Robotastic: 5 Amazing Robot Creations From Boston Dynamics

Atlas striking a fierce pose – Courtesy of Marc Raibert
Started in 1992 as a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston Dynamics has been leading the charge when it comes to demonstrating amazing feats of robotic mastery. From robots that can maneuver difficult terrain, jump over 30 feet in the air, run faster than the fastest man on earth (Usain Bolt clocks in at 27.78 mph), and even scale completely vertical surfaces, Boston Dynamics is currently as close as you can get to a robotic superhero manufacturing company.

Despite the amazing achievements Boston Dynamics has accomplished, these robots are, fortunately for us, nowhere near Terminator-status… yet. Nonetheless, the 5 amazing robots to follow are what Boston Dynamics currently has in the works.

5 RiSE

This lizard-like robot is able to climb everything from walls, to trees, and even fences using micro-claw technology which is able to grab onto textured surfaces. RiSE can change its posture to conform to different surfaces (the surfaces don’t have to be entirely flat) and its tail helps it maintain balance as it ascends.

4 Sand Flea

This little guy looks much like your typical RC car that can be bought at your local Toys-R-Us, except that it’s 11 pounds and can nonetheless jump 30 feet in the air to overcome obstacles. To put this into perspective, this little robot can jump onto the tallest roof of many two-story houses.

3 Cheetah

Simply put, this robot is the fastest of all legged robots clocking in at over 29 mph, completely obliterating the previous record of 13.1 mph set in 1989. Much like cheetahs in the wild, this domesticated robotic cheetah can flex and relax its back as it moves forward, which helps it attain its record-breaking speeds.

2 BigDog

Just as the name teases to, BigDog is a hydraulically-actuated quadruped built to carry a load of up to 340 pounds. It can navigate across just about any precarious terrain from ice to snow, rubble, sand, and even shallow water.

1 Atlas

Atlas is the pinnacle of robot creation. This humanoid robot is able to walk upright, leaving its upper limbs open to use tools, lift and carry objects, and otherwise interact with the world around it.

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