Top 5 Restaurants For Vegetarians In Singapore

The traveling vegetarian is much more catered for and no longer thought to be a 'fussy diner'. Learn the top 5 restaurants for vegetarians in Singapore!

Singapore is known for its hybrid cuisine. With a mixture of flavors from Malaysia, China, Indonesia, and India food is a crucial part of Singapore’s national identity. Eating is thought to be a national past time and food a national obsession. It is completely understandable, who doesn’t love food right? Going out to a nice restaurant for a meal with family and friends? What better way to pass time than indulging in the marvel that is food! Singapore’s national dishes include Rojak: a dark and sticky salad, Laska: a spiced noodle soup with creamy coconut milk, and Kaya Toast: a tasty mix of crunch and sugar for those with a sweet tooth.

Singapore is a beautiful multicultural nation. It has a diverse range of people and cultures. This melting pot of culture adds to the wonderful cuisine found here. It is also common to find restaurants specializing in cuisine from a variety of countries. This makes Singapore an exciting and intriguing destination. And a great place to explore the many possibilities for delicious vegetarian cuisine.

The vegetarian and vegan cuisine has been a trending topic in recent years. Especially with veganism growing in the USA to 6% of the population. Being vegetarian and traveling overseas used to be quite a stressful situation. With the uncertainty of what foods would be on offer, especially for those with a plant-based diet. Singapore has a significant community of vegetarians. As a result, there are plenty of places to eat for vegetarians. But where do you begin to get your culinary food journey started? Here’s a selection of the top 5 restaurants for vegetarians in Singapore to help you along the way.


5.) Cafe Salivation

Restaurants Vegetarian Singapore - Cafe Salvation

Café Salivation is the first Western Vegetarian Café to be opened in Little India, Singapore. Doors opened back in 2008. And the delicious menu has been changing and evolving ever since. All dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Cafe Salivation uses only Sunflower Oil and Olive Oil and no MSG is used in the food. Cuisines range from pasta to rice dishes. There is also a fantastic breakfast menu! Menu favorites include:

Scrambled Paneer with Toast (NOG) – Scrambled cottage cheese (paneer).Tossed with tomatoes, onions, and chili. Served with toast.

Mushroom Sandwich – Sauteed mushrooms & onions with a dash of oregano and chilI. Served with turmeric & chia seed bread with cheese.


4.) Vegan Burg

Restaurants Vegetarian Singapore - Vegan BurgVegan Burg was the world’s first 100% plant-based burger joint when opened in 2010. Born out of love and respect for Mother Earth. As well as a desire for a healthier lifestyle. Vegan Burg’s menu is specially crafted to offer a wide variety of choices. Even the non-herbivore will be tempted by the mouth-watering cuisine on offer. Including:

Trufflebello Burg  A festive concoction of superfoods: kale, purple cabbage, sun-dried tomatoes, and crispy portobello patty. All sandwiched in a merry spicy truffle aioli delight!

Hawaiian Teriyaki – Pan-grilled luscious pineapple slice. A GMO-free plant-protein patty with Japanese teriyaki sauce. Served on an artisan bun.


3.) LingZhi

Restaurants Vegetarian Singapore - LingZhi

LingZhi serves Chinese Vegetarian Gourmet Cuisine that is innovative. The quality dishes keep customers coming back for more. Prepared from the finest, freshest natural and organic ingredients. LingZhi has something for everyone. You can choose from the set menu or Al La Cart menu. Examples include:

Vegetarian Goose and Crispy Beancurd Skin served with Pancake.

Sautéed Chinese Artichoke, Mountain Yam, and Winged Beans.


2.) Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant

Restaurants Vegetarian Singapore - Gokul

The very best in North, South Indian and Asian vegetarian food. Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant shows us that vegetarian food need not be bland or boring. Gokul aims to recreate a tantalizing sensory and taste experience. Customers will not be aware that the food they are eating is even vegetarian! Customer favorites are:

Assam Pedas – Vegan fish cooked in a sour & spicy stew with brinjal, ladies finger & tomato.

Soup Kambing Rich broth flavored with 20 different spices and soya mutton chunks.


1.) Whole Earth

Whole Earth is Singapore’s first and only wholesome Peranakan-Thai plant-based cuisine restaurant. Using fresh vegetables, legumes, mushrooms and grains within the cooking. Each dish is lovingly served with authentic Peranakan and Thai perfection. Highlights include:

Crispy Golden Oats  Tofu deep fried to perfection. Crispy on the outside and silky smooth on the inside. Tossed with fragrant oats, curry leaves, and chili padi. The classic bestseller.

Penang Rendang – The signature dish. Shiitake mushroom marinated in a delicate mix of Peranakan herbs and spices. A delectable full-bodied dish that will make you crave for more. Super delicious!

Restaurants Vegetarian Singapore - Whole Earth

This is just a list of top 5 out of the numerous vegetarian restaurants located in Singapore. However, there are many more places for you to discover and sample some delicious local culinary delights. Secret restaurants may be hidden down an alley or side street. Or you may even discover a hidden gem after a conversation with a friendly local.

The traveling vegetarian is no longer thought to be a ‘fussy diner’. Plant-based diets are now much more catered for and celebrated when overseas. Singapore is a fantastic example of the ideal place to visit as a vegetarian. Just look at what is available. So much amazing food and so much choice!

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