Man Posts Photo Of Rock Doorstop, Life Changes Forever


The Rock

Hearing the way the expert spoke over the phone, Ben knew that it was important. The guy agreed to meet him immediately just to look at some old rock he’d been using as a doorstop. What was the big deal?

But everything changed when the expert arrived at examined the doorstop. The man’s eyes grew wide as he asked him if knew what had been on the farm for decades. Ben had no idea, but his life was about to change forever.



They closed the deal on the farmhouse, Ben excitedly shook the old man’s weathered hands from a life of farm work. Ben had always dreamed of owning his own farm, and now he did, the whole property was his.

Now that he owned the property, all that he needed to do was get the essentials – some farm animals and fertilizers for the crops. The previous owner left him the keys and that was that. Ben walked them outside, but then something caught his eye – and it didn’t look too remarkable.



As Ben walked out of the main house daydreaming of all the things on his to-do list, something snapped him out of his trance. He turned around and looked the owner in the eyes and asked him about it. It almost caught him off guard.

The old man gave him a sly smile before brushing the question off with a simple answer. He told Ben that it was a doorstop. He explained that his father had used that rock to keep the barn door open before he inherited the farm and it felt like a tradition to keep using it.

Odd Request

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The old man laughed and told Ben that it was “lucky”. Ben had no idea what he meant by that but just shook his hand again. The man got into his old beaten car and drove off through the main gate. The real estate agent was next to leave and now ben was on his own.

Ben still could hardly believe that all the land around him was his own. He was beside himself as he looked down at the big bunch of keys in his hand. He thought that the first thing to do was to take a tranquil walk.

Ben Olsen


At a young age, Ben Olsen lived on a farm with his father. But sadly they had to sell it and move to the city. But Ben never gave up on the dream his father had, he promised himself he would get back what they used to have.

He wanted to surprise his father with the property. He knew his father would be keen on moving onto the property and getting reacquainted with the old machinery and animals. But there was more to this farm than he could have ever anticipated.

Taking A Walk


Ben continued his walk around his new property. His first destination was the field behind the barn. It was strange that the previous owner didn’t grow anything there, but he was sure he had his reasons.

But his curiosity was immediately answered when he rounded the corner and looked upon the open field. He saw something that he’d never seen before. He needed to have a closer look.


Arizona Timeless Tourist

What Ben had seen in the open field was something really strange. He saw a crater that broke up the soil around it. So his curiosity was answered, but why had they never covered it up?

Ben knew that he had no other information about the crater and had reached a dead end. His curiosity further scratched at his mind. He decided to call the old farmer, he would have more information, right?



The phone rang for a minute before he heard the gruff voice of the old man answer the phone – surprised to hear from him so soon after leaving. But when he heard why he was being called – he seemed reluctant to say anything.

Ben immediately knew that there was something up. Was there a problem with the property that the old man had lied about? But even when confronted the man barely gave him an explanation. He just told him that he should look at the rock if he wanted more answers.

The Doorstop

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Ben was even more confused after he put down his phone. He was talking about the doorstop that was in the barn without a doubt so Ben decided that he needed to go back there and investigate some more.

Ben walked around the corner, back to the barn where the doorstop sat in the mud. It was clear that it was old and had been good at its job ever since it was brought there. But where did it come from? Ben had to make another phone call.

Phone Call

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If Ben wanted to figure out what was going on with this rock, he would have to call someone that was more qualified than him. He made a wild guess as to what department to call and phoned the closest university.

Ben spent the next 10 minutes describing the rock to a professor at the university. The man started getting more excited with each word Ben said. The professor cut Ben off in the middle of the sentence and just said, “What’s your address? I’ll be right over.”

A Big Deal

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It must have been a big deal to the man on the phone. To drop everything and come out to look at the rock that he had been using as a doorstop. Finally, after an hour, the car arrived, and the man got out.

But when the expert took one look at his rock, he stammered his word, “Do you know what you’ve found?” It was then that Ben knew that there would be no coming back from this. His life was about to turn upside down.

Not Just A Doorstop

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The expert explained to Ben that what had been used as a doorstop for 50 years was something much, much older than that. Any specialists in the community would be fuming if they knew it had been used for such an arbitrary purpose.

Ben asked him what implications it had on him. The expert told him that to discover something this big was like the Holy Grail of his field. And that it was also worth a great deal to get his hands on it.

A Meteorite

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What the expert was talking about was the best meteorite find he had ever made. It was worth a fortune so that it could be studied and looked at using expert tools. Ben couldn’t believe his luck. The rock was special.

But after seeing how much it meant to a meteorologist, he felt torn. On the one hand, it was the most special thing he had ever owned. But on the other hand, he knew that the scientific community could really use it. What would he do?

To Be Appreciated By All

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Ben was assured that the meteorite would be sold to a museum like the Smithsonian after it was studied. That meant that thousands of people could look at and appreciate the rock just like he did.

He felt that it was only fair to let other people enjoy the meteorite and not just hang onto it himself. And as a nice bonus, he’d be able to get a headstart on getting his new farm life started.

A Nice Head Start

YouTube – Southwest Meteorite Laboratory

Ben made up his mind. He decided that he would sell the rock to the museum after it was studied. The enormous figure he was being offered was more than enough to help him get all of the things he needed on the farm.

Samples of the meteor were sent off to a lab, and it ended up having rare elements that increased its value even more. Ben counted his lucky stars that his property came with more than just a building. It came with a future.