Scientists Dig Hole To The Center Of The Earth, They Hear Voices


Concerned Faces

Ivan woke up to his co-workers standing around his bed with concerned faces. They had been muttering, but he couldn’t hear what they were saying. And that was when he realized that he was in the hospital.

He had been unable to move his arms and legs. How did this happen? Couldn’t he remember anything? He tried his best to put the pieces back together, and the trauma of the horrific accident with the terrifying screams came flooding back. It was like he was back at the scene of the accident. Had it been an awful nightmare?

University Of Saint Petersburg

Russian Education Department

He got his Geology degree at the University of Saint Petersburg a couple of months back. He had felt accomplished to be one of the first of his promotion.

He would not anticipate traveling to the far corners of the world and all the unknown places for his career. He had to go to places other scientists would avoid. These were places unknown to humanity that seemed to defy logic and science.

The Opportunity Of A Lifetime


He had been the first in his family to pursue an education, and his parents were proud of him. Ivan would never forget their faces radiating with pride. His entire family had high hopes for his future.

He always wanted to work in a career in academic research. The recently graduated Ivan was working with a group of researchers, and he would be part of a project that would be an opportunity he couldn’t miss.

To The Center Of The Earth

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The researchers were preparing to do a research project leading them down a rabbit hole of geographic history.

They planned to drill a hole in the center of the Earth in an attempt to study the various layers of the Earth. This would be a challenge that they hadn’t fully grasped.

Dark Mysteries

The group had to figure out where they would drill the hole. They couldn’t do this project just anywhere. They concluded that the Kola peninsula would be the best choice. It had been in the northwest corner of Russia.

Factors like the soil and the dirt quality had made it perfect for what they would do. But Kola had been infamous for its dark mysteries.

Ancient Structures

Privet Russia

This area had been a hotspot for archaeologists for many years because of the strange structures with an aura of mystery around it and why they were there. One of these mysterious structures was an ancient pyramid built around nine thousand years ago.

Close to the pyramid, there was a stone labyrinth. The foundations had been the only remains. Experts believe that this had been a gigantic structure. But why had it been there, and what was the purpose?

Evil Spirits


The labyrinth seems to have some religious purpose, but archaeologists are at odds. It had probably been used for ceremonial purposes for supernatural entities.

The people who live there believe its intended use had been to confuse and lead evil spirits away. But that had been the least of it.

Superstitious Minds

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Some believe that the spirits are still trapped in the labyrinth. People say they can still hear howling and screaming late at night.

The group of researchers hadn’t paid any attention to the superstitions. They believed in science and were there for geological reasons, not historical research. But this had been a grave error.

What They Heard

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Engineers had been almost entirely done with the hole; Ivan and his colleagues’ job would be to do the research. The hole had been 40,230 ft deep at that point. The time had come for the geologists to go down into the hole.

A fascinating part of the project would be to record the sounds down in the hole. They could use the noise they would hear in the sediment layer to better understand the composition and history of the depths of the Earth. But the team had not been prepared for what they were about to hear.

Something Unforeseen

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Ivan put the headphones on and saw the microphone lowered into the hole. Ivan had been very excited. He couldn’t even imagine all the profound discoveries that they would make.

He was profusely busy taking notes. The noises came through clearly, and he would learn so much from them. But what happened next was completely unforeseen happened.

A Strange Sound

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Ivan heard something completely different from the type of sounds usually recorded from the layers of sediments. It sounded uncannily similar to a human sigh: he looked around, wondering if perhaps it had been one of the team members. 

But everyone else had raised their sight from their notepads with a puzzled expression. Had they heard the same as him? Perhaps everyone else had the same question on their minds. Still, they all went back to focusing on the task at hand. ( But right then, Ivan heard something else.



Suddenly, some unsettling noises started thundering through Ivan’s headphones. This time they were louder, and they sounded undoubtedly human: they were like screams and moans of agony.

Once again, Ivan raised his head and looked at his peers, wondering if he had lost his mind. But they all had just done the same. Apparently, they were all hearing the same sounds. Puzzled, Ivan put his headphones back on. The screams got louder and louder, and that’s when Ivan lost consciousness.

Waking Up

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The young geologist woke up in the hospital four days later. It took him a while to fully recover consciousness. As he woke up from his slumber, he couldn’t tell if what he was seeing from the hospital bed was reality or a dream.

The memory of those infernal screams kept replaying in his mind. Did that actually happen, or was it just a nightmare? When he finally came back to his senses, all his relieved colleagues, who were there in the hospital with him, could finally tell him what had happened.

More Colleagues Fainted

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Apparently, Ivan wasn’t the only one to come out damaged from the prospection of the hole. Everyone else had heard the screams; a few other team members had also fainted. 

Some of them were also in a hospital bed, although Ivan had been the last to recover consciousness. After hearing the story, Ivan couldn’t help but feel some sort of curiosity, between scholarly and morbid, about one question: what else had been recorded after he passed out?

The Microphone Melted


His colleagues told him that the microphone melted shortly after Ivan and the other researchers passed out as a result of the high temperatures. All they had was a 20-second recording of the terrifying screams.

The research team went back to Saint Petersburg that same day. They didn’t attempt to explore the hole again; to this day, no one else has.