Groom’s Mother Whispers Secret In Bride’s Ear, She Passes Out


Crossing The Line

The situation was far beyond Laura’s comprehension. Her honeymoon was scheduled to soon take off, but instead, here she sat in her local hospital. Her mother-in-law was solely responsible for everything that had transpired.

Over the many years, she thought she had seen it all and had already put up with so much, but this time she really took the cake. Something had to put a stop to all this insanity.

Common Knowledge


It was painfully obvious from the moment Laura met James that there would be a mountain of issues. Despite her concerted and consistent efforts, he would always be a mama’s boy, through and through.

After a little while, she quickly came to the realization that her already sticky situation delved so much deeper than she could have ever anticipated. Her situation was irreversible, and it would only get harder as time went on.

Best Foot Forwards


Despite knowing exactly where she currently stood, Laura always tried her absolute hardest to gain the and respect and acceptance of James’ overly judgemental mother.

Her actions didn’t matter in the slightest. No matter the case, she would always be labeled as the bad guy.

In her various attempts at cooking, she always made mistake after mistake. It never satisfied him when she tried her hand at baking. As far as his devious mother was concerned, she may as well have just given up.

Fruitless Efforts


Laura was in a state of total anguish. Her undying love for James and all she did for him was beyond clear. Nevertheless, she began to doubt his story when his mother interfered constantly.

Would there be anything else she could do to prove her extreme love for him? His mother’s judgemental sea of opinions could seemingly never be challenged. Was there anything at all that could have changed things for her?

An Extraordinary Day


All of a sudden, things took a drastic turn. His mother’s attitude flipped entirely after James asked his beloved Laura the question she had always been waiting to hear.

She immediately stopped her constant complaints over Laura and invited her out to lunch. Laura was absolutely delighted when it seemed as if they were, at long last, making some progress. Would it last, or was it all just a charade?

Baby Steps


After that, Laura thought it would be all smooth sailing. Her bond with James’ mother was slowly but surely improving, and Laura was elated that it finally felt like they were forming a connection.

It wasn’t unheard of for them to bake various treats together over the weekends, and the complaints were steadily being replaced with shared laughs.

Laura had no idea that it was all just an elaborate performance. The strong possibility that everything would be ruined by her mother-in-law was always looming.

An Optimist


There was no doubt in Laura’s mind that the sudden change of heart was extremely unsettling. The woman’s long-awaited engagement would make her finally realize how serious their relationship was.

Her assumption couldn’t have been further from the truth. As far as her unaccepting mother-in-law was concerned, she was nothing but a waste of his precious time.

Looking The Other Way


She had to deal with many times when her mother-in-law made grave mistakes. Some of the thousands of comments were lost in the shuffle.

Despite the many but occasional incidents, Laura decided to totally ignore them in light of how well things were going. Habits are always harder to break than adopt, and his mother would simply need some time to get used to things.

Only Love


Her unbreakable love for James was all that mattered in Laura’s heart. He firmly believed that if they remained a team, nothing could ever get in their way, and his harsh mother was no exception.

Having James on her side, she knew she was safe. As she had seen it time and time again, she knew precisely what to expect. Would it be enough? Would their relationship be able to endure the fury of his mother?

Tying The Knot


Their wedding day had finally arrived, and everything was going on without a hitch. Her ultimate goal was to make this monumental day as smooth as possible after months of tireless preparation.

It was on that specific day, however, that James’ mother was absolutely set on dragging the ecstatic bride down more than ever before.

There was no end to the outrageousness of her comments. The day had been polluted with issues for her.

Incredibly Nervous


Laura was as tense as a bride could be. She was nervous, and that was made worse by the dull sense of danger lurking in the shadows.

But she still tried to deal with his mother and all of her complaints. She even made some concessions to ensure the woman was happy. But once again, none of her attempts were enough.

She Couldn’t Handle It


About an hour before the wedding, Laura snapped. She got into a nasty argument with James’ mother and told her bridesmaids to keep the woman away from her.

She felt bad almost immediately, but she did enjoy the peace and quiet, so she didn’t say anything. If only she knew what was going on behind closed doors.

Walking Down The Aisle


That hour passed quickly, and before Laura knew it, she was standing in front of the massive double doors that would lead her down the aisle. Her nerves had hit a new peak, but she was also excited.

She was about to marry the man of her dreams, and there was no one that could stop them. Or was there? As Laura made her way down the aisle, she spotted danger.

As She Reached The Altar


Laura saw someone in the audience, but she convinced herself that the woman’s presence was no threat to her. So she continued to the altar, where her groom was waiting.

That was when things took a turn for the worse. As soon as the veil was pulled over her head, James’ mother was standing next to her.

