Can Talent Be Genetic? Here Are 15 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Related

By Youmn October 4, 2018 View all posts (80)

Some famous related celebrities don’t try to hide their familial connections. The whole world knows the Olsen twins, and Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus took Hollywood by storm when starring as father and daughter in Hannah Montana. But these aren’t the only ones.

The secret is, Hollywood is full of these crazy-famous related celebrities that many don’t know about. That’s why we did our research to show you the most surprising ones!

Check out these related celebrities:

15.) Riley Keough and Elvis Presley

related celebrities riley keough elvis

Actress and model Danielle Riley Keough is the eldest grandchild of “The King,” Elvis Presley. Not only that, but her mom was once married to “The King of Pop,” Michael Jackson. That technically makes her his step-daughter. So many royals in this family!

However, according to an interview with Esquire, Riley confessed that doesn’t remember much from her grandfather, considering she had never met him.