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Best Meal Delivery Services

Last updated November 11, 2018
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Splendid Spoon is a unique meal delivery service that specializes in delivering nutrient dense, but delicious smoothies and soups. Meal plans are designed as breakfast, lunch, or cleansing options.

  • No cooking or prep required
  • Healthy, delicious plant based meals
  • Makes cleansing easy and actually filling!
  • Supports weight loss

Blue Apron has the widest variety of globally inspired recipes compared to other meal delivery services and has been around the longest. It’s also one of the first meal delivery services to hit the market. Blue apron offers:

  • The widest variety of global cuisines
  • A wine pairing subscription service
  • The cheapest cost per serving

If you’re looking for a meal delivery service with the highest quality ingredients and the most flexible meal plans, that’s Plated. This meal delivery service offers:

  • Superior ingredient quality
  • Gourmet, globally inspired recipes
  • Flexible meal plan and customization options
  • Free shipping on weekly orders over $60

Daily Harvest is a subscription based service that delivers all the ingredients you need for smoothies, soups, harvest bowls, overnight oats, and parfaits straight to your door. If you’re looking for healthy, easy, plant based recipes this is the best meal delivery service for you. There’s:

  • Little prep and cook time: ingredients come frozen and pre-portioned
  • No food waste: ingredients are pre-portioned in individual to-go cups or containers
  • Easy clean up: no dishes to be washed because containers are included

When it comes to taste, it’s hard to beat Hello Fresh. This meal delivery service has some of the highest rated recipes when it comes to flavor. Hello Fresh offers:

  • Vegetarian and meat recipe options
  • Full nutritional break down of each recipe
  • Easy account management
  • Farm fresh ingredients

Top 5 Meal Delivery Services

Grocery shopping and meal planning can be overwhelming and a total time and energy drain. Especially if you’re living a busy, fast paced lifestyle. Are you a busy working parent, a full time student struggling to keep up with classes, or  just trying trying to balance the demands of work while maintaining some sort of a social life? You might want to consider using one of the best meal delivery services.

It can be difficult to make healthy choices when you’re always on the go. Grabbing any convenient to-go food seems like the easiest and most practical way to fuel yourself. But it isn’t always the healthiest option. Who has time to meal plan and keep their refrigerator stocked in todays busy world anyways?

Meal kit delivery might just be the answer to maintaining your health in the midst of your busy lifestyle. What are the best meal delivery services? Check out the Top 5 best meal delivery kit reviews to see which one might be right for you.

What is a meal delivery service?

Meal delivery services first came on the food scene in 2012 and now in 2018 the meal kit market makes up about $1.5 billion of the annual $800 billion spent on grocery sales. The main reason home delivery meals have become so popular is how convenient they are. A meal delivery service allows you to choose your recipes online and then delivers all the ingredients you need to cook at home straight to your door.

Ingredients come pre-portioned so that you get the exact amount you need for the serving sizes you selected. No more and no less. This helps reduce food waste, but also helps people stick to their diet and weight loss goals. There’s a variety of different kinds of meal delivery services that focus on plant based meals, whole food cleanses, global cuisines, and even ones that aim to help customers learn new culinary skills.

Who is a meal delivery service good for?

Meal delivery services are great for anyone looking to save time, practice portion control, reduce food waste and have the most convenience when cooking at home. Using a meal delivery service is a major time saver, making it great for busy working parents who still want to have home cooked meals, but don’t have the time to meal plan or grocery shop.

But meal kit delivery services are also great for busy singles or roommates because you can get ingredients in small portions. If you’re making butternut squash soup for just yourself, you still have to buy the whole butternut squash at the grocery store. But with a meal delivery service you get just the amount you need for one portion.

Because of the variety of meal kits on the market, anyone regardless of your lifestyle and diet preferences can find a meal delivery service that fits their needs.

What are the different kinds of meal delivery services?

There’s a wide range of meal delivery services on the market. Some meal kit delivery services offer recipes suitable for a variety of diets and others focus only on plant based or strictly vegan diets. The best meal delivery services in my opinion are the ones that offer a mix of globally inspired recipes with the option to customize for your specific diet or food allergies.

You also have the option of using a meal delivery service that delivers ingredients you have to then prepare with the guidance of a recipe card or using one that delivers pre-made meals that just need to be heated up. And then there’s meal delivery services, like Daily Harvest that are somewhere in between. They deliver pre-portioned, pre-cut ingredients that just need to be blended, soaked, and sometimes heated.

The best meal delivery service for you is the one that fits your diet and lifestyle. But you also want to chose one that’s focused on delivering quality ingredients. What are the best meal delivery services on the market? Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Plated, Daily Harvest, and Splendid Spoon.

What are the health benefits of using a meal delivery service?

Believe it or not, you can actually lose a significant amount of weight (fast) using a meal delivery service. The main reason is that they make it easy to manage portion control. You only get the amount of servings for each recipe that you selected, so there’s likely to be no leftovers tempting you.

Meal delivery services also give you a full nutritional breakdown for each recipe before choosing your meals. This makes it easy to only cook recipes that meet your diet restrictions. If you’re trying to lose weight you can select recipes that are all under 500 calories a portion.

One of the best meal delivery services for your health is Splendid Spoon. They make cleansing easy and delicious. They also offer health revamping programs like a 1 month total reset and a plant based breakfast and lunch plan. If you want to try a cleanse without making the meals yourself, it’s a great option.

Does a meal delivery service really save you money?

How much much money you can save cooking at home will shock you. But that doesn’t always mean that using a meal delivery service will save you money. It depends how much money you currently spend on food (including eating out AND groceries) and how you much you value your time.

The truth is that if you decide to give up eating out or ordering in from restaurants and switch to only using a meal delivery service, you’re likely to save money. You’ll also save yourself ALOT of time.

Browsing recipes, looking up ingredients, cross referencing ingredients needed with what you already have at home, and then hitting the grocery store can be a huge time suck. When you use one of the best meal delivery services instead, all you have to do is pick recipes through your account and everything you need is delivered to you.

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