Makeup Transformations You’ll Have to See to Believe

Check out these real-world makeup transformations that will make you want to gather your cosmetics and give yourself a makeover.

The power of makeup is undeniable. Makeup can give us extra confidence and can transform the everyday person into a sassy superstar.

There are thousands of makeup tutorials across social media and YouTube for us everyday novices to follow and create our own makeup transformations.

Check out these makeup transformations on real people that will make you want to get out that makeup bag and give yourself a makeover.

25. A Makeup Facelift

makeup transformations | makeup before and after

@Anar_Agakishiev / Instagram

Makeup artist Goar Avetisyan, 22, from Russia features a few times throughout this list. Her dramatic makeovers have taken social media by storm, and with over 5.2 million followers on Instagram, it appears people are loving her work and the work of other makeup artists who can transform themselves into anything.

This woman is a great example of her work. I mean who needs a facelift when you can do this with makeup? Goar waves her magic makeup wand and the wrinkles disappear before your eyes.

24. Fresh-Faced

makeup transformations from bare face to full face

@maya_maukeup-ns / Instagram

This lady has been transformed from beautiful yet plain to fresh-faced and glamorous.

The peachy and pink tones of the makeup even match the wall.

23. Sparkly Eyes

makeup transformations | split face

@DempseyLaura / Twitter

This photo of a half-and-half face allows you to see the full makeup transformation in its full glory.

The right side of full makeup looks all set for a night out on the town with all the added glitter and sparkle, while her light side looks like it would rather be all cozy in her PJs, curled up on the couch binge-watching TV.

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22. Full Coverage

full coverage makeup transformations

@Goar_Avetisyan / Instagram

This transformation is sensational! The power of makeup can turn red and irritated skin into a smooth, pristine face with full coverage.

And those hot pink lips are just so vibrant.

21. Exaggerated Lashes

makeup transformations | exaggerated lashes

@thecaracavalli / Twitter

Lashes are everywhere these days; they are hot hot hot. If you don’t have your own set of fake lashes, why not? The transformation here is undeniable.

Get those lashes out and transform yourself into a superstar!

20. Makeup Heart

heart-shaped makeup transformation

@jannah_maria_makeup / Instagram

This is a great way to show how well makeup transformations can work.

However, I don’t think this will be a recommended look for your next Saturday night out. I’d probably give this look a miss.

19. Colorful Eyes

makeup transformations with colorful eyes

@makeupgoals / Instagram

Be colorful and vibrant and show your creativity by adding a hint of a rainbow to your eyelids.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so why not draw attention to them with this colorful makeup look?

18. Blended to Perfection

Makeup transformations blended to perfection / Instagram

The more you practice applying makeup, the better you get. This gal has got her blending technique down to perfection.

Pass me that blending sponge; I need to work on my skills.

17. Highlighter Heaven

highlighter heaven makeup transformations

This makeup transformation has taken this lady from pasty-face beauty to glitzy chic.

If you look good, you feel good, and her smile says it all.

16. Contoured Face

contoured face makeup transformations

@danhdoanmua / Instagram

Contouring is a makeup technique that enhances, sculpts and defines your face.

This makeup transformation has taken her soft features to a more structured, stylish look.

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15. Uplifting Curls

makeup transformations with curly hair

@calauvi / Instagram

Uplifting curls with added volume, full lips, eyeliner on fleek and brows that will be the envy of many…

This makeup transformation has taken this lady from drab and drained to luscious and lovely.

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14. Luxurious Lips

makeup transformations | lovely lips

Makeup transformations can sometimes make people unrecognizable, as in the case of this lady.

I wonder how long this look took to do?

13. Blemish Free

makeup transformations hiding blemishes

@Goar_Avetisyan / Instagram

At some point in our lives, everyone suffers from the nuisance that is a blemish. And they always seem to pop up at just the worse moment: before prom, a job interview, your first date. They just seem to sense the most inconvenient time and take over your face for all to see.

This girl has transformed her blemished face to a smooth and even canvas hiding all imperfections.

12. Where Did the Freckles Go?

makeup transformations covering freckles

@morgan.magic / Instagram

Freckles are beautiful little sun kisses upon the skin. However, sometimes you might just want that perfectly flawless look, regardless of the light sprinkling of freckles on your face.

Looking at the right side of the face above, you wouldn’t think that it would be possible to create such coverage. The makeup transformation on the left side of the face clearly proves all unbelievers wrong. Flawless coverage!

11. Just Add Volume

asian woman makeup transformations

A good blow-dry adds lift and volume to the hair, and a good makeover adds color and definition to the face.

This transformation looks 10x better! Someone please take this lady on a date immediately. 

10. Eye Enhancing

eye makeup transformations

@muaandmakeovers / Instagram

Before and after never looked so good!

Enhancing those blue eyes should be applauded; they are stunning!

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9. Flawless

half-and-half makeup transformations

@makeupgoals / Instagram

Flawless. Absolutely flawless.

I’m not going to lie; this woman doesn’t even need the makeup, she’s such a natural beauty.

8. Brows On Point!

makeup transformations | brows on point

@j.lili_mue / Instagram

Ladies, we all know how important it is to have those brows on point, and this gal is killing it!

Hand me an eyebrow pencil; I need to give this a go.

7. Totally Transformed

goar avetisyan makeup transformations

@Goar_Avetisyan / Instagram

Here’s Goar again, showing us how it’s done. Her smile and face say it all; there’s such a difference!

The purple liner under the eyes adds a pop of color where her dark circles were once seen. A remarkable makeup transformation.

6. Illuminating Finish

illuminating finish makeup transformations

@rosemarykhall_makeupastist / Instagram

Makeup can illuminate the skin, making it look fresh, glowing and healthy.

This is a great example of creating a natural-looking glow with makeup.

5. Day to Night

day to night makeup transformations

@jadeywadey180 / Instagram

The left photo shows a lovely natural daytime look, then in the photo on the right, POW! A dramatic evening look that will turn heads and bring a room to a stop.

The highlighter down the nose and lips makes her shine!

4. Confidence Building

before-and-after stunning makeup transformations

@Goar_Avetisyan / Instagram

What a transformation!

This makeover has obviously boosted her confidence, and even the way she holds herself has changed.

3. Blemishes Be Gone!

makeup transformations hiding zits and blemishes

@kyler_nichole / Instagram

Applying makeup to the face is like an artist with a blank canvas. There are so many different possibilities and masterpieces that can be created with brushes and color combinations.

The red skin has completely vanished here, and her eyes have been opened up with clever eye makeup application.

2. Simple Yet Elegant

simple makeup transformations

@miranda_irsik / Instagram

Here’s a simple makeover that’s not too in-your-face but is still enough to transform the wearer.

It defines all the features in a subtle way that’s not too over-the-top.

1. Completely Transformed

Indian woman makeup transformations

@Goar_Avetisyan / Instagram

Wow, this makeover in unbelievable! The lips, the brows, the eyes: She looks so much younger!

Which is your favorite of these dramatic makeup transformations?

Are you brave enough to share a photo of your makeup transformations? We definitely aren’t! If you want more makeup transformations, click the next button to see celebrities without makeup.