70 Fed-Up Workers Who Quit In Style

No matter how much you like certain aspects of your job, sometimes you're just fed up. Quit in style by getting inspiration from fellow quitters.

Work sucks, but it pays the bucks, amirite? The sad truth is, no matter how much you’re getting paid, or how much you like your colleagues, sometimes you’re just fed up. If you haven’t quit a job, you’re likely in the 1%. Bad bosses, terrible working conditions, and overall morale are lacking in a lot of professions across the board. If you’ve ever wanted to quit in style, i.e., leave a job in the most memorable way possible, get some inspiration here!

Here are 70 fed-up workers who quit in style!

1.) The Most Delicious Way To Say ‘I’m Done’

quit in style

This person was so dedicated that he wrote a note on a cake!

Also, we love a shameless self promo.

2.) Maybe He’ll Reconsider How He Treats His Staff

quit in style

People need to consider how they treat their staff!

Good for them for standing up to themselves.

3.) Bet They Weren’t Expecting This To Pop Up On Their Computer

quit in style

As a boss, I’m sure you never want to get this on your computer.

Whoever programed this is amazing!

4.) Have A Whiskey On Me!

quit in style

You know the employee really liked you if they gave you whiskey!

This is amazing!

5.) Humans Aren’t Robots – Give Us A Break!

quit in style

Bosses need to understand that we are not robots!

Hopefully they took note and no longer treated employees terrible.

6.) Priceless – This Guy Definitely Went Out With A Bang

quit in style

You imagine doing this on your last day of work?

This ex-employee is awesome!

7.) Always Read The Fine Print …

quit in style

This is subtle way of saying “I hate my job.”

It would be funny if the boss ever saw this!

8.) Just A Little Something To Remember This Colleague By

quit in style

Imagine having one of your co-workers find this months after you left.

They probably got a kick out of it!

9.) This Employee Had A Lot Of Time On Their Hands

quit in style

Imagine being so done with our job that you turned all of these boxes upside down.

We don’t know if this is petty or smart.

10.) Is A U-turn In Order?

quit in style

There is a lot of things going on here. First, why is exit 329 closed? Are they just not telling us because they are angry?

Lastly, why did they get fired? Because they make signs like this?

11.) After Four Years, You’d Think There’d Be A Bit More Mutual Respect

quit in style

We hope this store regrets letting him go!

He definitely deserves more respect than being called a bad team player.

12.) Give This Person A Reference, Stat!

quit in style

Calling people out is the best way to quit in style!

These people better learn their lesson ASAP.

13.) Like This Dino, I’ll Soon Be History

quit in style

Their boss probably was impressed by their skills.

Then they read the bottom.

14.) Even After The Incident, They’re Still Looking Out For The Customer. Give This Person A Job!

quit in style

Bosses seem like they give a pass to employees who behave poorly.

But they treat good employees like crap!

15.) Two Of A Kind

quit in style

This was perfectly planned.

The cake looks delicious!

16.) This Definitely Gets The Point Across

quit in style

Short, simple and to the point!

We like it.

17.) Talk About A Shitty Exit

quit in style

Oh my gosh!

They really told this company to “f*** off!”

18.) When You Can’t Find The Words, Say It With Hallmark Cards

quit in style

If you do not have the words, Hallmark has got your back!

They always know the right words to say.

19.) At Least They Left The Customers With Options

quit in style

Small businesses that are promoting larger businesses?

The ex-employees must be angry!

20.) He’s A Poet, Did His Boss Even Know It?

quit in style

I’m sure his boss was laughing and crying at the same time when reading this!

Too funny!

21.) Homer Simpson Would Be Proud

quit in style

Did you read it in Homer Simpson’s voice?

We sure did!

22.) Looks Like The ‘Help Wanted’ Sign Will Come In Handy Here

quit in style

If a customer saw this, they might never come back there!

Who knew the boss was so irresponsible.

23.) Did This Come With A Condolence Gift?

quit in style

Are they going to go out to dinner to celebrate the loss of the employee?

Probably not.

24.) Two Years Of BS, One Letter Of Satisfaction

quit in style

It’s awesome when you rant in your resignation letter.

A low paying job is not worth the stress.

25.) Return To Sender

quit in style

This is a perfect way to tell everyone you left.

Future employees, take note!

26.) The Devil Makes Noodles

quit in style

Bosses never learn!

Hopefully he isn’t the devil in disguise.

27.) Make Way For The Hyperspace Bypass!

quit in style

At least they gave them fish at the end!

So thoughtful!

28.) At Least She’s Honest, Right?

quit in style

Low paying jobs just aren’t worth it sometime!

The perfect note for the perfect quitting in style moment.

29.) Order Up!

quit in style

If you are a chef and saw this, you would probably start laughing!

Here ya go! We are done.

30.) Increase Workplace Hostility With Passive Aggressive Messages

quit in style

We love a passive aggressive message with a side of being professional.

Hostile work environments are not okay.

31.) Catch You On The Flip Side

quit in style

Bye! See you!

Running out of here as fast as possible.

32.) Hopefully, His Chair Is Comfy – Now It’s Mine!

quit in style

A great and funny note to leave your employees!

