Get Funky in France: Pick These Quirky, Unique Hotels in Paris For Your Next Visit

Spice up your stay in Paris and spend your Parisian nights in one of Paris' quirkiest hotels themed after your favorite places, foods and art. These unique hotels in Paris should be on your radar.

It’s fairly easy to understand why Paris is one of those bucket-list cities to visit. Ask any travel-minded person to list off things they know about the city, and they’ll do it without a moment’s hesitation. Why not spice up your French getaway by staying in one of the quirky, unique hotels in Paris? These five hotels don’t offer your typical experience. They dramatically merge art, French history and random yet curated elements of design to give you a unique Parisian experience. Staying at these unique spots are sure to be one of the most unforgettable parts of your time in Paris.

5. Kube Hotel

unique hotels in paris

Stars: 4

Starting price per night: €120 

District: 18th

The Kube Hotel is a chic Scandinavian-influenced paradise in the middle of Paris’s 18th district. This 4-star boutique hotel screams ‘quirky’ from its original concept all the way down to its trendy ice bar that draws crowds of hip Parisians. This makes the Kube one of our favorite unique hotels in Paris.

unique hotels in Paris

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The Scandinavian themes can literally be felt and seen when staying at the Kube Hotel. The rooms take after the typical Scandinavian interior design with its chic furniture and decorations. Think beautifully lit rooms with minimalist pieces with hints of color and large murals as a backsplash. Throughout the hotel you’ll find plush, Plexiglas walls that take after the typical Scandinavian interior design.

The center of attention of the Kube Hotel is the ice bar, which you can’t miss. After a long day of Parisian sightseeing, wind down in the polar temperatures of the exclusive Ice Kube bar and lounge while donning your best winter furs. Once you step outside of the Nordic paradise of the Kube, you’re in the heart of Paris and minutes away from attractions like the Moulin Rouge and Place Stalingrad.

4. Hotel Indigo Paris

unique hotels in paris

Hotel Indigo Paris

Stars: 4

Starting price per night: €264

District: 9th

Paris’s 9th arrondissement (district) is an exciting area where history and entertainment intertwine. The district is most known for its historic theaters like the famous Opera Garnier and its elegant shopping at the Galeries Lafayette. At Hotel Indigo Paris, the 19th-century entertainment vibes follow you from the streets into your hotel room. The entire hotel is designed to provide guests with the old Parisian theater feel.

Each guest room has theatre-styled mirrors and large, locally inspired murals as a backdrop. Besides its unique artistic design, the 4-star hotel comes equipped with all of the amenities you would need for a comfortable stay. You can’t say no to a continental breakfast buffet, rainforest showers, and proximity to all of Paris’s top tourist attractions. The comfortable amenities will surely make this stay unforgettable, but the artistic blend of the contemporary and the historic will make it one of the most unique hotels in Paris at which to stay.

3. Hotel du Continent

unique hotels in Paris

Stars: 3

Price per night: €137

District: 1st

We love a unique concept that is executed so well that it transports you to another world. The Hotel du Continent does just that – it takes on you a trip around the world with its uniquely designed decor. This boutique hotel is designed to feel worldly’and evidently reflects the diversity surrounding the city of Paris. Hotel du Continent is for the more adventurous traveler who loves a good luxury boutique feel without the price tag.

The French fashion designer Christian Lacroix spearheads the hotel’s unique concept. Each room is an interesting blend of exotic fabrics, textures and objects from around the world. The hotel re-imagines what it would be like to see other cultures as an explorer in the 19th century.

Hotel du Continent will give you the inspiration to explore the surrounding neighborhood, and once outside, you’re in the heart of Paris’s 1st district. It couldn’t be a better location to explore the best of Paris, as you’re five minutes from the Jardin des Tuileries and 10 minutes from the Louvre Museum and plenty of Parisian attractions. Hotel du Continent will bring the adventurer out of you!

2. Hotel du Triangle d’Or

unique hotels in paris

Stars: 3

Starting price per night: €93

District: 9th

Music junkies, rest assured that when it comes to the city of Paris, there’s a quirky hotel out there just for you. Triangle d’Or is the hotel designed specifically with true lovers of music in mind. The entire hotel is designed with an attention to detail that only musicians and music lovers will know and appreciate.

The floors are each modeled after famous musicians who added their personal touch to the design. Musicians such as Rickie Lee Jones, Jacques Higelin, Manu Katché, and Archie Shepp helped with the design of the music hotel. Gold discs, guitars, funky photos and quotes creatively decorate the walls.

Aside from it being a music and art haven, the Triangle d’Or offers comfort and convenience to experience all that Paris has to offer. The hotel sits in between the 8th and 9th district and is only minutes from the Paris Olympia theater and the Place de la Madeleine. Luxury shopping and fine dining are also within minutes.

1. Vice Versa Hotel

unique hotels in Paris

Stars: 4

Starting price per night: €99

District: 15th

Vice Versa Hotel will make your Paris trip a sinful delight. Sinful because of this hotel’s unique theme that’ll make your jaw drop with of its originality. Vice Versa is a magical hotel that makes you feel like you’re in a fantasy world. As if exploring the romantic city of Paris isn’t enough, Vice Versa will make you feel like you’ve stepped into heaven, literally.unique hotels in Paris

When you enter, you’ll quickly notice the heavenly aura with the feathery-white furniture and angel-inspired decor. From there, the fantasy of Vice Versa continues – on every floor one of the seven deadly sins await you. Each room is carefully curated with decor depicting our guiltiest sins, like lust, sloth, greed and pride. That means giant lollipop beds, money-centric accents, and seductive themes and details.

Vice Versa strives to be anything but boring, and it succeeds. If the kitschy sinful themes aren’t enough to reel you in, they also have a hammam, or relaxing Turkish bath, in its basement. What’s your sin of choice?

Did we leave off a doozy of an accommodation on our list of unique hotels in Paris? Tell us all about it in the comments, or let us know which of these properties would be your top pick in the City of Lights!

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