20 Rich Pets Who Have More Money Than You Do

“Don’t screw the pooch” has never rung more true…

People do some pretty crazy things for their pets, which from time to time means leaving them vast fortunes. Hotel heiress Leona Helmsley infamously bequeathed her Maltese, Trouble, $12 million and she wasn’t the only one. More and more, the wealthy are leaving their fortunes to their pets. Whether it’s because they don’t have any next of kin or simply don’t like their next of kin, rich pets are a trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

Here are 20 rich pets who can afford a diamond collar (or two, or three…)

1.) Gunter IV

rich pets

German Shepherd Gunter IV is the richest dog in the world, thanks to a trust fund left to him by his father (Gunter III), a German Countess and a team of wise investors.

When German Countess Karlotta Libernstein died in 1991, she had no children, so she left her $80 million fortune to her dog, Gunter III. Gunter III passed away shortly after his owner, thus leaving the $80 million to his son, Gunter IV. Over the years, a team of investors grew the fortune dramatically, and today Gunter IV is worth nearly $400 million. He owns villas in Italy and the Bahamas and even bought Madonna’s Miami Beach mansion.