5 Reasons to Not Adopt a 100% Raw Food Diet

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We’ve all heard about the raw food diet getting popular through the adoration of celebrities, friendsand magazines, andmany of us have tried to undergo the diet, which consists of eating only uncooked fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and possibly meats like sashimi and lightly seared beef.Some people get a rush of energy that they haven’t felt in years, and some feel like they’re going to die. Whether or not you choose to make your diet 100% raw is absolutely up to you of course, and we all know raw foods are good for us, but really make sure you understand the implications of not having anything cooked whatsoever.

5 You Eat a Lot of Animal Flesh and Proteins

If you are used to eating a lot of eggs, whey protein, dairy, and meat you will find yourself hating life jumping into a raw food diet, if not immediately then within two weeks when your body is figuring out that it’s not getting what it’s used to. Simply begin to eat more plant proteins like kale, green juices, raw nuts and seeds, seaweeds and tempeh to begin to get your body used to getting proteins from other sources to ease back your reliance on animal proteins.

4 It’s Winter time and You’re in a Cold Climate

If you live in Finland during the winter time, you will almost definitely have a very hard time on a 100% raw diet. You will naturally crave warmer foods, so if you insist on eating more raw foods, trying blending raw soups until they are warm but not hot. Eat more ginger, cayenne, peppers etc. to warm your body up. Not much grows in cold climates when it’s very cold, so it is not natural anyway to be eating pineapples and mangos from Costa Rica if you’re living in Alaska. Eat as seasonally as possible, and if this requires eating more cooked foods then this is an important factor to take into consideration.

3 You’ve Had a Serious Illness

If you have had a serious illness, you’re body needs to up-level one step at a time. It has been through a lot and needs nutrition, but in a way it can easily absorb and get through your digestive tract. You will need to undertake a gentle detoxification program that incorporates raw foods into your diet, but unless it is coupled with a series of colonics and at-home enemas and sweating, undertaking a program that is 100% raw may stir up some very dangerous toxins that are stored in your body’s tissues.

2 You’ve Had a Lifetime of Eating Processed Food

If you are used to eating waffles for breakfast, vending machine foods, sodas and food coloring in foods you will not do well on this diet. You will substitute your light fluffy foods for dense, dry foods, and though these are nutritionally dense, you will not be able to stop at the fraction of a size that you actually need with these foods. If you jump into juicing and raw salads, you may stir up more waste than your body can eliminate and you will end up feeling all of the ‘detox symptoms’ you’ve heard about. Unless you combine this with colonics, enemas, and sweating, you will need to keep some healthy cooked food in your diet until your body re-calibrates, one step at a time.

1 You’re a Yo-Yo Dieter

If you tend to yo-yo a lot in diets, going from Atkins to Vegan within a week or two, make sure you don’t jump head-first into a 100% raw food diet. You will find yourself purchasing a lot of unnecessary equipment, eating lots of heavy nut based snacks thinking they’re good for you so what’s 10 at a time, and getting frustrated with the lack of ‘substance’ you will feel unlike many other diets. You will overeat certain things and not eat enough of others, and most likely will jump back out of eat raw foods in actual beneficial quantities. Health is not about eating 100% raw – it’s about making sure you are nourishing your body with foods that move through you quickly and with little effort, unlike raw beans and dehydrated crackers.

You must educate yourself fully on the nutritional and emotional aspects of eating a diet that is 100% raw before you can truly come to an informed decision on whether or not this will work with your body and lifestyle. Reconsider the complete cut-off from cooked food if you can relate to one of the following.

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