Puppy That Refuses To Show Any Sign Of Aging Has Vets Confused


Out Of The Ordinary

His nerves were through the roof when he placed his pup on the examination table. The puppy greeted the doctor with a big lick while he did his examination. The vet eventually cleared his throat and began speaking after a dreadful silence.

However, Graham was unprepared for what he heard. He informed him that there was nothing ordinary about his pup, and her size confirmed it. He knew that something was amiss with her.



Graham Lawson resided in Texas with his family. One memory he remembered quite fondly about his childhood was his father’s service dog, Rex. Rex took care of his father and was his close companion for many years.

Graham’s father suffered from PTSD, which was why they got Rex. For 20-years, his father served in the marine corps, and in those years, he was deployed to the battlefield more times than Graham could remember. From the moment Rex was assigned to his father, they instantly became best friends.



Graham loved Rex more than anything in the world, even if it was not his dog. Rex was part of the family. Graham’s father was rarely home growing up, so he was delighted when his father finally stayed at home.

Rex would sense when somebody is unhappy and immediately go and provide them comfort. Graham’s father loved his dog dearly, and he fondly recalls his bright smile when Rex was sitting next to him. After 15 years had passed, both Rex and his father became a memory.

He Was Unhappy


Graham had recently turned 25, and he lived in a small house. He struggled to make ends meet most of the time, and he hated his job. He felt like another cog in the machine, and he knew that it was time for a change.

Graham felt deeply unhappy with his life, and he tried to remember the happier days he had as a child. One memory that stood out quite a lot was his father and Rex. He decided to embrace the opportunity after giving it some thought.

A Big Step


Graham was ready to have a dog of his own. He loved the German Shepard breed from what he saw with Rex, so he knew exactly what dog he wanted. He felt that finding a dog to keep him company and emotionally healthy would honor both his father and his memories.

It was fairly easy to get a dog; he just had to go to a shelter to find the right pup for him. He had no clue, however, that the dog he would find would be way more than he bargained for.

Newest Addition

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Graham made his way to the local shelter, and he was stunned by what he found. He found a small German Shepard puppy! It was adorable, and Graham knew that this pup was going home with him.

He completed all the necessary paperwork, paid for her check-ups, and bought the best food and kennel money he could buy. They then got in his car and made their way home. Graham, on the other hand, had no clue that his puppy wasn’t quite what he had hoped for.

New Home

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He had to choose a name for his new pup and decided on Mandy. She was much smaller than any other German Sheperd puppies he had seen. However, he just brushed it off. He knew that she would grow more as time progressed. She quickly made herself at home, and the two became best friends.

The relationship he had with Mandy was identical to Rex’s relationship with his father. After having her for three months, he grew to be very fond of her. However, since he picked her up three months ago, she had not even grown half an inch.

He Was Getting Worried

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Mandy was not growing at all. Initially, Graham thought she was not getting the nutrition she needed from her food, so he bought even more expensive food. However, even after this switch, she remained the same size.

What was going on? This was not a situation he had ever encountered or heard other people encounter. When he adopted her, she received a check-up from the vet, and everything looked perfect. He needed to find answers.

Getting Answers

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Graham had never owned a dog on his own before. He felt out of his depth and wanted to do everything to ensure she was okay. He contacted the shelter where he had taken her up and asked if they had any idea what was wrong.

However, the shelter was just as clueless. To them, she was just another pup that they took in from the streets. They were over the roof that Graham had adopted her, but they had no clue that she would bring problems.

Professional Help

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After the shelter left him with even more questions, Graham knew it was time to seek professional advice. He desperately needed answers, and he could only pray that the vet would give them to him. So he grabbed Mandy and drove to the vet.

Graham’s mind wandered on the way to the vet. He could not help but wonder what they would say. He couldn’t bear the thought of it being something serious. He had no clue, however, that the truth would forever impact his life.

The Examination


He nervously put his little puppy on the examination table. She playfully licked the doctor that was examining her. After a moment of harrowing silence, the vet finally opened his mouth and started speaking.

But Graham could never have prepared himself for what he said. He told him that she was no normal dog, and her size showed it. Graham shook his head in disbelief. He knew that his dog was a wolf hiding in sheep’s skin.

The Diagnosis

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The doctor further explained to Graham that she was nothing like most other dogs. She was something else entirely.

He told Graham that his wonderful canine had a rare condition called “pituitary dwarfism” and would explain her tiny size. It also had a few more implications, like a slightly shorter lifespan.

Extra Care

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Graham felt like he was hit by a bus. He couldn’t believe that his puppy would never grow any bigger. But at the same time, he didn’t mind her unique condition and promised himself that he would give her extra care.

He actually thought that it was a little ironic. That he had adopted her to help him get over his emotional distress, and now he would look after her and take care of her special condition.

Other Symptoms

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Parallels between his father entered his mind again. His service dog made sure that he was okay and took care of his PTSD, and now Graham was looking after a dog with a condition. He knew his father would be proud.

The condition means that Mandy would never get bigger than she was when he picked her up from the shelter. There were other difficulties like a loss of appetite and dry skin and fur. But that never bothered Graham.

A Happy Life

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Graham took Mandy home after the trip to the vet and had gotten all of the things he needed to help treat her. He got special shampoo that would help with her skin and fur and bought plenty of treats for when she wouldn’t eat her food.

Graham looked at his little pup that would stay that way forever. He smiled and told himself that he couldn’t have been happier. She was one-of-a-kind and special. Something he would never forget.