Rise and Sweat: Top 5 Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

Image credit: Flickr by CherryPoint
Countless publications tout morning as the best time to work out, and for good reason. Getting your workout in bright and early sets the tone for the day while increasing your energy, boosting your mood, and allowing you to feel good about having gotten some movement in before your day started. Even if you’re not a “morning person,” scheduling an early workout might help you get there. Consider an earlier workout rather than evening exercise for the following reasons:

5 Better Sleep

Working out in the evening creates an adrenalin rush that many have a hard time coming down from in order to sleep. By exercising bright and early, you’ll start your day with a rush of good energy and allow yourself to come down at the end of the day in a natural way. By scheduling your workouts in the morning, you’ll also make sure to get enough sleep, something that most of us could use.

4 Detoxification

In the morning our bodies are still in fasting-mode from our night’s rest. Many toxins are stirred up through the night, and the body is ready to release them during the morning’s excretions. Working out before a substantial meal will help you sweat those toxins out, giving them another pathway for release. Detoxification is absolutely necessary in today’s world, and the more pathways we provide for the toxins to release, the fewer symptoms we will experience and the healthier we will be. For an extra detox boost, do a dry sauna after the workout, making sure to drink plenty of water to assist the process.

3 Improved Mood

Who hasn’t felt better after a workout? As the saying goes, no one regrets a workout, and the energy you create with a good yoga, kickboxing, strength training, barre, or Pilates class will keep you happy for hours, allowing you to spread that good energy to those around you. You’ll also tackle your daily tasks with a better attitude and energetic flair.

2 Higher Energy Throughout the Day

A morning workout helps the brain release endorphins, which allows you to start the day hormonally balanced, riding a healthy energetic wave that is created by your actions, not an external substance. Empowering yourself by respecting your body enough to increase its life force early in the day will have you making better choices all day long.

1 Get it Out of the Way

When you schedule your morning workout every day, you know that you’ll have it done before the inevitable interruptions come up that may tempt you to skip your workout later. Getting up a little earlier never hurt anyone, and may motivate you to go to sleep at a healthy early bedtime.
Working out in the morning doesn’t have to be something to dread – simply schedule in an exercise you actually enjoy and will look forward to, whether it’s yoga, Zumba, a belly dancing DVD, or even a simple jog around your neighborhood. Do what feels good to you.

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