Landlord Tries To Raise Rent On Programmer, Loses Control Of All His Properties


A Wild Fire

The flames roared through the room, engulfing everything in their path. Smoke billowed out, casting an eerie shadow over the building.

Panic spread among the tenants, who were oblivious to the truth behind the fire. Some of the residents looked for the security of the landlord, but nobody could explain what happened.

Our Own Thing


Leonard and Daisy were a happily married couple of three years. They made a conscious decision to forgo having children in order to focus on their careers and build a comfortable life together in Oakland California.

They believed that by not having kids, they could save more money and have the freedom to pursue their dreams. They had a plan in place, and all seemed to be in order until they met someone.

It’s A Deal


With their joint incomes, they rented a cozy apartment from a seemingly kind landlord named Henk Muller, for the reasonable price of $1800. They could finally settle down and start their work plan.

At first, 68-year-old Henk appeared friendly and understanding. He even welcomed Leonard’s profession as a software developer, recognizing the potential for a stable income.

Too Good To Be True


As time went on, Henk’s true nature began to reveal itself. Greed seeped into his thoughts, and he saw 35-year-old Leonard as nothing more than a source of increased profits.

Everything seemed fine, but as soon as Henk discovered that Leonard worked as a skilled software developer, his greed took hold. He saw an opportunity to take advantage of Leonard’s financial stability and decided to do something drastic.

His Own Choice


One day, out of the blue, Henk decided to raise the rent. He took advantage of Leonard’s profession, knowing that he had limited options for finding affordable housing elsewhere.

The lousy landlord decided to increase the rent, pushing the couple’s budget to its limit. Leonard attempted to negotiate, explaining that the sudden increase was unfair, but Henk remained stubborn, leaving Leonard with no choice but to reluctantly accept the higher rent of $2300.

You Don’t Have To Like It


Leonard tried to reason with Henk several times, explaining that the sudden increase was unfair, but the greedy landlord remained adamant. The couple felt trapped, with no other viable options but to reluctantly agree to the inflated rent.

Despite the setback, Leonard and 37-year-old Daisy were determined to stay focused on their goals. They continued to work tirelessly, saving every penny they could.

You Just Have To Pay It


Determined not to let Henk’s greed deter them from their goal, Leonard and Daisy continued to work hard and save diligently. They scrimped and saved every penny, gradually accumulating enough funds.

Their perseverance paid off, and after years of hard work and dedication, they finally reached a point where they could afford to buy their own house. But it wasn’t going to be as easy as that.

Making Our Own Way


Excited about their new beginning, Leonard and Daisy informed Henk of their decision to move out. However, their news only fueled Henk’s anger.

He realized he was losing a reliable source of income, a cash cow that had fattened his pockets. Instead of accepting their departure graciously, he made their transition as difficult as possible.

I Won’t Let You Go


The manipulative Henk Muller was not pleased with the loss of what he considered “easy money”. He was bitter and vindictive, making the couple’s move as difficult as possible.

He purposely delayed repairs and renovations, ignoring their requests for prompt maintenance. Henk’s actions only fueled Leonard’s resentment towards the greedy landlord.

Causing Problems


Henk delayed the necessary paperwork, made unreasonable demands, and even attempted to sabotage the sale of their house.

He even came up with an excuse that they should pay him an extra month of rent in advance for the trouble and short notice.

But Leonard, having established a strong financial position, refused to be intimidated by Henk’s greed. He sought legal assistance and fought tooth and nail to protect his rights and ensure a smooth transition.

Can’t Stop Us


Through their perseverance and determination, Leonard and Daisy were finally able to sever their ties with Henk. They moved into their new house, leaving behind the memories of their struggle with the greedy landlord.

When the time came, they joyfully packed their belongings and bid farewell to their rented apartment. But would the nice couple be able to start afresh?

It’s All Connected


Several months later, Leonard received an unexpected call from Peter, the real estate agent who had helped them find their dream house.

Peter informed Leonard that their old apartment building was facing financial troubles, and Henk was now in a desperate situation where he needed to sell the property. This news sparked Leonard’s interest.

What Are The Odds


Seizing the opportunity to turn the tables on Henk, Leonard instructed Peter to keep his identity as the potential buyer anonymous.

He wanted to catch Henk off guard and ensure that he didn’t have the upper hand this time. Peter, understanding Leonard’s plan, diligently went to work.

Leonard saw an opportunity arise. He wanted to take control of the situation and protect the property he once called home. With a shrewd plan in mind, he instructed Peter to keep his involvement in the purchase anonymous. Peter, intrigued by Leonard’s determination, agreed to assist him.

Good Friends


Excited by the prospect of selling the building, Henk eagerly agreed to meet with Peter. “Your troubles are over,” Peter said slyly.

When Peter broke the news to Henk that he had found a potential buyer for his building, the landlord’s face lit up with joy. He believed that he could exploit the situation and manipulate the sale to his advantage.

His Own Terms


Knowing that he would soon sell his old building, the cunning landlord thought of ways he could drain the property before he left. Henk’s greedy mind concocted a deceitful scheme.

