10 Pups Who Had Mondays Worse Than Yours

Mondays are the worst. Your alarm goes off obnoxiously early, you have to go back to work... But as these pups show you, it could always be worse.

Ugh. Mondays are the worst. Your alarm clock rings obnoxiously early, you have to face the morning commute, go back to work and actually do everything you told your boss you’d “get to on Monday” when you left for happy hour on Friday. And other times, you just have a “case of the Mondays.”

But it could be worse; you could be having an unfortunate case of the Mondays just like these sorry pups. Here are some great ways to make your day seem that much better – take note and be grateful!

10.) Go Away. I’m Sick. 

Dog cone, cat on top - sick dayThis is Sampson, who is having the worst Monday ever. Talk about a case of the Mondays! Not only was he “fixed” (he thought he was just fine before), but now the cat won’t stop taunting him. Talk about kicking a man while he’s down. Be grateful your Monday didn’t start off with a visit from your worst enemy …

And if it did? Sampson feels your pain.

9.) Stop Stealing My Bed!

dog with cat in bed

This is Pete, the sweetest pup you’ll ever meet who loves everyone and everything except for cats. He is deathly afraid of cats. Unfortunately, the cat knows this and uses it to her advantage.

Don’t be like Pete. Be courageous this Monday – face your fears, whatever they may be!

8.) I Shouldn’t Have Passed Out So Early…


This better not be permanent marker. Photo: barnorama.com

This is Lola, and this is what Mondays with children look like: messy and unpredictable. Lola just wanted to nap in peace and woke up looking like an Easter egg. This will mean a trip to the groomers, which she hates.

Did you get a restful night’s sleep last night? If so, be grateful.

7.) I Just Wanted To Look Out The Window


I got a little too excited, and now I’m a little too stuck. Photo: ebaumsworld.com.

This is Ridley. He heard a car outside and thought his owners were coming home and got SO SO EXCITED! He just couldn’t contain himself. But now? The blinds are containing him.

Watch your caffeine intake this morning – otherwise, you may get a little too jittery and do something you regret.

6.) I Thought Bees Were Food!

Mondays - bee sting

He learned the hard way not to eat bees. Photo: Flickr: sheri_guyse / Sheri Guyse

Poor little Tucker mistook a bee for a snack and now he looks like the poster child for Botox gone wrong.

Be grateful you don’t get confused with meal choices over the weekend and end up with an allergic reaction like poor Tucker.

5.) Huh? A DIET?!

This is Casey, who is having a bad case of the Mondays. Casey’s diet started today, and he needs to lose 17 lbs. As the video shows, “[he’s] hungry, never gets enough to eat, and – instead of Milkbones – [he] gets cucumbers.”

Eat to your heart’s content, and be glad your Monday didn’t start out with a brand-new, unanticipated diet like Casey.

4.) But I Just Wanted To Help!


When all you want to do is be helpful. Photo: justsomething.co

This is George, who is clearly having a serious case of the Mondays. All he wanted to do was help his owners clean the dishes, but he got stuck in the process.

Be grateful you didn’t start your day smushed in a small space (sorry, the subway doesn’t count).

3.) This Is A Really Sh*tty Situation …

Mondays - stuck

Haaaalp! Stop laughing and help me!

This is Hugo. Hugo’s lousy Monday involves thinking he was being a really good boy when he tried to toilet-train himself. Unfortunately, he slipped, and now he’s wet, stuck and everyone is laughing at him.

Have a ton of gratitude that your Monday didn’t start off with a humiliating faux-pas involving toilet swimming like Hugo!

2.) I JUST Got A Blowout …

Mondays - Rain

So much for that blowout …

This is Grace. In what can most certainly be called the ultimate case of the Mondays, she just got back from the groomers this morning and then fell asleep on the deck. And then it started raining. Hard. And she didn’t wake up. Is your hair not looking the way you wanted it to this Monday?

It could be worse – just be happy you didn’t fall asleep in a downpour.

1.) I Thought Green Lipstick Was In This Season?

Meet Maggie and lend an ear to her tale of a woeful Monday. Like so many of us, she’s always trying to keep up with the latest beauty trends. Sometimes she nails it, other times she fails it. This is clearly an example of the latter. Think you’re having a case of the Mondays? At least your mouth isn’t green (we hope…).

Do you have a pup whose Monday beats these? Tell us in the comments (don’t forget the photos!).

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