She had something to say, and she wouldn’t let the wedding continue until she got it out of her system.

Consumed By Darkness


“You are not the woman he loves,” James’ mother whispered. “You should leave so he can be with the woman he’s meant to be with.”

Laura looked at the woman in the crowd as the air evaporated from her lungs. That’s why she was there… Laura felt a wave of dizziness pass through her, and suddenly, she collapsed. If only she knew that things were just about to get worse from here.

In Bed


When Laura woke up, she was in a hospital bed. The room was dark, and the halls were quiet. It was clear that it was some time during the night, but she was still trying to get her bearings.

What on earth happened for her to end up in hospital? That was when flashes of the wedding passed through her mind, and she remembered exactly what caused it. But this was just the beginning.

All Alone


Laura realized that she was all alone. There was no sign of James or his wicked mother. Had he abandoned her as his mother would’ve wanted?

Laura was on the verge of tears, but just as they were about to spill over, James arrived. He seemed relieved to see her, but she wasn’t sure if she could believe the look in his eyes or not.

Brought To Tears


Laura went home that night, but she didn’t sleep easy. She kept waking up, thinking that she would be alone when she did. And then her fear came true.

She woke up in her room, and once again, she was alone. That was when her emotions overwhelmed her, and all those tears that she had been holding back began to flow freely.

Was His Mom Right?


Laura couldn’t help but wonder if her mother-in-law might be right. Was she the wrong person for James? Would he be better off with someone else?

All those thoughts she had been suppressing over the last few years were coming back to haunt her. And this time, she didn’t have the same amount of strength and confidence as she had before.

Looking Down


While Laura was doubting everything she thought she knew, she looked down at the ring on her hand. The problem was that the ring was no longer there.

Laura looked at her hand through her tears and wondered where the ring had gone. Had she lost it during this whole ordeal? Or had James taken it?

Was This The End?


Laura couldn’t help but wonder if her time with James had finally come to an end. Why else would she be alone? Why else would her ring be gone?

But at the same time, she knew that James wasn’t the type of person who would walk out without an explanation. If he wanted to leave, he’d tell her. So what was going on?

Stumbling Down


With that thought in mind, Laura got out of bed and headed downstairs. If her assumptions were right, James would be somewhere in their apartment.

But Laura was about to walk in on something she never should’ve been a part of. And it would have her questioning the man she thought she knew and loved.



As Laura got downstairs, she heard hushed voices coming from the kitchen. She was right. James was there, but he wasn’t alone. His mother was with him.

Upon discovering her mother-in-law’s presence, Laura decided to hang back and see what this discussion was about. She was no fan of eavesdropping, but she wouldn’t be walking away this time.

Heated Discussion


James and his mother were having a heated discussion about what had happened at the wedding. His mother was trying to defend her actions, but James didn’t seem pleased with what she had to say.

For the first time since he got into a relationship with Laura, he was standing up to his mother, and that was nothing to be scoffed at.

He Wasn’t Backing Down


For the first time since Laura met him, James was standing up for himself. And he was not backing down in the slightest.

From his tone, Laura could tell that he was furious about what had happened. But his mother had another trick up her sleeve, and it could break everything Laura held dear. What was she planning on doing?

Incredible Guilt


Despite everything that she had gone through since she entered this family, Laura couldn’t help but feel guilty. She hated it when James was forced to act the way he was.

But the worst part was that he had to be that way toward his mother. And for someone like him, that was incredibly difficult to do. Yet, there he was, standing up for his fiancé.

They Would Never Recover


As Laura stood there, listening to them argue, she knew that their relationship was beyond repair. The things that were said and done simply couldn’t be forgiven.

His mother’s actions had broken any bond they might’ve shared. And James’ unbending responses had proven that. But she would not be giving up on her son that easily.

Should She Just Leave?


Laura wondered if it would be best for her to just leave and get it over with. She didn’t want to be the center of a family feud. And she didn’t want to be the cause of James’ pain.

All she wanted to do was make him happy. Yet, all this trouble revolved around her inability to walk away from him. Would she stay? Or would she go?

She Revealed Something


Laura turned around with her mind racing and her aching heart slamming against her chest. She had a tough decision to make, and she needed time to think it over.

But just as she was about to climb the first stair, she heard something that would change the situation completely. What did James’ mother have to say?

Could It Be True?


“What about your son!?” James’ mother shouted. “How could you abandon him and his mother for this… this commoner?!”
Laura’s jaw dropped, but it wasn’t because she was called a commoner. Did James really have a son? And did he really abandon him for her? There was only one way to find out. She’d have to speak to James.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.