quickly. People seemed to love how authentic she was. But even with all the love and attention, there was another side to the coin.

A Woman of Many Talents

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Claire didn’t only love taking selfies, but she was also trying to improve her musical capabilities. She loved music and singing.

Her Instagram page was all about beauty and selfies so she didn’t share much of her musical hobby online. But it was still important to her.

The Male Gaze

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Claire could tell that her likes were almost all men. She knew that they were interested in looking at her body. So the skimpier the outfit, the more attention she would get.

Eager to increase her internet fame, Claire posted more of these kinds of pics. The aspiring influencer never could have expected what would happen next.

The Modeling World Comes Calling

Instagram/Claire Abbott

As Claire’s fame grew, her Instagram hobby ended up becoming a part-time job. She got offers from a film and art website, which used her face in promotional materials.

This brought in cash and helped push Claire further into the limelight, and further into danger.

Steady Growth

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Before long, Claire had amassed an impressive following of more than 300,000 followers on Instagram and 20,000 on Facebook.

This was turning into an incredible adventure, and she couldn’t wait to see where she was going to end up next. But she had no idea what was in store for her.

Many Male Fans

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Claire received a lot of comments from male fans, many of them sending messages of love and even marriage proposals. Claire didn’t mind, she thought they were sweet.

But it was only a matter of time before someone took it to the next level…

Paid Promotions

Instagram/Claire Abbott

With this kind of fame comes plenty of opportunities for earning money. Claire had opportunities to promote all kinds of products, from protein shakes to eyeliner. It was easy money, and it expanded Abbott’s horizons, so she eagerly took many of the products that were offered to her.

But with fame comes hate right? Out of the thousands of comments, Claire only paid attention to the harsh ones. In particular, comments by one user who was vowed on seeing Claire suffer.

Internet Troll

Instagram/Claire Abbott

His username was Ricky224 and his comments at first, were nothing too offensive. Claire was used to seeing people call her “ugly” and a “spoilt brat,” but when this Ricky224 started becoming aggressive and making threats, Claire started to worry.

She brushed his comments off and carried on posting pictures. After all, “he’s most likely just a nobody sat in his mom’s basement,” Claire constantly told herself. But Claire didn’t realize who this internet troll was, and what he was prepared to do.

Enough Was Enough

Instagram/Claire Abbott

It seemed every hour this Ricky244 user would leave random, insulting comments on her photos. Then the comments started to turn to threats. Supposedly he knew where she lived, but that couldn’t be right. He was just bluffing, right?

Enough was enough. She knew she had to block him and get rid of him. But not even that could stop him.

The Wild Card

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Claire soon started dating a famous fellow Instagram influencer and millionaire, Dan Bilzerian. Renowned as the ‘king of Instagram’ Dan was just Claire’s type; tall, dark, and handsome.

The two seemed to be enjoying themselves, and pictures circulated online showing their adventures together. But behind closed doors, there was a different story.

A Jealous Man

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Dan at times could be incredibly petty and jealous, he even refused to let Claire post a picture of herself in her bikini. But despite his childish behavior, Claire was head over heels in love with Dan. There was nothing she wouldn’t have done for him.

Little did Claire know she should have called it quits with her very own “Prince Charming.”

A Life Unfiltered

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Claire’s dedication to an authentic view of her world included openly discussing her struggles with mental health and anxiety.

She posted about hospital stays dealing with bipolar disorder and depression. She also documented her recovery as she worked to overcome her illnesses.

The Vanishing Act

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Not long after opening up about her depression, Claire took an unexpected step. She purged her social media, deleting her Instagram account and her Facebook page.

Even her Twitter disappeared, leaving no trace of her interactions with her once-mighty fanbase. As soon as Claire disappeared online, it seemed so did Ricky244, the internet troll who was hell-bent on seeing Claire suffer…

Where’d She Go?

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Thousands of her fans wondered why Claire had disappeared. Many cared about her well-being and hoped she was doing OK.

Her fans concluded that the most likely reason for the disappearance seemed to be that Claire simply needed space in order to continue to overcome her mental health challenges. But they were so wrong.

Beware of Imitators

Instagram/Claire Abbott

In the vacuum left by Claire’s departure, imposters were eager to play pretend.

Several fake accounts were set up, attempting to catch a little of her glory through posting old pictures that still circulated around the internet. While Claire had gone, her legacy was impossible to erase.

The Long Silence

Instagram/Claire Abbott

For a long time, nobody knew what had happened. Theories proliferated, but there was no real explanation as to where Claire might be and what she was doing.

But her pictures continued to appear on all sorts of sites, including many that used her image for clickbait.

The Sightings Begin

Instagram/Claire Abbott

During this period of silence, rumors swirled that Claire was active in the world. Some saw her around in the city, others claimed she was seen kicking and screaming on a night out.

Few knew how reliable the rumors were until Abbott made her return.

A Change of Career

Instagram/Claire Abbott

When Claire came back, she didn’t return to Instagram. Instead, she appeared on YouTube, singing covers of various songs, and playing the guitar and keyboard.

Many of her fans rejoiced at her return, especially as they’d had no idea she had so much musical talent. But her devoted fans never expected her to go missing… again.

An Explanation at Last

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Claire finally revealed the secret to her sudden departure. She explained she’d wanted to change direction. She was tired of modeling and taking photos.

She wanted to try something different. So she focused on music instead. But not even music could save Claire from what was to come. More mysteries were to be discovered.

Pulling the Plug

Instagram/Claire Abbott

It was her desire to stray away from the modelling, and become a musician, that Claire closed down all her social media. She’d hoped the bold and alarming move would be enough to grab people’s attention so that when she started making music videos, fans would sit up and listen.

The strategy certainly worked.

Musical Cover

Instagram/Claire Abbott

At first, Claire stuck to cover versions. These included Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love,” Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and Bob Marley’s “Is This Love,” among others.

Claire’s most popular cover was Adele’s theme from “Skyfall.” While most of Claire’s videos earned several thousand views, her version of “Skyfall” racked up more than 40,000. Pretty soon, Claire was a musical sensation.

Making Original Music

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Eventually, Claire partnered with musician Phlex to create “Fighter,” her first original song. This was a fun, upbeat piece of music that she poured her heart and soul into.

Her viewers loved it and were eager to tell her how much they enjoyed her singing. But then suddenly, like history repeating itself, Claire disappeared. And this time, it was for good.

Another Exit

Instagram/Claire Abbott

Just as suddenly as Claire returned from her online hiatus, she disappeared again. While her YouTube channel still exists, all of her videos have been deleted.

It seems that, yet again, Claire had decided to burn everything to the ground, including her own original song. Where did she go this time?

The Mystery Continues

Instagram/Claire Abbott

What could possibly have caused Claire to disappear yet again? As with her first vanishing act, plenty of people are eager to concoct half-baked theories.

She could be struggling with mental health concerns again and need space. Or perhaps she’s simply in need of another change. For now, there’s no answer.

Hope Lives On

Instagram/Claire Abbott

The fact that Claire disappeared once before, only to return with some exciting new ideas and content, suggests she could do it again.

She’s already proven she has plenty of talents that she’s kept hidden. So who knows what she’ll come up with next? Only time will tell.

Don’t Underestimate Her

Instagram/Claire Abbott

It’s clear Claire is somebody special. She’s built herself an online following twice in the past.

And while she’s often eager to try new things, she doesn’t mind getting a fresh start when necessary to explore and experiment. Let’s hope she’s doing well wherever she is.