Say Cheese! 5 Amazing Celebrity Mugshots

Though she’s got a reputation as one of America’s favorite “girl next door” celebrities, even Reese Witherspoon is susceptible to a little trouble here and there. When her husband, Jim Toth, was pulled over for suspicion of driving while intoxicated, they were both arrested and brought into an Atlanta-area police station. Following the incident, the Legally Blonde actress admitted that she had “one drink too many” (or one half-dozen, whatever), but she did little to explain why she appeared to be falling asleep in her mugshot. Police say they chose the best of several pictures they took of Witherspoon, and while it’s odd for sure, it actually seems pretty tame compared to the best celebrity mugshots of all time.

5 Rip Torn

Image credit The Smoking Gun

With a name like Rip Torn, it seems ridiculous to even be mad at this guy for being hammered. Back in 2006, the famed actor of stage and screen was arrested in Westchester, New York, after he crashed his 1995 Chevy Cavalier (wait, what?) into a tractor trailer. What resulted was an absolutely hilarious mugshot that almost makes you want to forgive the old guy, and just let him off with a charge of “grandpa just being grandpa.” Though he did admittedly cross a bit of a line in 2010 when he was found trying to break into a bank, while both he and the gun he was carrying were completely loaded.

4 Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant can play the affable love interest in ten romantic comedies a year until the day he dies, but no one is ever going to forget that time the lovable English chap got busted with a hooker. Arrested in 1995 for procuring the professional services of a Los Angeles lady of the night, Hugh’s mugshot quickly became celebrated for the hilarious “Aw shucks” look of it. With his hands stuffed awkwardly in his pockets and the look of pure shame on his face, Hugh seems less worried about the legal consequences of his actions and more worried about “what’s gonna happen when mom finds out?”

3 James Brown

Hands down, the late James Brown wins the contest if the goal is to take a mugshot in which you appear to be more Muppet than human. Arrested in 2004 on suspicion of domestic violence, the Godfather of Soul was booked by South Carolina police, and proceeded to smile awkwardly for the camera, while his insane hair just did its own thing. He appears to be draped in some sort of shawl (a Snuggie, perhaps?), and overall doesn’t seem to be having that bad of a time. Way to stay positive in the face of adversity, James.

2 Randy Travis

Image credit NY Daily News

You might know him for his smooth, crooning country music, but you need to know Randy Travis for his troubles with the law. Booked for multiple misdeeds throughout 2012, Travis has seemingly gone over the deep end, but at least he gave us an amazing mugshot to remember him by. After cops found him passed out naked in the street with his Trans Am in a nearby ditch (now that’s a party), Travis was arrested and charged with a DWI, but judging by the look on his battered face in his mugshot, he was still pretty pissed that the police were harshing his buzz.

1 Nick Nolte

Image credit The Smoking Gun

No need to even argue it, actor Nick Nolte is the unquestioned king of celebrity mugshots. While he may currently be enjoying a resurgence in his career, back in the early 2000s Nick Nolte seemed to have put acting aside in order to focus on his pursuit of taking the world’s most hilarious mugshot. Arrested by the California Highway Patrol for a DUI on September 11, 2002, Nolte did just that, giving perhaps the performance of his life in one split-second. Donning an aggressively bright Hawaiian shirt, a stoic grimace, and the same hairdo as the crazy cat lady on The Simpsons, he solidified himself as a mugshot legend.

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