Camera Records What Girl And Brother Do At Night


Big Problem, No Solution

Bad dreams? Insomnia? Health problems?

They had already gone through a bunch of different problems but he wasn’t suffering from any of them. But whatever was going on had her fed up. She just wished her kids would tell her the source of their problems. She needed to figure out what was going on.

Wonderful Family

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Valerie felt blessed that she had her kids. She loved them.

A lot of children constantly argue with their siblings but thankfully Vivian, her daughter, and Levi, her son were different. Levi was only a year older but always stepped up to the big brother plate.

The First Clue

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They shared a bedroom – Levi on slept on his bed while Vivian slept in her cot. It was the perfect arrangement for Valier’s Santa Monica home.

But then Valerie noticed trouble in paradise. She noticed something off with her son, Levi. He was normally a chipper young boy.

What’s Going On?

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She saw his head rest down on the table in the morning.

She noticed bags under his eyes and she began to worry. She asked if her bundle of joy was doing alright and he just shrugged his shoulders.

No Answers

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On a regular morning, Levi was full of joy and giggled with his sister as they ate their cereal. She just didn’t understand why Levi wouldn’t tell her what was wrong.

“How about you guys sleep in our bed tonight?” Valeria asked. But Levi looked at her and shook his head. Why didn’t he want to?

Something About Her Blanket

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Little Vivian wouldn’t tell her what was wrong either. She merely said, “Levi got my Binky.”

Had Levi taken her blanket for his own use? Valerie checked his bed and noticed that he hadn’t stolen it. What was going on? What would she do next?

Easy Solution

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But Valerie had another plan up her sleeve – thankfully she knew technology and would use it to her advantage.

Valerie listened in the quiet hours of the night but didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary. She knew that it would take 8 hours to figure out what was going on.

Scrambling For The Footage

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Just like before, her little angel had the same circles underneath his eyes. Vivian seemed chipper though.

Was he suffering from insomnia? She wanted to get to the bottom of this. She took out her phone and checked the camera she had set up in their room the night before. But she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Sleepless Kiddos

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She saw Vivian sitting up from her crib and trying to get her brother’s attention.

“Levi, I’m talking to you, I want to lay down in your bed right there while taking my baby,’ she said. Levi opened one eye and whispered “again.” Sounds like this wasn’t the first time.

“Tank You”

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What happened next, completely melted her heart.

Levi said, “Let me think.” Then, a split second later said it was okay. She watched as her little girl started to climb the crib walls and Levi rushed over to put a stool under her feet. “Tank you, Levi,” Vivian whispered. Things only got cuter from there.

Scaling The Railing

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Valerie watched as her tiny tot got up and gripped the railing.

She wondered if she had figured out the latch system, but then suddenly, her daughter swung her little leg up and over the edge. Her mom-heart screamed with fear. For a kid, it was a long way to fall to the floor. What happened then made her eyes go wide.

Big Brother To The Rescue

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Levi jumped out of bed and dragged over their kid stool.

He placed it just under where his sister would land and watched carefully as she maneuvered her way day – offering help if she wanted it. It was at that point, Valerie called her husband, Chris, over.

Forgetful Tot

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His eyes went huge as she pressed pause and caught him up on what was happening.

When she pressed play again, the next scene sent their laughter echoing through the house. Viv turned around and said, “Oh, I forgot my Binky!” Levi rolled his eyes and said, “Oh god! Your Binky.” She rushed back to the crib and grabbed a piece of material.

Oops! Wrong Blanket

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Levi giggled. “That’s your pjs!”

Her daughter paused, looking back at the crib. Scaling back inside must have seemed like going up a mountain. “That’s okay!” But just before she could crawl into bed, Levi’s big brother instincts caught something.

Taking Over

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“You forgot your baby,” he whispered.

He was only a year older, but he approached the crib like it was nothing. He scaled the side and grabbed the blanket and doll. However, by then, Viv seemed to have forgotten something important and was already on the other side of the room.

Helping Each Other

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Levi reached out over the railing and waved the dolly.

“Hold it,” he instructs. The lightbulb in Vivian’s head goes off and she realises she had forgotten her vital nap equipment. She rushed back and snatched the item. Levi then hopped back in bed and lifted the covers so Vivian could join him. It wasn’t until the early hours of the morning did the next phase of their little ritual appear.

Morning Cover-Up

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Levi woke up and poked his sister.

“Get in your bed,” he said, helping Vivian up from her drowsy slumber. He carefully put her back in her bed, covered her with her Binky, and tucked her doll under her arm. He finished it off with a pat on the head and a kiss on the cheek before returning to his own covers.

Mystery Solved

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As the touching scene ended, Valeri and Chris looked at each other.

They both had tears of joy in their eyes. The entire thing was so cute, they felt like their hearts would explode. The mystery was solved. However, there was something else important they knew they had to do … and immediately.

Showing The World

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They knew why Levi was so tired, but they now knew that there wasn’t anything serious going on. It was just a brother and sister looking out for each other.

Valerie immediately posted it on the family’s social media site. What was the world’s reaction?

What Would Everyone Think?

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It’s no secret that every parent thinks their child is the bee’s knees.

However, from the outside, maybe a gurgling burp or screaming tantrum over mismatched socks wasn’t going to tug at many heartstrings. That was okay. It was totally normal. At most, Valeria hoped their closest friends and family would get a kick out of the whole thing. Then, the likes started to pour in.

Raking In The Likes

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Only a couple days later, the video had spiked to over 50,000 views!

But that was only the start. Comments from all over the world poured in. Everyone was so touched by the scene. It wasn’t long until the video reached over 1 million! Then, Valerie got a phone call she would have never thought possible.

Celebrity Notice

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The Ellen DeGeneres show wanted to fly them out to be on the show!

Both her and Chris giggled with glee. Even Vivian and Levi understood the idea of a free vacation that included a plane ride. Only a few weeks later, they found themselves sitting beside the famous host.

More Surprises

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Valerie’s stomach fluttered with nervous butterflies.

But as her kids took the reins and talked with the host about loving each other, and even a bit of summer camping, she relaxed into the adorable conversation. The feel-good story was something everyone loved. But she had no idea there was another surprise coming.

Free Trip!

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Ellen grinned at them and said, “I understand you guys like Disney.”

“Well, Shutterfly loves stories like this, and we both want to send all of you to Disneyworld.” An assistant came out and set an enormous gift basket in front of them – complete with fast passes and a luxury hotel stay!

Something More Important

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It was more than they had ever imagined.

But it wasn’t the dream family vacation that held a special place in their hearts. No, it was something far more profound. First, she and Chris knew that no matter what, Viv and Levi would be there for each other. The second part had stretched across the entire world.

Truly Blessed

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The conversation the video had sparked was out of this world.

It was a heartwarming swirl of ideas on politeness, kindness, and inclusivity. It reiterated that now, more than ever, people need to stick together. Valerie was truly blessed to have such amazing children!