Salesman Embarrasses Old Man, Then Realizes Who He Is



An elderly man walked into the car dealership with a confused expression on his face and conservative clothing. He just needed to get some help. However, the salesman did not intend to give it.

They treated him poorly as if he did not belong in such a fine establishment. But the old man knew that they would get what they deserved.

An Army Veteran

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Robert Jack was an Army veteran who fought in the Vietnam war. His years in service left him scarred for life, but he managed to pull through and find happiness thanks to his wife, Katie. 

Robert was now facing new hardship as he was going through his twilight years, and he did all he could to still find hope. But would it be enough?

Decades-old Love


Robert and Katie got married decades ago. She was his high school sweetheart, and they’ve been in love ever since. As they got old, though, problems started to pile up. The family recently began to go through a rougher patch, and the old man felt lost. 

One day, he wandered around for a while and stepped into a nice car dealership. As soon as he walked in, all eyes were on him. What was he doing there? Was he going through some medical crisis and needed help?

Morning Sale


The car dealership was having an unusually slow morning that day. However, the sales employees had long gotten used to this phenomenon and were not concerned about it. 

The staff was supposed to identify visitors who could actually buy any of the cars displayed in the shop. Most people came into the dealership to look at the expensive cars, having neither the intention nor the means to buy one. So, naturally, they noticed the old man and were quick to label him as a visitor who shouldn’t be there. Was it the right call, though?

Confused Old Man


The experienced managers had a trained eye, and they could easily recognize a potential buyer when they saw one. Therefore, when the dealership doors opened and a hunched-over elderly man carrying a small canvas bag came in, the sales manager immediately lost interest. 

This man was definitely not there to buy a car, they thought. He probably got confused, thinking it was a supermarket or something. 

Out Of The Ordinary


The salespeople were surprised to see the old man’s peculiar behavior. He went to the front desk and asked the receptionist to watch his bag, which she carefully put on the floor. 

Then the old man began to carefully examine the cars parked in the exhibition hall. He was dressed in a shabby cowboy shirt, loose-fitting pants, and an old hat, which looked rather undermining. One particular salesman watched the old man, not even trying to hide his malicious smile. He wouldn’t wait any longer before approaching the old man. 

Out Of His Mind

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The salesman was sure the old man was poor and probably out of his mind. He thought the man only came in to admire the expensive cars. 

The old man meticulously examined one car after another until finally, he settled on the most expensive one. He asked the salesman about the engine capacity and if he could take a test drive. The salesman visibly recoiled in disgust.

Trying To Get Rid Of Him

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The salesman, who was already sick of watching the old man, came up to him and explained in an angry voice that the price of the car had increased and it was actually reserved for someone else. 

However, there was still a price tag on the vehicle. Doesn’t that mean the car was still for sale? The salesman suggested the old man try a used car rental service. But Robert wouldn’t budge. 

Everyone Was Laughing

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As soon as the salesman suggested the rental place, the entire sales staff started laughing. Only Richard, who recently started the job, wasn’t laughing. 

He felt sorry for the old man, who felt like a poor lamb surrounded by a flock of evil hyenas. Unable to tolerate the other salesman’s behavior, Richard stepped closer and suggested that the man should get to see the car. 

A “Waste Of Time”

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The salesman wasn’t having any of it. Meanwhile, the old man kept standing there, quietly waiting to get access to the car’s interior. 

“Look, this car is $200,000. I don’t see how you’d be able to afford it,” the salesman sniped, looking Robert up and down with disgust. “If I let you test drive it, it will just be a huge waste of my time!”  

A Calm Response

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Robert was shocked to be treated this way, but, sadly, he was also used to it. He calmly stood and said, “How do you know I can’t afford it?” Then, he calmly asked to test drive the car again. 

The salesman was growing visibly frustrated now. He pointed to the “Right of Admission Reserved” sign above the reception desk. But Robert refused to budge.

Asking Him To Leave

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“I have been in this business for a long time,” the salesman spat.” I can spot a time-waster from a mile away. The way you’re dressed tells me that you could never afford this car. I’m going to ask you to leave. now”

However, the angry salesman called security instead, who escorted the strange Robert to the exit. The salesman was glad he got rid of the old man. But that wasn’t actually the case. 

Walking Away


Even though he was used to it, the unjust treatment almost brought him to tears. Hunched over, he began to walk away. At that same moment, the leadership administrator saw the bag left behind by the old man. 

Unwilling to touch the grubby satchel, she used her foot to push it towards the door. The other employees laughed when they saw it, but Richard wasn’t even smiling.

Adding Insult To Injury

Just then, a woman and a little girl walked in. She gave Robert a wide berth as she passed him through the doorway. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she leaned down and pretend-whispered something to her daughter: “This is why you have to stay in school. Otherwise, you’ll end up poor and dirty like him.” The entire floor erupted with laughter.

