Top 5 Reasons to Take an At-Home Yeast Infection Test

Getting screened for the five common causes of vaginal irritation is surprisingly convenient with this at-home yeast infection test that goes above and beyond.

In 2018, it seems that women are seeking new and convenient ways to stay on top of their sexual health. From period tracker apps to at-home tests for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), knowing what’s going on with our vaginas is now easier than ever. This is especially beneficial when things down there don’t seem so right, which can happen more often than we think.

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Anyone who has suffered the wrath of a yeast infection knows how insufferable they can be. The discomfort alone is enough to have you running to the nearest gynecologist as fast as you can. Unfortunately nowadays, booking an appointment isn’t always the most convenient option. That’s where at home tests like the V-Box come in.

What Is the myLAB Box V-Box?

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Unfortunately, vaginal irritation is common and can be caused by a multitude of things (like a yeast infection). At-home yeast infection tests like myLAB Box’s V-Box can be a great solution to all of your woes. The V-Box is a five-panel vaginal health test pack that screens for the source of the irregular vaginal discharge . The panel test uses exceptional DNA technology to examine the specific cause of the vaginal irritation and discharge.

In as little as five minutes you can take the test at home, mail off the results and wait for your response from myLAB Box. myLAB Box includes free shipping both ways. Once you receive your electronic lab results, myLAB Box will provide free medical consultations and treatment for common infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea and trich, should you need them.

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First, What Exactly Is a Yeast Infection?

A yeast infection, also known as candidiasis, is a common infection that happens when there is an imbalance of yeast in the vagina. The vagina is a healthy ecosystem of microorganisms, like good bacteria and yeast, that keeps the vagina well-balanced. When the amount of yeast exceeds the normal healthy amount, fungal infection occurs.

Yeast infections are extremely common in women; over 75 percent of women are said to experience a yeast infection at least once in their life. That being said, coming down with a bad yeast infection, while inconvenient, is something that can be treated relatively easily.

However, if you suspect you have a yeast infection, then getting tested is a good idea for a number of reasons. Using an at-home yeast infection test is a great way to test for the cause of the symptoms you may have. Kits like the the V-Box tests for all of the common causes of abnormal vaginal discharge and is a modern way to stay on top of your vaginal health.

It may be a good idea to take an at-home yeast infection test if:

5.) You’re Experiencing Abnormal Symptoms

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Whether you’re familiar with yeast infections or not, you can usually tell when something is not right down there. The typical indications that you have a yeast infection are pretty hard to ignore and are enough to make you take an at-home yeast infection test as soon as you can. The symptoms do vary among women, but the general signs of a yeast infection are feelings of extreme discomfort in the vaginal area. Other yeast infection symptoms include:

  • Odorless, thick white discharge
  • Vaginitis, or irritation, swelling and/or burning in the vaginal area
  • Pain and or discomfort during sex
  • Painful urination

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, testing for the cause is a good place to start. At-home kits like the myLAB Box vaginal health combo pack use cutting-edge DNA technology to accurately find the cause of these symptoms for you, all from the comfort of your own home.

4.) It May Not Be a Yeast Infection

Staying on top of your vaginal health is extremely important, so if you are noticing abnormal vaginal symptoms, then getting tested should be your top priority. Why? The vagina is tricky, and the symptoms mentioned above can only tell you so much about what is actually going on. The number one reason to get tested is the fact that many of the symptoms associated with yeast infections are the same as the symptoms of other common vaginal infections and STIs.

Which Ones?

If you have vaginitis, or vaginal irritation, there’s a good chance your vagina is trying to tell you something. You could be suffering from a pesky yeast infection, or you could be dealing with infections like bacterial vaginosis (BV) or trichomoniasis. It is easy to get caught up in curing the symptoms of an infection, but more importantly, it is key to identity the root cause.

Bacterial Vaginosis

BV is a common, treatable infection that occurs when there is an imbalance of good and bad bacteria present in the vagina. Normally, the vagina has a normal level of Lactobacillus, or probiotics, and when this is replaced by high amounts of other, bad bacteria, a BV infection occurs. BV is common among most sexually active women and is very treatable, but the first step is to get tested for it.


Another common cause is trichomoniasis, or “trich,” which happens when a tiny parasite is present in the vagina. The T.vaginalis parasite is easily spread during sex and can increase the chance of getting other STIs, which makes it important to test for trich.

Yeast infections, BV, trich and other STIs (like gonorrhea and chlamydia) all have similar symptoms to look out for. This makes it difficult to accurately pinpoint the cause of abnormal vaginal discharge. Instead of just using a basic at-home yeast infection test, cover all of your bases by testing for all five causes at once with the V-Box.



3.) It Could Lead to Serious Health Complications

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Ignoring the signs of an infection is never a good idea for you or the health of your vagina. While some yeast infections do cure themselves on their own, not all do, and BV and trich are not curable without treatment. Furthermore, if you are positive, ignoring these symptoms can lead to extreme complications down the line.

It is better to act fast when it comes to identifying and treating these signs. Ignoring infections like BV and trich is the last thing you want to do. When these types of infections are left untreated, they greatly increase the probability of contracting other STIs like gonorrhea and chlamydia, especially with new sexual partners.

For future moms, treating vaginal infections is important, as doing otherwise can lead to fertility issues and birth complications. If you are pregnant, untreated trich and BV can increase the chances of your baby being born prematurely and too small.

2.) There Are No Symptoms at All

Unfortunately, many women make the mistake of ignoring their vaginal health and end up with complications in the future. One of the reasons is that it can be hard to tell that there is anything wrong in the first place. Most vaginal infections and STIs go undetected because many women do not experience any symptoms at all. In fact, a reported 84 percent of women with BV did not experience any symptoms at all. For trich, only 30 percent of women infected say they experience symptoms.

In general, it is best to get screened regularly for STIs and BV, especially when you introduce a new sexual partner or have multiple sexual partners.

1.) You Don’t Even Have to Leave Your House

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Lucky for us, modern technology has made it easy to stay on top of our health. From apps to at-home STI tests, it is now easier than ever to be sure that our vaginas are healthy and happy. That’s why at-home yeast infection tests like the V-Box are convenient and reliable for many women. Taking an at-home test eliminates the drawbacks to traditional STI testing.

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Instead of feeling uncomfortable with an awkward conversation, or going through the hassle of finding and getting to a doctor appointment, you can test yourself from the convenience of your own home. Once you mail off your tests to the certified labs, you’ll get your results in 2-5 days and can take the appropriate steps towards treatment. Test positive? No need to worry, with myLAB Box, you’ll also get a free medical consultation. The V-Box is a great option for women who want to take their health into their own hands.

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