Burn Fat Like No Other: 5 Reasons To Incorporate Tabata Training Into Your Exercise Routine

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Working out can get stagnant and boring. When your routine starts to feel like this you’re more likely to skip it all together. Want to work harder in half the time? High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is good to incorporate in your weekly regimen. With short bursts of high intensity and high exertion you can burn calories fast and effectively. The best way to time these HIIT workouts is with a Tabata Timer.

5 Work Smarter

Using a high intensity workout template like Tabata, you can keep burning calories hours after you’ve completed your workout. Your daily calorie burn increases due to the intensity of how hard you push yourself during each Tabata. Not only that, but HIIT training cuts your workout time almost in half!

4 Explosive power

Zero to 100% in 1 second. That’s what Tabata training lays out for you. This helps increase your explosive power from running to strength exercises. If you want to improve your sport and rival the competition whether it’s pick up basketball, surfing, or cycling, use the Tabata timer to give yourself the extra edge.

3 Cardiovascular Improvement

A 20 second sprint hardly seems to compare to a 20 minute jog, but when you put those sprints together with the Tabata timer, you’ll feel the results. Each set you are running at your hardest, testing your heart’s capacity thus strengthening your cardiovascular system. When you jog at a moderate pace for 20 minutes only your endurance is tested. Jog with your Tabata timer and add in 20 second sprints to increase endurance and strengthen your heart.

2 Make Time Go By Faster

20 seconds seems like nothing. Anyone can do anything for 20 seconds. Breaking your workout into smaller increments will make it go by faster. Before you know it the full Tabata is over. If you’re having trouble in a set and you see the 10 second mark, it’s easy to push harder for the last little bit. Not only can your workout be shorter with HIIT training, but with the Tabata timer it simply flies by.


Using a tabata timer in your training session helps you count and keeps you accountable. You can’t cheat the clock! With the Tabata timer you push it to your max for eight 20-second intervals. Each interval is followed by a 10-second active recovery for four full minutes of high intensity workout. A warm up plus four or five HIIT exercises each using a full Tabata and a cool down and you could be done with your workout in 30-45 minutes! Remember to push it to your 100% in each 20-second burst for a true HIIT workout.

Tabata timer also sounds like a tribal dance so your friends will think you’re into some edgy workout rituals as your prepare for your next big game. Take your kickball league to the next level as you explode around the bases. HIIT training with Tabata will impress even the skeptics!

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