Sammi Giancola: 5 Things You Can’t Learn About Me by Watching Jersey Shore

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She was on one of the highest rated TV shows in MTV history—Samantha “Sweetheart” Giancola brought her sweet but edgy personality to the popular reality TV hit, “Jersey Shore.” With about 8.45 million viewers for the season 3 premiere, the show helped launch Sammi and her housemates’ careers. Besides making appearances and booking numerous modeling campaigns for magazines such as “Us Weekly,” “Life & Style,” “People” and “Harper’s Bazaar,” Sammi has launched her perfume line called “Dangerous” as well as a fitness clothing line. Although viewers got to know Sammi from watching her on TV and her on-and-off romance with boyfriend, Ronnie Ortiz, there is much more to Sammi that fans and viewers alike didn’t get to know about this real life Jersey girl.

5 I Love the Ocean

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“I am a Pisces and grew up living close to the beach. The atmosphere of the ocean and sand makes me feel at peace. I am a true Jersey beach girl. Ocean City, New Jersey has always been my favorite summer beach getaway.”

4 I Am Artistic

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“I almost went to college for my drawing and painting skills, but instead decided to go to William Paterson University so that I could play soccer close to home. I studied Sociology there.”

3 My Favorite Ice Cream

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“My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip with rainbow sprinkles, gummy bears & caramel. I used to eat this all the time… Now I think that’s the reason I became lactose intolerant!”

2 I Was a Tomboy Growing Up

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“I was my dad’s so-called ‘boy’ since there weren’t any boys in the house. I used to have a go-cart and I even helped my dad mow lawns when I was younger.”

1 I Love to Read

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“My favorites are biographies, mysteries, and love stories. I also really like novels that are set in the past- I love going back in time and learning about how things used to be!”

I wonder if any of the 5 Hottest Female Celebrity Chefs in Existance share Sammi’s interesting ice cream tastes.

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