These Celebs Were Told They Had The ‘Worst Teeth,’ So They Decided To Challenge Beauty Norms

Far from sporting the perfect pearly whites Hollywood and magazine covers are accustomed to, these individuals have been dubbed as “celebs with the worst teeth.” However, they chose to challenge the beauty norms of an industry fixated on perfection by embracing their natural looks, and it’s insanely refreshing.

Once you’re under the lights of the celebrity life, your every move is heavily scrutinized. From their performances to their appearances, nothing is left undiscussed. Some celebrities caused a storm when they flashed their smiles for the first time, as they revealed their unusual teeth to the world.

Here are 15 celebs who chose to keep their crooked, gapped, gold or yellow teeth as a badge of pride and distinction:

15.) Vanessa Paradis

celebs with the worst teeth vanessa paradis

The multi-talented French star Vanessa Paradis has become well-known for her gap-toothed teeth. Does she bother worrying about it? Absolutely not.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she proudly stated, “Why would I fix them? I was born with them,” before jokingly adding: “I can spit water through them, they’re useful!”

The fact that she lives in France rather than in the States also makes it easier to resist the pressure. Indeed, in the Hexagone, teeth like Paradis’ are known as “les dents du bonheur,” or “lucky teeth.” We’re stealing the concept!