Sad Suits: the Top 5 Worst Mascots in Sports History

By TK Kelly November 10, 2018 View all posts (228)

Being one of the worst mascots in sports history is clearly more embarrassing than running around in a costume at sports games as your profession.

While being a mascot may not be the most dignified of life callings, a man or woman can at least take pride when he or she is a cool mascot. The Phillie Phanatic probably walks with his head held high, even when his head isn’t shoved inside a giant, green dragon-thing’s head. The same can’t be said, however, for the poor souls on this list.

These are the top five worst mascots in sports.

5.) Tampa Bay Rays – Raymond

Raymond is one of the worst mascots


Unlike the hit family sitcom, very few people love Raymond. He is the strange, dog-like creature that for some reason represents the Tampa Bay Rays, and much like the Phillie Phanatic, he isn’t really anything; he’s just a furry creature. But unlike the Phillie Phanatic, Raymond sucks.

Also, no one knows why he isn’t at least some form of an actual manta ray. But rather than use the likeness of their actual team name, Tampa Bay elected to entertain their fans with the help of what looks like a blue sheepdog that sneezed so hard he exploded his own snout. And for that, they earned the fifth spot on this prestigious list.