20+ Times Wendy’s Won the Internet with Their Savage Twitter Roasts

Wendy's has been beefin' (pun intended) with so many people and competitors that they are today the MCs of #NationalRoastDay. Here are the best Wendy's Twitter roasts.

After scrolling down Wendy’s Twitter account, you will realize that they give zero chills… except when it comes to their burgers. Then they make sure they’re fresh but not frozen.

One other thing that’s fresh at Wendy’s is their now-legendary roast game. Wendy’s has been beefing (pun intended) with so many brands and followers that every tweet is a sweeping victory in brand awareness. They are nailing the Twitter game like no company before, and followers can’t wrap their mind around how a company could run their social media page like there is no tomorrow. Wendy’s roast tweets are transforming how brands are communicating with their audience—and competition.

No one is safe from Wendy’s, for the little ginger girl with the cute ponytails and (not-so-)innocent smile doesn’t spare anyone.

Get the popcorn ready. We’re about to beef with Wendy’s Twitter roasts!

22.) When They Honored #NationalRoastDay

wendy's twitter roasts

National Roast Day might as well be turned to National Wendy’s Day. In 2017, the fast-food chain let its social media team loose and started roasting whoever crossed their path.

People started tagging the company on their posts and asking to be roasted, but we don’t think they were expecting this level of savageness.

21.) When They Tried to Correct One’s Wrong

wendy's twitter roasts friends apologize

Wendy’s is looking out for you. They know what’s best for you and tell you so.

They’re not afraid to say what they really think.

20.) When They Were Too Honest

wendy's twitter roasts relationship

Seeking relationship advice is a healthy thing to do. No one is denying that.

But it’s a matter that you ask your friends about, or at the very least Google. But Wendy’s? Don’t expect much.

19.) When Someone Attacked Their Square Burgers

wendy's twitter roasts

You know when they said that the client is king?

Well, Wendy’s calls BS on that. They don’t care who you are or what you do; once you utter something about their burgers, they will come for you.

18.) When They Served Hot Burns

funny wendy's twitter roasts

Oh, snap! We wonder whether he got more followers after that roast, though.

We hope not.

17.) When They Reminded Everybody Who Got the Upper Hand

wendy's twitter roasts trash

Wendy’s isn’t here to play. Wendy’s isn’t here to sugarcoat you.

Wendy’s is here to destroy your digital social life if you ever attempt to dis them.

16.) When They See You Having McDonald’s

funny wendy's twitter roasts

Nah fam, Wendy’s doesn’t approve of anything with an ‘M’ logo on it.

Turn it upside down and then we’ll be talking.

15.) When They Explained Their Beef with Other Fast Food Chains

funny wendy's twitter roasts

Updated list of fast-food chains Wendy’s is cool with:

  • No one.

14.) When They Delivered the Freshest Roast Game

funny wendy's twitter roasts mixtape

Here is the thing with brands: Some of them are trying so hard to appeal to the younger audience and sound hip that it feels like it’s forced, and people call them out for it, mercilessly.

But with Wendy’s, it’s a different story. They *get* how millennials think. They don’t just jump on bandwagons aimlessly. And they’re savage AF!

13.) When They Made Twitter Holler withOne Word Only

funny wendy's twitter roasts

One word. It’s all it took to bring a whole chain down on Twitter.

Whoever is running that account deserves a raise.

12.) When They Trashed McDonald’s

funny wendy's twitter roasts trash

We told you that Wendy’s isn’t holding back, y’all.

Is it all legal to be this savage on Twitter, though? 

11.) And Again

funny wendy's twitter roasts

Wendy’s seem to be holding a particular grudge against McDonald’s.

Is it because it’s its biggest competition, or is it because they really hate their frozen burgers?

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10.) It Just Doesn’t Stop

funny wendy's twitter roasts

The brilliant thing about these tweets is that Wendy’s Twitter roasts are so quick, they catch many people by surprise.

Followers often ask them how they can think of such snappy comments on such a short notice. We really wanna know the answer, too. 

9.) When They Were Closely Watching McDonald’s Twitter

funny wendy's twitter roasts mcdonalds ice cream

It’s already hard as it is, but making a mistake is like handing Wendy’s a chance to rip you apart on a golden plate.

Watch out, people. 

8.) When They Explain Things for You

wendy's twitter roasts

Wendy’s has no mercy toward anyone switching to the competition.

As long as you’re on their side, you (maybe?) will be on their nice list, but mention another fast food chain, and you’ve earned yourself an enemy. 

7.) When You Disregard Their Advice

wendy's twitter roasts

What’s been done has been done. No need to cry over spilled milk and eaten burgers.

But it seems like the ginger girl still has feelings for those who betrayed her. It’s not love, it’s pity. 

6.) When They Didn’t Even Remember the Competition

wendy's twitter roasts subway

What did Subway do to you, Wendy’s? A lot of people love them!

Nevermind that. We don’t wanna be roasted, too. 

5.) When They Show Directions

wendy's twitter roasts

*Spits drink*

Okay, we have to ask, who would be brave enough to face Wendy’s and get in the beefin’ game? Because someone needs to do something here! 

4.) When They Let No One Mess with Their 4 for $4 Menu

wendy's twitter roasts

Welp, seems like Burger King took the fall for this one.

When we were asking about someone to resist Wendy’s, that’s not the outcome we had in mind. Seems like Burger King lost his crown.

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3.) When They Fired a MIX-TAPE(!) at the Competition

wendy's twitter roasts mixtap

Now, this is what we call major news.

Wendy’s actually dropped a hip-hop mix-tape called We Beefin?, and we don’t know how we’ve been sleeping on it ’til now.

The mix-tape features five songs where Wendy’s is rapping about its fresh but never frozen burgers, McDonald’s broken ice cream machine and much more. You will bump your head to it, we promise.

2.) When They Turned to Celebrities

wendy's twitter roasts

Don’t think that just because you’re a celebrity it means that Wendy’s will go easy on you.

All is fair in war and Twitter. 

1.) No One Is Safe

wendy's twitter roasts

Just where does this imagination come from?!

Is Wendy’s always that savage?

The Answer Is No.

funny wendy's twitter roasts

Wendy’s also know when to give a nice word. On National Compliment Day, they showered their followers with cutesy and heartwarming tweets that made all of us (kinda) forget the roasts they’ve been serving.

What do you think about these Wendy’s Twitter roasts? Do you think they’re too harsh or that they should carry on with their mission? Let us know in the comments! And for more funny content, you might want to check out the savage breakup texts some people had the nerve of sending to their exes!