The Rules of the Royals: 10 Rules Meghan Must Now Abide By

The Royal life is grand in theory, but it’s not all tiaras and waving to crowds. Everything you do is scrutinized by the public and the lifestyle can be especially challenging for commoners and those not used to being in the spotlight. Plus, there are some pretty intense royals rules to follow.

Prince Harry’s former flame, Chelsy Davy, realized early on the royal life wasn’t for her. “It was so full-on: crazy and scary and uncomfortable,” she told The Times. “I found it very difficult when it was bad. I couldn’t cope… I was trying to be a normal kid, and it was horrible.”

Meghan Markle was meant to be a Royal and may have an easier time adjusting, as her acting career had already thrust her into the spotlight, but the royal life will still be challenging. In addition to being in the spotlight, there are a set of strict royal rules she’ll need to follow (including some she’s already broken).

1.) Oysters Are Forbidden

Royal Rules

Not only can the royals not eat oysters, they must give up lobster, crabs, clams, shrimp and all shellfish!

According to the royal rules, the consumption of shellfish is forbidden due to concerns about food poisoning. The Royals have a busy social schedule and can’t risk eating a bad oyster and being laid up in bed for a few days. Thus, foods with potential risk are forbidden. Prince Charles is said to indulge in the occasional oyster, but rumor has it Queen Elizabeth has never tried one in her life.