40 Puppy Pictures That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Cute puppy pictures. Need we say more? There is nothing like scrolling through a gallery of adorable dough-eyed furry friends. Puppies warm our hearts, melt them, and send fuzzy feelings down our spine. No matter how you’re feeling, these babies have enough cuteness to turn your day around for the better.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at these adorable puppies and get your daily dose of cuteness. You’re crazy if you don’t say ‘awwww’ at least 40 times!

40.) Hello! Don’t you think I’m cute?

Seth Casteel

39.) Rub my belly, pu-pu-lease!

Seth Casteel

38.) A lil’ dip in the pool to cool off underwater

Seth Casteel

37.) Play with me, it’s my favorite toy!


36.) Whoops! It seemed like a fun idea at the time

Zoo Studio

35.) The smallest little puppy I ever did see


34.) Hey there, good lookin’

Pavlina Rauskeova/ Shutterstock.com

33.) Two pups in a basket!

Ots Photo/ Shutterstock.com

32.) Practicing the show dog pose early

Helen Sushitskaya/ Shutterstock.com


30.) Can you tell we’re bros?


29.) Ugh, I hate puddles

28.) This little guy is so fluffy I could die!

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash


27.) Looks like its someone’s nap time

Ryan Walton on Unsplash.com

26.) We love being cute!

25.) Maybe these glasses will make us look smart

Scratch & Sniff Dog Photography

24.) Baby beagle puppies. *Heart melts*

Rat Arinrat / Shutterstock.com

23.) Any place to nap works for me

22.) I will chew as long as it takes!

21.) Being a puppy is the best!


20.) Ahoy, matey!

19.) Hipster Puppy in Training

18.) Teach Me How To Tie Your Shoelaces

17.) Get Your Dirty Hands Out of My Cute Lil’ Mouth

16.) Not Ready for My First Day at School

15.) Model in Training

14.) We’re Just Hanging Around

13.) Come Play With Me

12.) Who Says You Can’t Eat the Snow?

11.) So Happy Right Now

10.) Four Puppies Are Better Than One


9.) Nap #10 for Today

8.) Hope I Don’t Get Bad Tan Lines

7.) What Do You Think I Am Thinking?

6.) I’m Ready to Join the Force

5.) I Never Can Get Away From My Family

4.) Just Can’t Keep My Eyelids Open

3.) My Favorite Dish

2.) I Do My Own Hair

1.) Puppy Butts

You’ve made it, don’t you feel so cute and happy?

Now that you’ve got your daily dose of cute puppy pictures, why not try our Dog Breed Quiz to test your doggie knowledge!

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