He decided to set one of the old rooms ablaze, cunningly blaming it on a gas leak. Henk believed that he could extract additional insurance money from the unfortunate incident. He risked the lives of all his tenants.

A Roaring Chaos


Leonard, accompanied by his friend Peter, arrived at the scene swiftly, alerted by the commotion. He stared at the burning room, a mixture of sadness and satisfaction flickering across his face.

The dramatic sight before him served as a powerful reminder of Henk’s greed and deceit. Meanwhile, Henk watched with anticipation, waiting for his grand payday.

Illegal Means


With the insurance company already informed of the blaze, Leonard approached Henk, who was desperately trying to maintain an innocent facade.

“Henk,” he said sternly, his voice filled with a newfound authority. “Your scheme ends here. The flames may have consumed this room, but they won’t devour your lies.” The lying landlord tried to run but he was cornered by Peter.

The Main Suspect


Realizing that he was stuck, Henk put his hands up. His eyes widened in disbelief as Leonard revealed the truth.

“You may have thought you could deceive everyone, but your plans have crumbled like the charred remnants of this building. I am the new owner, and you will receive no insurance payout. The consequences of your actions are your own to bear.”

All Out In The Open


Peter, the real estate agent, watched with a mix of satisfaction and admiration. He had seen Leonard’s determination firsthand, and now he witnessed the culmination of his plan.

“Henk,” Peter chimed in, his voice laced with satisfaction, “it seems your insatiable greed has brought about your own downfall. You underestimated Leonard’s resolve and the lengths he would go to protect what is rightfully his.”

A Step Ahead


Unbeknownst to Henk, Leonard and Peter had already sealed the deal. The offer to purchase and ownership papers were signed and sealed, leaving Henk completely unaware of his impending downfall.

As the rightful owner of the property, Leonard had taken precautions to ensure that Henk would receive no insurance payout.

Henk was too late. Peter and Leonard had already signed the necessary paperwork, making Leonard the rightful owner of the property.

A Lying Landlord


Thinking he could make a quick buck; Henk hatched a devious plan. He set fire to one of the old rooms in the building, intending to blame it on a supposed gas leak and claim an inflated insurance payout.

Had he just been a few days earlier, he would have got away with it. However, Henk was oblivious to the fact that Leonard had outsmarted him.

After The Flames


As the smoke cleared and the flames subsided, Leonard and Daisy’s former apartment building stood as a testament to resilience and justice.

Leonard held his wife as he remembered their humble beginnings in that small apartment. Life had a funny way of bringing him back to his roots. He knew there was a greater purpose to it.

A Dream Waiting


The once-proud Henk stood in stunned silence, realizing the magnitude of his own greed. The building he had sought to exploit was now in the hands of someone who truly cared for it.

The old landlord was now at a loss. He had to sell his building for below market value. He didn’t make a profit at all.

The Tables Have Turned


With ownership of the building now in his hands, Leonard swiftly took control of the situation. He immediately informed the insurance company of the fire, presenting evidence that pointed to Henk’s deliberate act.

The insurance company denied Henk’s claim and awarded the payout to Leonard instead. The incident was going on record in the books. But Would Henk leave them be?

A Big Payout


Leonard wasted no time in putting the large sum of insurance money to good use. It was over $100 000. He initiated a thorough renovation, breathing new life into the old building.

With the insurance money at his disposal, Leonard wasted no time in using it to renovate the building. He transformed it into a beautiful, modern space that far surpassed its previous state. Leonard’s motivation was not only to protect his investment but also to create a safe and comfortable environment for the future tenants.

A Finished Man


News of Henk’s failed attempt to cheat his way to extra cash spread quickly. The original tenants all had to be rehomed while the renovations were taking place.

The community, previously unaware of his true nature, began to distance themselves from him. His reputation was tarnished, and he became an outcast. Many people were glad to be out from under his tyrannous landlord ways.

A Fresh Start


Meanwhile, Leonard and Daisy flourished in their new home and relished the satisfaction of knowing they had thwarted Henk’s greed. They continued to work hard, save diligently, and build a secure future for themselves.

The memory of Henk’s avarice served as a constant reminder of the importance of integrity and the dangers of succumbing to greed. In a way, they were paid back for all the money.

A Better Businessman


As the years passed, Leonard’s success as a software developer grew, allowing him to invest in additional properties and expand his real estate portfolio.

His experiences with Henk had taught him valuable lessons about business ethics and the power of making sound financial decisions.

The dark chapter of Henk’s greed had come to an end, while Leonard and Daisy embraced their new role as both homeowners and protectors of what was right.

Learning From The Past


Leonard never forgot the challenges he had faced, but he channeled those experiences into building a reputation as an honest and fair landlord. The tenants were glad that it was a fellow resident leading them.

He provided affordable and well-maintained housing for his tenants, ensuring that they never experienced the hardships he and Daisy had endured under Henk’s grip.

Into The Future


In the end, Leonard’s triumph over greed and his commitment to integrity proved to be a turning point not only in his own life but also in the lives of those who crossed his path.

He had transformed adversity into opportunity, emerging stronger and wiser, with a determination to create a better world around him.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.