20+ Times Wendy’s Won the Internet with Their Savage Twitter Roasts

By Youmn October 29, 2018 View all posts (72)

After scrolling down Wendy’s Twitter account, you will realize that they give zero chills… except when it comes to their burgers. Then they make sure they’re fresh but not frozen.

One other thing that’s fresh at Wendy’s is their now-legendary roast game. Wendy’s has been beefing (pun intended) with so many brands and followers that every tweet is a sweeping victory in brand awareness. They are nailing the Twitter game like no company before, and followers can’t wrap their mind around how a company could run their social media page like there is no tomorrow. Wendy’s roast tweets are transforming how brands are communicating with their audience—and competition.

No one is safe from Wendy’s, for the little ginger girl with the cute ponytails and (not-so-)innocent smile doesn’t spare anyone.

Get the popcorn ready. We’re about to beef with Wendy’s Twitter roasts!

22.) When They Honored #NationalRoastDay

wendy's twitter roasts

National Roast Day might as well be turned to National Wendy’s Day. In 2017, the fast-food chain let its social media team loose and started roasting whoever crossed their path.

People started tagging the company on their posts and asking to be roasted, but we don’t think they were expecting this level of savageness.