The Last Straw

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Robert froze. That was it. He had been very patient and understanding – not just then but so many times before. He wasn’t going to stay quiet anymore.

“Excuse me,” he said, trying to make his posture as unthreatening as possible as he looked straight into everyone’s eyes one by one. “But I couldn’t help hearing what you said to your daughter.”

Not Staying Quiet

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Robert had brushed off so many rude moments before because it wasn’t worth the effort of fighting back. But this time, he wasn’t going to stay quiet. 

This was going to be a life lesson that nobody in the car dealership would forget. “Being poor doesn’t mean someone deserves to be talked about that way,” he said assertively. But his next words made everyone’s eyes widen. 

A Hard-Working Man


“I’m in construction,” Robert said. “But I’m a very dirty, very educated man.” He explained how not only did he have a college degree, but he also had a few medical certificates. 

“Even though I’m old, I haven’t been able to retire because I have to pay my wife’s medical bills,” Robert said. “Shame on all of you!” But he wasn’t done.

Opening The Bag


“Assuming that I’m uneducated and poor just because of my appearance is pure ignorance. But, even if I was poor, unemployed, or homeless, you don’t get the right to judge me.” 

Robert angrily swooped to grab his bag off the floor. He opened it and briefly flashed its contents to the room. Everyone, including the rude salesman, was completely dumbfounded.

Scrambling After Him


With that, Robert turned to walk out. The salesman, seeing the commission he could have earned off the car in his mind, scrambled to try and convince him to make the sale. 

Now, they were all trying to fawn over him and apologize. Robert smirked. He had had enough, though, so he took his bag and walked straight out the door. 

Following Him


The young salesman, Richard, went after him. Luckily, the elderly man hadn’t gotten far. Embarrassed, he apologized profusely for his colleagues’ appalling behavior. 

The old man knew that Richard hadn’t been part of any of it. He just smirked and opened his bag to show the contents to the young salesman. Richard couldn’t believe his eyes. 

The Bag


The old man was mistaken for a homeless person, but there were bundles of 100-dollar bills inside his bag. Richard was intrigued and looked questioningly at Robert. 

The old man coughed and closed his bag. He then began his story. He introduced himself to the nice young salesman and proceeded to tell the tale of his lifetime. Richard was left speechless.

Hard Times

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Robert told Richard that he’d worked hard all his life. Even though he was getting on in years, he still worked with his own hands. 

He had just come from a construction site – that was why he looked dirty and poor. Although he had earned good money, he hadn’t been able to retire because he had to look after his wife, Katie. 

Almost Bankrupt

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Robert explained that his wife had been fighting cancer for several years and seemed to be losing the fight. 

Even though Robert and Katie hadn’t been poor by any means, the high cost of her chemotherapy over the years had almost bankrupted them. He had managed to keep them afloat, But that wasn’t enough. Robert wanted to do more for his wife. 

Last Wish


Realizing that the treatment wasn’t helping Katie anymore, Richard decided to fulfill his wife’s wish and buy her the car she’s always dreamed of driving. But he had to do it while she still had her mobility.

Unfortunately, by the time he had managed to save up enough money, the price of the car had increased substantially. He did not have enough money to buy the car he wanted. 



Robert, determined to do this one last thing for his wife, sold all his possessions – including his gold wedding band. The last time Katie had seen the oncologist, he’d predicted that she only had around twelve more months to live. 

Robert was shattered. Although he barely had any money or possessions left now, what good would they do if his wife wouldn’t be with him anyway? But he had just learned that he was still short $5,000. 

A Salesman’s Resolve

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When Richard found out how much money Robert needed, he got to thinking of a way to help. Richard knew that the car dealership could hardly afford such a discount. 

After escorting the old man, Richard went back to work. He couldn’t shake his thoughts of the old man and Katie’s dream. Later that evening, the young salesman found himself at the old man’s door. What could he have wanted?

The Help He Needed

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Holding a bundle of cash in his hand, the young salesman told Robert that he had brought the cash he needed. He told him to buy his wife the car. 

Since he’d be the one selling Robert the car, he’d take the $5,000 from his commission. He quickly turned away and left before seeing the old man tear up. 


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The next day, Robert returned to the dealership. The salespeople could not understand how he could have changed so drastically. 

The old man was now wearing his business suit, and he was carrying the same canvas bag. The rude salesman, thinking he’d gotten a second chance, started fawning over him, even begging for him to buy the car. “No,” said Robert. “I want to work with Richard.”

Inside The Bag


The old man opened the bag and showed everyone the piles of money he had. The previously rude salesman was furious when Richard stepped out of his office. 

Robert didn’t hesitate and bought the car on the spot. He signed the paperwork with Richard, who would get the money he had given him back from the commission he deserved. Although it wasn’t the full amount, he was happy that he had helped Katie fulfill one of her dreams. 

