Quarantine Mother’s Day Gifts

Quarantined Mother's Day is around the corner. Go ahead and treat your mom to something truly special, choose one of our 5 handpicked Mother's Day Gifts!

Quarantined Mother’s Day is around the corner. How often do you tell your mother that you love her? Mothers and mother figures, deserve our endless gratitude. Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her. How to say thank you for all the struggles our moms went through? Flowers, chocolates and cards are popular gifts to show appreciation. However, if you’d like to step up your game and treat your mom to something truly special, choose one of our handpicked Mother’s Day Gifts!

1.) Quarantine Mother’s Day with a Streaming Device

Mom really wants Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and so much more! This is what she really wants during this quarantine. Streaming videos can be difficult for our moms. No problem, get her a device that makes it simple to get TV shows and movies all in one.

2.) Quarantine Walks with a New Fitbit

insomniac gifts fitbit versa

Go for a Quarantine Mother’s Day walk, this year. Inspire your mom to set new goals with a new Fitbit. It will also remind her to get off the couch and start exercising! The new Fit Bit Versa 2 keeps Mom’s daily routine fresh. It will be exciting to see how her hard work is paying off.

3.) Cookbooks for Mother’s Day

Has your mom run out of things to cook or bake staying home during the quarantine already? Then she is going to enjoy this quarantine Mother’s Day gift! Cook books will give her plenty of new ideas on what to cook. She can keep them on the counter with this cook book holder as well!

4.) Give her a Manicure

Due to the quarantine chances are that Mom is in desperate need of a manicure. While you might not be able to give her the full spa experience at home for Mother’s Day. You can definitely give her a mini spa treatment.  Grab a few nail polish options or even a gel dip kit and let her sit back and relax while you do the work.

5.) Wine Tasting

best organic wine

Quarantine Mother’s Day is definitely a good time to buy mom wine. Really, wine is always a good gift idea for mom because you are probably the reason that she drinks. So let’s turn her favorite activity, drinking wine, into a fun wine tasting gift. (https://mgtrailer.com) Go and buy an assortment of Red, White and Rose wines for mom to test. Don’t forget to add some cheese, crackers and fruit.