Security Wasn’t Prepared For These Passengers


Subway Disasters

Ever ridden the subway before? Then you should know just how weird it can get. It seems the later in the day it gets, the stranger the people that get on. People love creating public spectacles on subways, and we won’t stop them.

Sometimes they aren’t even intentional, and people end up having disasters on the subway. Either way, people just can’t contain themselves while out in public.

Killer Clown


No one on the subway could have prepared themselves to see a creepy clown on their commute home. Maybe we were fans of the IT film series and went to see it wearing that get-up?

Let’s just hope he’s a fan and not the real Pennywise. Either way, he seems pretty harmless; just don’t get too close or maybe make you float away.

Latex Stretching


Here’s a weird circumstance, imagine you’re sitting in the subway and in walks a woman in full latex. Strange, right? Well, that was only the beginning.

She walks in and thinks that while she’s there, she might as well do some stretches to warm herself up. But to say it was a spectacle was an understatement.

A Foxy Guy


Everyone has a right to use public transport. That’s a good thing, but sometimes we wish it wasn’t. This guy either lost a horrible bet with his colleagues, or he’s a little bit of a weirdo.

Wearing fox features on the subway is bound to bring a little attention to yourself. This guy must know that; maybe he wants a little attention.

Dog On Board


Every now and then, you see an animal on the subway. It’s not uncommon in built-up areas like Manhattan, where the subway is one of the only ways to travel.

But this owner clearly doesn’t wanna let go of his dog even for a second. Maybe he’s scared of him running away or someone dognapping him? Either way, it’s a funny spectacle.



New York is the home of a special superhero. Spider-Man will always have a special place in New Yorkers’ hearts. But this guy can’t be the real Spidey, can he?

You gotta do more than come into the subway in a Spidey costume and hang on the handrails to convince us you’re the real Peter Parker.



When most people talk about Pokemon, no matter how little they know, odds are they know the name Pikachu.

Pikachu is a beloved character that solidified himself in pop culture. But this guy took the character too far when he decided to wear a Pikachu onesie and ride the subway.



Halloween is one of the most festive seasons for public spectacles. We already covered a creepy clown, but this guy took scary to a whole new level.

He came prepared to scare everyone else on the train in his outfit. The makeup even looks real. Let’s just hope no one got too spooked while on the subway.

Some Yoga


This girl decided to come on the train with her yoga mat and exercise outfit. Everyone assumed that she was just on her way to her yoga class. But she decided to do something no one expected.

Right in front of everyone on the subway, she rolled out her yoga mat and started doing some stretches. It’s a good way to pass the time, we guess?

A Face Off


What’s better than having a cosplayer dressed up as your favorite caped vigilante on the subway? Well, what about when there happens to be someone cosplaying a villain on that same subway carriage?

It’s the face-off for the ages, with Darth Vader staring down Batman. Who needs entertainment when these guys almost seem hired just for the passengers’ pleasure?

Mythical Creature


People love a good fantasy creature. But they definitely don’t expect to see one while riding the subway. Especially something that wouldn’t necessarily fit inside a subway carriage or through a turnstile.

A Centaur is definitely something no one would expect to see. But one man cosplaying as one even had a horse body!

A Bush


A subway carriage is one of the most urban places imaginable. With the steel compartment and the concrete tunnels, people don’t really expect to see any wildlife.

But that all changed when one person decided to wear a ghillie suit on the subway. It had one woman’s head spinning as she wondered what was underneath the surface.

Celebrity Appearance


Even celebrities sometimes need to use public transport to get around, especially when New York’s traffic can get so congested.

A heavyweight champ decided to ride the subway and connect with his community. It was none other than the amazing Mike Tyson. He rides the subway often and is always happy to meet a fan.

A Mask


If you don’t want to be recognized in the subway because you’re either scared of being in public or don’t want some particular people to recognize you, your options are pretty limited.

This one guy decided that rather than be recognized, he’d wear a mask. It looks kind of creepy, but it got the job done, and he got to get from point A to point B anonymously.

Protection From The Rain


What happens when you forget your umbrella and your raincoat when you leave home? To make matters worse, it was sunny when you got on the subway, and when you got off, it was raining.

