Secret Shame: the Top 5 Chick Flicks Guys Actually Love

By TK Kelly February 27, 2013 View all posts (120)
Every man cracks jokes about the chick flicks he’s supposedly been “forced to watch.” The movie titles have become punch lines to jokes about how inexplicably sappy and emotional women get when they watch them. But here’s a little secret—dudes don’t hate all of them nearly as much as they’d have you believe. These are the top five chick flicks that guys secretly love.

5 Titanic (1997)

A little bit of Kate Winslet boob and a whole lot of trademark Leo DiCaprio charm is all the reason dudes need to pretend to be annoyed while they sit there and thoroughly enjoy this film. Damn you DiCaprio, you magical bastard. The guy is great in everything he’s in, Titanic included, and guys know it. They just don’t want to admit it to you. One issue that the mechanical male brain will never be able to ignore though, is how there was definitely enough room for both of them to fit on that door at the end. What the hell, Rose? Maybe if you just moved over a bit, men everywhere wouldn’t have to pretend they’re not crying while poor Jack freezes to death!

4 City of Angels (1998)

There aren’t a lot of excuses here. It isn’t funny. It isn’t subversive. And Meg Ryan usually serves as a warning to all men to head for the hills. Somehow though, City of Angels is one of those films that guys secretly kind of like. Nicholas Cage stars as an angel named Seth (weird angel name, right?), who falls in love with a mortal woman, Meg Ryan, and gives up immortality to become a human and spend his life with her. It has cornball written all over it. And that’s because it is pretty cornball. But still, this one is secretly dude approved. Who knows, maybe it’s just those awesome Matrix¬-like trench coats the angels all wore.

3 Clueless (1995)

On the surface, everything about this movie screams “This will only be funny to a fifteen-year-old girl,” but there’s actually more to Clueless than meets the eye. Any guy will “settle” for sitting through this movie with his girlfriend, and he’ll always preface it with the obligatory “If you want to watch it, I don’t care,” but he secretly kind of likes it. It’s the Ace of Base of cinema (yeah, alone in our cars, all of us dudes will happily rock out to “I Saw the Sign,” too). Clueless has some genuinely funny moments and is a lot cleverer than the DVD cover, or the inclusion of Alicia Silverstone, would have you think.

2 10 Things I hate About You (1999)

Any man who’s honest with himself can tell you about 100 things he loved about 10 Things I hate About You. A romantic comedy clearly targeted at teenage girls, this movie actually caught a lot more male audience than it ever intended to. Between rooting for the goofy kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun to somehow land a date with Alex Mack, the spot on douche-baggery of Andrew Keegan and two hilarious and underrated performances by David Krumholtz and Larry Miller, there’s plenty here for dudes to love. Plus, no one on the planet—man or woman—can say they wouldn’t have gone on at least one date with Heath Ledger if he sang to them from the bleachers.

1 The Notebook (2004)

The Notebook has become known as the quintessential chick flick. But the truth is, any guy who says he didn’t get a little choked up at the end, is a damn liar. And guaranteed, there’s been a time when you weren’t home and your man was flipping through the channels, and he stopped to watch at least a few minutes of The Notebook by himself. He won’t have watched the whole thing, out of some weird masculine guilt, but the fact of the matter is this movie is well-written, well-acted and has Rachel McAdams sex scenes. Dudes don’t hate it.

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