Putting the Buzz Aside: Five Things That Will Make Google Glass a Hit or a Miss

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Google Glass is the new iPhone, all the cool kids have one. To be honest, the buzz has accomplished its goal, at least in my case. I seriously want Google Glass. Why? Well, because, as I have written before, it is not the product itself but rather the significance of wearable computing and Google Glass, as the trend-setter in this space.

The thing is, Google Glass is obviously the talk of the town right now. Selling a glorified camera for $1,500, getting it in the hands of every single influencer on the Web, and teasing people with the potential of such a device are just some of the reasons people can’t stop talking about it.

However, the question on everyone’s mind is, what will happen when Google Glass becomes publicly available? Will it be the next iPhone or will it be more like a new Segway? In other words, will it bring a whole bunch of new devices that follow in its footsteps or will it remain a novelty that only serious geeks use?

The answer lays in five elements of the way Google Glass goes to market:

5 Privacy Might Be Dead, but it Ain’t THIS Dead

Ok, privacy, as we knew it, is no longer with us. People update every detail of their life using the social web, including their precise location with apps like Foursquare, and even when they wake up and go to sleep with apps like Path. But even so, when someone looks at me with those spooky glasses, and I know they are collecting data on me at this very moment, I am getting the heck out of there. Now, I know, Glass doesn’t yet have facial recognition and can’t really get data by just looking at someone, but does anyone really doubt that that is coming? From a tech perspective, such a functionality is beyond awesome. From a privacy standpoint? Not so much. Google has to keep privacy in mind with every step and decision they make pertaining to the future of Glass as a platform.

4 Google Glass: How About We Get Rid of the Google Part?

If this device or the version of Google Glass to hit the market is expected to go mainstream, it has to be able to interface with the other device we all have in our pockets. That means it has to be open to communicating with my smartphone, irrelevant of what kind of phone I use. Yes, Google, that means it’s time to put aside your personal feelings for Apple or Microsoft and bring them all on board the Glass bandwagon. Bluetooth is Bluetooth but I am talking a whole new level of communication. The way I see Glass succeeding is if it becomes a valuable addition to my smartphone, since, let’s be honest, it will never replace it. Not anytime soon anyway.

3 Can We Do Something About the Way it Looks?

Listen, wearable computing has to be… wearable, I get that, but do I have to look so terribly geeky wearing it? I mean, surely, given the fact that all the chips in Google Glass are microscopic, there is a way to make this thing smaller, right? There has to be. Anyway, I get it, this is just a prototype, but if Google wants this device to go to mass audiences, they have to do something about the whole dorky look it has going on.

2 Great Product Video, but What Does it REALLY Do?

The potential of Google Glass is endless. Seamless search, augmented reality, instant photography, and the list goes on. Except right now, it is a glorified camera with some basic web capabilities. The battery life is pretty embarrassing, the number of apps available is laughable, and the camera itself would be ashamed to show its megapixel count on a modern smartphone. Yes, I know, I am a tough audience as this is only the beginning, but when the device does hit shelves, I sure hope it does so with a whole lot of apps that take advantage of its capabilities.

1 Glasses that Cost HOW Much?

First thing’s first, we have to get that price down. Way down. Now, no one really believes that Google Glass, when it does become publicly available, will be selling for $1,500, but the question is, what will be the price? Wearable computing might be the next big thing, but if Google Glass costs a cent over $300, I will go with the second to best thing, thank you very much.

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