But thankfully, for whatever reason, you have a trash bag. Well, this guy did, and he put it to good use, making it into a raincoat.

A Confrontation


Sometimes things aren’t always funny. Sometimes, they’re over the top and ridiculous. This is what happened when two men seemed to recognize each other on the subway.

They started arguing, and a confrontation started. They were talking about a girl that both were pining for. Thankfully, no fists were thrown, but it was still a strange event.

Marching Band


A marching band’s bus broke down, and they had to rush to make it to their destination on time. They decided to take the bus and piled in with all of their instruments.

The carriage was packed full of instruments and uniforms. But they ended up getting to their destination, so no harm, no foul.

More Instruments


Speaking of instruments, buskers are commonplace in the city or even in subway stations. But this busker decided to ride on the train to give passengers a bit of entertainment.

He played on his guitar, and the crowd even joined in the song. Everyone had a great time, and that’s how he started off their day the right way.

Painted Man


“Statue” men or painted men can also sometimes be seen on the street, providing entertainment for a bit of change in return. This man painted himself green like a plastic army man.

That was just the beginning. He painted a helmet and even the clothing to really look like the real deal. Everyone on board was impressed.



This is something that we don’t see every day. Some guys thought it would be funny to bring a bathtub onboard the subway carriage and fill it with ice before climbing inside.

They even had cocktails. The spectators just stood stunned while they waited for their next stop. It’s definitely something that they’ll never see again on the subway.

Wrong Way To Wear It


Starting in 2020, people everywhere had to start wearing masks on public transport. It was difficult to adjust to, especially when a lot of people didn’t know how to properly wear one.

One woman didn’t just cover her nose and her mouth. To be as safe as possible, she decided to cover her eyes as well. At least she won’t catch anything, right?

Action Hero


Over the years, Hollywood’s decided to stage a lot of action movie scenes in subways. The public quickly caught on and decided to start having a bit of fun when they took the subway.

A lot of people dressed up as their favorite action heroes and sometimes even villains. It’s always fun to have a public stand-off.



One couple really did the best with what they were given. Since they were little people, they decided to dress up as Chucky and the bride of Chucky from the horror series of the same name.

They sat on the subway bench while spooked spectators were frozen in place. Let’s just hope no one took them too seriously.

Good Workout


Normally the gym is the place to go when you want to exercise. But just like the woman with the yoga mat, this guy decided to do some workouts while he was on the subway.

Spectators couldn’t tell if he was just trying to get a bit of attention or just actually lifting weights on the subway, but it seemed like a bad idea. Thankfully, no one was hurt.



Grandma had to get to her granddaughter’s birthday party, but she didn’t manage to finish the small sweater she was giving her as a gift. She could only think of one solution to her problem.

She decided to rough it out and crochet on the subway. People around her stuck to their own business and didn’t disturb her. Good for you, Granny!

A Rat


What’s weirder than a dog on a subway? What about something smaller that can be hidden in a bag or jacket pocket? Well, one man decided to take his loyal companion with him.

A little white rat was hidden in his jacket pocket, and eagle-eyed passengers even managed to catch a glimpse of it. It’s not feral, and it’s the man’s pet.

Organized Outfits


Organized outfits are some of the best spectacles. Especially when they’re planned and color-coded like our next set of heroes that boarded the subway.

All of the Power Rangers were gathered on the subway. We wonder if they were there on a secret mission. Don’t let anyone tell them they aren’t the real Power Rangers.

A Couch


Just like the men that brought in the bathtub, one set of guys decided that they didn’t like the benches. To be fair, they aren’t too comfortable at the best of times.

These men brought in a couch and put it right on the floor space. A little selfish, but it created a funny spectacle for everyone to look at. Also, the guy looked really comfortable.

A Peacock


We’ve had rats and dogs on the subway, but what about birds? One pet owner couldn’t bear to leave his bird behind. Either that, or he stole it from the zoo and managed to get it on the train.

Peacocks are generally wild animals, so we’re surprised that the man even managed to get it in the subway carriage.



Late-night subway rides are always strange. The night people that stay there are normally tired from a day of work or partying.

It’s no surprise then that all of the subway passengers fell asleep at the same time. It’s a bit of a safety concern, but as long as they’re all getting their sleep at the end of the day.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.