20 Ridiculous Cars That You May See on the Road

Many people think cars are just vehicles that take you where you need to go. Meanwhile others see them as a beautiful things and works of art. And considering how difficult it was to get one in the 18th and 19th centuries, then the respect for these machines makes some sense. However, there are times when people go too far when it comes to decorating their cars. Even though they think they look amazing, these vehicles are ridiculous.

Before we throw ourselves into a visual train wreck, let’s take a look back on the history of the automobile.

There are few poignant, albeit forgotten moments in automobile history. First, in 1769, French engineer Nicolas Joseph Cugnot created the first self-propelled military tractor that ran on steam. Then in the late 1800s, the automobile was technically created and perfected in Germany and France. There were numerous other versions of the automobile that followed. But still, in many people’s minds, it was Henry Ford who introduced the first automobile as the Model T. And in turn, the invention elevated the United States into the car-making capital.

Aside from bringing the Model T to light in the early 1900s, Ford also changed the way America and the rest of the world manufactured products. With the factory assembly line put into place, people had the chance to get their hands on a car for the first time since they were invented. Sure, Europe still produced vehicles with an extra finesse, but the U.S. proved to make cars accessible for the common person.

Now that you know a little more about car history and why the history is so important, let’s get back to the ridiculous cars below. Although we’re sure that they run just fine and look pretty to someone, they just aren’t the ideal vehicles that should take the streets. See our picks for the worlds most ridiculous cars below.

20.) The Ice Cream Pig

It’s an adorable ice cream truck. But can you imagine being a grown adult and having to drive it around the neighborhood for hours? You’ll instantly feel like the walls are closing in quite quickly. Let us know if they have bacon ice cream on board!

19.) The Beatnik Bandit II

Is it a lawnmower? Or is it a mutant bug? And was itmade by aliens? Who do expect to drive this alien thing around the block?

18.) Off-Road Extreme

GMC is known for it’s off-road vehicles. But replacing the wheels with those things makes this truck look like it’s mean to be in a video game not out on the road. The tracks help it glide right over snow, and ice with out any issues.

17.) The Bat Car

While we’re not sure if this car ever made it on any of the Batman movies, it sure does look like it belongs in one. Perhaps it could be a stunt double?

16.) The Duck Mobile

Now that’s an interesting way to market an already popular boot. Perhaps the old woman who lived in a shoe would be very interested in taking this car out for a spin.