Fulfilling Her Dream


Everyone at the dealership was green with envy – for missing out on the commission for the sale and because the man they’d treated badly could buy such an expensive car. Robert went home; he took his wife by the hand and led her out into the street, gesturing at her dream car. Katie was overwhelmed with joy. Finally, her lifetime dream had been fulfilled. 

But Robert’s story isn’t the only one that teaches us not to judge a book by its cover. One woman was horrified when she learned who the homeless man she saw every day really was.

Secret Letter

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She looked down at the stained note crumpled in her hands. He had given it to her in a rush, something definitely wasn’t right. He had acted differently today.

As she unfolded the yellow paper, she couldn’t believe what it said. To think she had gotten so close to him every day on her way to work or that she had even offered him a simple bite to eat. Her pulse raced like an Olympic runner going for gold as she had to sit down. Her grip on reality was shattered.

Mary Aldrin

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Mary Aldrin was a New York-born and raised. She knew that many people didn’t see the city the way she did. Many saw it as a dirty, dangerous place with a growing homeless problem.

But Mary did everything she could to help out others in need to show them that this city wasn’t all that bad, at least not to her. But the next person she would try to help would only be wasted on, she just didn’t know it yet.

Single Mother


She worked in hospitality and owned her very own bakery. It was enough to make ends meet and to support her child – Dominique. But with her daughter’s father out of the picture, it wasn’t always easy.

They had divorced right after she was born, and even though the child support cheques came in, she found they didn’t even cover her daughter’s education. But she had no idea that someone important would appear in her life without warning.

A Good Outlook


Mary still kept a good attitude even with the hardships in her life. She knew a lot of people in the city had it worse than her. Recently she noticed a man staring at her as she walked past him every day. 

He was clearly homeless but smiled at her through the dirt on his face. She could see a familiar spark in his eyes. Like he had hope even in his position. How could she stay pessimistic when he wasn’t? But she had no idea just who this man really was.

Trying To Talk


Mary walked to walk every day and decided to talk to the man. He seemed friendly enough but not very talkative. There was a quality about him, though, like the kind that she knew him from somewhere.

She chalked it up to his friendly face, which always felt familiar. But she was wrong. If only she knew that she should have trusted her gut instinct about where she had seen him before.

An Extra Lunch


Mary knew what she had to do – she decided to pack an extra lunch for the day. One was for her daughter, and one was for the man. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a healthy salad roll with a slice of cheese.

She smiled to herself, thinking she was doing the right thing. But she wished she hadn’t tried giving him the lunch bag once she learned the truth about his identity.

Trying To Give It To Him

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She spotted him on her way to work and offered him the lunch bag. But without a word, he waved it away. Did he not want to accept this kind gesture?

She didn’t think too much of it while she lay in bed that night. But if only she knew the real reason why he didn’t accept her kind gesture. 

Strange Look

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This morning Mary was running late for work, so she was moving at a busier pace than usual. But as she got to the corner where she saw the cheerful homeless man every day, she noticed something different.

He looked gravely concerned about something, almost on the verge of tears. What had happened? Then she saw a scrap of paper in his hand.

Crumpled Paper


He seemed distracted, he was looking around. Were they back again? It was clear that he was being watched, but what was the truth behind it all? 

She approached him to ask if he was alright, but he wouldn’t say a word. All he did was hand her a crumpled piece of paper and nod. Something clearly wasn’t right, and the piece of paper held the answers.

 The Rest Of The Day


Mary didn’t want to read the note while she was at work. But the entire day, she couldn’t help but look down at her handbag where it was.

Questions raced through her mind. As soon as she got home after work, she put her things down and pulled out the piece of paper. But what was written on it would turn her world upside down.

The Note


She felt her hands shake as she looked at the note in her hand. What could he have written inside a scrap of paper before handing it to her?

She had only been nice to him; were there things he was hiding that he couldn’t say out loud? Was he being watched?

Richard Gere

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It turns out that the homeless man was actually Richard Gere! The note explained that he was shooting his new movie and that’s why he was dressed up as a homeless person.

She had no idea that the sweet man she walked past every day and even offered food was worth millions!

Time Out Of Mind

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Gere was actually on set being filmed for his role as a homeless man that’s trying to fix his relationship with his daughter. The movie is called Time Out of Mind and is an American Drama.

His get-up must have been very convincing if it fooled Mary and probably many other New Yorkers.

Going Back


Mary went back to visit Gere after realizing who he really was. She understood that he couldn’t talk much to her because they must have been filming him for the movie. It was now obvious that he didn’t want to waste her precious food on him when he already had so much money.

She just smiled at him, and to tell her he knew she knew, she gave her a wink back. He had fooled many New Yorkers, but he let her in on the secret because of her kindness. 

An Experience


Mary felt touched and took it to heart. She knew that no one else would have an experience like that, especially with such a well-known actor! And on the set of his movie as well! 

She would still see him every time she walked to walk until one day he was gone. Presumably, they had gotten enough shots. She still thinks of him when she walks past that corner every day, with a smile on her face.