Makeup Transformations You’ll Have to See to Believe

The power of makeup is undeniable. Makeup can give us extra confidence and can transform the everyday person into a sassy superstar.

There are thousands of makeup tutorials across social media and YouTube for us everyday novices to follow and create our own makeup transformations.

Check out these makeup transformations on real people that will make you want to get out that makeup bag and give yourself a makeover.

25.) A Makeup Facelift

makeup transformations | makeup before and after

@Anar_Agakishiev / Instagram

Makeup artist Goar Avetisyan, 22, from Russia features a few times throughout this list. Her dramatic makeovers have taken social media by storm, and with over 5.2 million followers on Instagram, it appears people are loving her work and the work of other makeup artists who can transform themselves into anything.

This lady is a great example of her work. I mean who needs a facelift when you can do this with makeup? Goar waves her magic makeup wand and the wrinkles disappear before your eyes.