Server Posted About Teen Online After He Tried This At The Restaurant



When Cohen Naulty became the focus of a widely reported dispute, he was only 17 years old.

On the opposing side of the contentious debate? – A restaurant close by Cohen and the establishment appear to have been caught up in an unusual argument that primarily took place on social media as a result of an odd choice. Who would win?

He Didn’t Expect It

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Cohen was merely an ordinary teenage boy who desired a lunch from a nearby eatery. It’s safe to say that nobody, least of all Cohen, anticipated this.

The teen only wanted to dine out with a few friends and enjoy a great lunch. But before he realized it, he was the subject of widespread online conversation. How could anyone, let alone a youngster, react to that? He was taken entirely by surprise.

He Was Experienced


Cohen, a local of Lynchburg, Virginia, was well-versed in the food business. It came out that he had more than a year of prior experience working as a server at a nearby restaurant named Country Cookin.

He was the person who could most empathize with the waiting crew. That, however, was unable to placate the server, who was furious at the teen’s ostensibly insulting gesture.

A Curious Method


Cohen received a large portion of his income from tips while working as a server. Coins made up a sizable portion of that.

As you may imagine, counting coins out individually isn’t always ideal: counting out banknotes is quicker, after all. But money is money, right? The young boy certainly saw it that way.

It Was Controversial

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Cohen was accustomed to keeping all of his tips with him, exactly like you would a wallet stuffed with cash. He saw nothing wrong with the behavior.

But not everyone appreciated the way he treated coins. In actuality, his particular strategy served as the impetus for the impending dispute that enraged the internet community.

Paying For The Meal

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On a steamy summer day, Cohen went to the Beer 88 restaurant with his friends Noah and James. Together, they consumed enough food to run up a tab of $45, but the adolescent maintained that he would pay it all.

So, as they were getting ready to depart, he took out his sack of cash that he had collected from tips and began counting. At first glance, everything appeared to be fine, but a drama was about to break out.

A Lot Of Coins

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The little child put a total of $35 in quarters on the table, topping it off with a $20 bill. It wasn’t all coins, then. Additionally, that paid for the $10 tip he intended to give the waitress.

Clearly, there were a lot of coins there. However, Cohen didn’t give it much thought, and after paying, he, James, and Noah immediately exited the restaurant. The teen was completely unaware of what was going to happen.

A Horrible Post


But that’s when everything started to go south. One of the employees at Beer 88 noticed Cohen’s unorthodox payment method and quickly grabbed their cellphone to capture a snapshot of it.

An unflattering message was posted with the image on the restaurant’s social media page. What was happening? The boy did something wrong; what did he do?

Being Rude


When Cohen tried to pay, the establishment was not very kind and mistook his gesture for rudeness.

Was that what the teen was attempting to accomplish? Was he using the most bizarre means of payment to punish the business in some twisted way? Or was it just a miscommunication?

Public Humiliation


As soon as Cohen arrived at his house, one of the people he had gone out with texted him to inspect the establishment’s social media account.

The teen was shocked when he visited the restaurant’s page. He was horrified by what they had said about him. He left a generous tip, but they still chose to humiliate him publicly.


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The social post on the restaurant’s page read, “We’ll just caption this… How not to pay at a restaurant. Cause that’s the nicest thing we can think to say about this ridiculousness.”

On top of that, the caption also included hashtags such as “no home training” and “we are Beer 88, not Coinstar.” Ouch! Cohen couldn’t believe what he was seeing.


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It was indeed quite weird for one of the restaurant staff to write such a post. It was very unusual. And that obviously helped to fuel the response that followed soon after on social media.

Yes, Beer 88’s message quickly went viral, leading to a debate about Cohen’s decision to pay with so many coins. Was he right or wrong? Or was he trying to do something malicious?


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When it comes to the Beer 88 social media post, people weren’t so thrilled. So, how did users respond? Well, some of them defended the establishment’s reaction, standing up to criticism.

Because they actually got a lot of criticism. But there were plenty of people who rallied around Cohen as he went on to share his own thoughts on social media.


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Cohen’s pals were also caught off guard by Beer 88’s reaction and didn’t want to accept. One even labeled their “no home training” jibe as “dirty.” Meanwhile, the teen’s mom waded in as the story continued to gather pace, too.

Kim Naulty said of the barb, “If anybody met Cohen, they… would know it couldn’t be… the truth.” Apparently, he was always very nice and had no intentions of offending anyone. To him, his gesture was nothing more than paying a simple bill.



After the backlash, things got to the stage where Beer 88 needed to delete its entire social media page off the back of the furor. Anyway, while the drama was going on across social media, Cohen tried to forget about the incident and don’t let it affect him so much. After all, he didn’t actually do anything wrong, and the way the restaurant staff treated him online was unfair.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.