Rapper Etc.: 5 Other Jobs Jay-Z Could Take On

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It’s time to accept it: Jay-Z is omnipresent. In the modern world, there is nowhere his reach cannot extend. The rapper and part owner of the Brooklyn Nets has now expanded his empire into the world of sports agencies. Starting Roc Nation Sports, Jay-Z made his first big splash in sports representation yesterday when he snatched New York Yankees superstar second baseman, Robinson Cano, away from baseball mega-agent and unstoppable douchebag Scott Boras. Jay-Z’s latest business venture has to make you wonder, what other jobs could he take on in the near future?

5 Overlord

If this whole Armageddon thing ever comes to fruition, Jay-Z is exactly the type of figure that could employ his wealth and power to survive it, then emerge in the post-Apocalyptic world as an all-powerful overlord. And if this seems ridiculous, just try to picture Jay-Z donning Mad Max-style gear and reigning over the proceedings at the Thunderdome. You can see it, can’t you? All hail Lord-Z.

4 Santa Claus

At this point, it’s widely accepted that Santa Claus is nothing more than a myth. But could he be real someday? Jay-Z is a philanthropic guy with the means to make most anything happen, so there’s no way to be sure that he isn’t, at this very moment, devising a plan to make the overnight delivery of gifts to every child on the planet a reality. Someday soon you could be leaving cookies out with your kids on Christmas Eve, in eager anticipation of the arrival of Roc-A-Claus.

3 Pilot

Assuming that he doesn’t already have his pilot’s license, Jay-Z seems like the industrious type that might just wake up one morning and decide he wants to learn how to fly. So don’t be surprised if in the near future the voice that comes over the loudspeaker of your layover flight from Detroit to Los Angeles sounds oddly familiar. He certainly doesn’t need the extra cash, but Jay-Z might just be piloting your commercial airliner because he feels like it.

2 Pope

At 76 years old, newly appointed Pope Francis is the oldest man ever elected to the papacy. Needless to say, he may not be long for the job (or for this world, for that matter). After his stint is over, however it may end, the Catholic Church will be in search of a new pontiff, and they may finally realize they’ll need a hipper, younger candidate if they hope to attract new parishioners. Enter Jay-Z. Sure he has zero religious background and a criminal past … but how fly would he look in those robes?

1 President

Seriously. This could happen. Not long from today, you could very well be looking back at this article knowing that we called it. After all, what is there to stop Jay-Z from making it into the White House? In a time when Arnold Schwarzenegger can be the governor of one of the most influential states in the Union, there’s no reason that Jay-Z couldn’t be a legitimate candidate for leader of the free world. He and Beyoncé are already known as “America’s Other First Couple,” and someday they could very well be the real thing.

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