What a guy!

33.) Looks Like He Went For A Fast Exit

quit in style

Bye people!

See you never again!

34.) This Just In: I Quit. Now, Eat Cake!

quit in style

Mark was so thoughtful giving a cake to his boss!

It wasn’t sweet that he is leaving after 4 years.

35.) ‘I’m Gonna Make It reeeeaaaal Simple For You’

quit in style

We don’t eve know Tom and we read this note in his voice!

Funny Tom!

36.) If You’re Gonna Say It, Say It With A Smile

quit in style

It’s a win-win!

You are quitting and everyone gets cake!

37.) The Most Colorful Way To Quit

quit in style

Being a quitter isn’t a bad thing.

Sometimes you just need a drawing and a creative imagination to quit!

38.) Never Gonna Give You Up, Until Now

quit in style

Did they just Rick Roll their resignation letter?

What a genius!

39.) Cowabunga, Dude!

quit in style

This dude must have worked in a creative department.

Smell ya never!

40.) I Believe I Can Fly!

quit in style

The painting really helps ease the pain of putting in their two weeks.

What a great way to leave!

41.) If You Can’t Use Your Words, Say It With Cookies

quit in style

The cookies are funny because they look colorful and exciting.

In reality, the boss is sad and the soon to be ex-employee is excited!

42.) But How Am I Gonna Get My Burrito?!

quit in style

Chipotle seems to be getting in trouble a bunch recently.

Treat your employees right! And they will stay!

43.) Millions upon millions of resignations served

quit in style
Do only losers work here?

Or did a disgruntled employee put that?

44.) I Used To Be Good At Wordplay Once A Pun A Time

quit in style

A good pun goes a long way.

This is the best way to quit!

45.) If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, Say It With Chocolate Cake

quit in style

Chocolate cake makes everything taste better.

Even the pain of losing an employee!

46.) But Did He Save Princess Peach First?

quit in style

This is important, we need to know if Mario completed his mission and defeated Bowser.

SOS, alert Toad!

47.) Short, But To The Point

quit in style

See ya later!

Have fun cleaning this mess up! It’s your problem now.

48.) Impressive Crayon Scribbles

quit in style

The colors from the Crayons are distracting, yet satisfying.


49.) R.I.P.: Resign In Peace

quit in style

Rest in peace to this employees job!

He will be missed by many!

50.) Hopefully, He’ll Be Better At Getting His Message Across To Future Employers

quit in style

Bye James!

Hope you got the message.

51.) This Limerick Is The Cherry On Top

quit in style

No more sweets for you!

Bye bye!

52.) Surely They’ll See This Before It’s Erased …

quit in style

It’s a great conversation starter for anyone in this conference room!

Don’t erase it until everyone has seen it.

53.) Can We Still Be Friends?

quit in style

Let’s be friends, can we?

Let’s hang out.

54.) The Drinks Are Free At The Christmas Party, Right?

quit in style

The Christmas party is a great time for all employees and former employees.

Happy Holidays to my resignation letter!

55.) The Love Was Strong For This Employer, Clearly

quit in style

This is so well written!

Wow, we love this!

56.) Couldn’t He Have Found A Fresh Piece Of Paper?

quit in style

We do not know what is worse: the cat or the piece of paper!

Dirty, but good play!

57.) Think The Message Came Across Loud And Clear?

quit in style

Well, that middle finger is just rude!

Or fitting. Not sure which one!

58.) A Bit Hard To Read, But The Message Is Clear

quit in style

These cupcakes must have taken forever to do!

Thoughtful though!

59.) Quit In Style: The Crafter’s Edition

quit in style

We love a queen that is creative!

This is awesome!

60.) Flush Out The Old, Bring In The New

quit in style

Wow, are you calling your old place of employment crap?

This is so funny!

61.) I Beer You a Farewell

quit in style growler

The boss probably drink their issues away.

It’s “I’m sorry I’m quitting” present!

62.) Mic Drop Your Way Out

quit in style mic drop

And we are out of here!

Just like that!

63.) It’s A Sign They Should Leave

quit in style sign

Polo is probably a bad name to have as your restaurant.

Poor choice of words, yet amazing sign.

64.) Super Bad Quitting

quit in style super bad

This probably got a lot of laughs.

The perfect scene to quit your job!

65.) A Beautiful Goodbye

quit in style cake

Connor, you are beautiful, but why?

We have so much questions about this! I’m sure your boss did too!

66.) Napkin Resignation Letter

quit in style napkin

The best way to say “go away, leave me alone, and never call me again.”

It’s better than a breakup story.

67.) Auto Email Set

quit in style auto email

Just casually letting your coworkers and everyone else that you are done.

Great auto response!

68.) And Now She Is Gone

quit in style sign

Now, Brooks is gone forever and never coming back.

Never contact Brooks again.

69.) And He’s Out

quit in style schedule

This person is done just like this week’s schedule. It’s old news!

The job is in the past!

70.) Time To Celebrate

quit in style cake part 2

Celebrate that you are going on to bigger and better things!

Everyone leaves a job at some point. You might as well celebrate.