Zmodo Greet Pro with Beam Review

Overview of Zmodo Greet Pro with Beam

With the big names in smart home technology like Ring and Nest, you would think it would be hard to compete, especially when it comes to video doorbells. Zmodo isn’t too worried about that though, they offer a great video doorbell that competes with the other guys and is for almost half the price. The Zmodo Greet Pro with Beam is another video doorbell that offers great home security functions and other great features that set it apart.

You’re looking for a device that will let you answer your doorbell when you’re not there, and the Zmodo Greet Pro does just that. The Zmodo consists of a high definition camera, two-way audio, and functions with an app that allows you to see your front door in real time. Like most video doorbells, you can be alerted when there is someone is close to or rings your doorbell. In addition to the basic features of the Zmodo, the product has a few more perks that are eye-catching.

Pros / Cons


  • Free video storage for 36 hours
  • Multiple users can access the app and receive alerts
  • Personalized recorded messages


  • Doesn’t work with other smart home devices

Product Features

Personalized recorded voice messages

Similarly to the Nest Hello, you can leave your guests recorded messages if you cannot answer them verbally at the time. But Zmodo takes it a step further and allows you to record your own personalized messages instead of a prerecorded one. This makes your voice messages much more personalized, and are a great option for loved ones or even possible intruders who approach your home.

Outdoor Use

The weather won’t affect your Zmodo Greet Pro. The device is fully equipped and certified to withstand weather changes. Whether you live in a climate of hot and/or cold temperatures, or there’s rain, sleet or snow, your doorbell will function properly and won’t be damaged. The device itself can handle from 14 F-122 F temperatures.

Multiple users

The Zmodo is an extremely convenient video doorbell that allows you to have multiple users connect to the app. This means that you or your spouse or significant other can receive the same notifications to their phone. Multiple users make your life more flexible and relieve the burden from just one person to monitor the home. Other users on the app can both receive and answer the calls.

Cloud Storage Plans

In order to view past video recordings on your phone, depending on the amount of storage you want, you may have to pay for it. Zmodo offers one free and 2 paid plans to use with the Zmodo Greet Pro. Up to 12 hours of video storage is free with the Zmodo. For the paid plans, you can choose between a 7-day plan or a 30-day plan of continuous video recordings and alert clip storage.


You have up to 3 years of warranty for any products purchased with Zmodo. If your product defects in any way, you are liable to receive a replacement or a repair depending on the defect. The limited warranty does not cover damage done by you or any natural disasters like floods, fires, and hurricanes.

Product Stats

How does it work?

The Zmodo works similarly to other video doorbells on the market right now. Someone rings your doorbell, an alert gets sent to your phone and you can choose to communicate with them or ignore them. If you want to speak to them you can do so regardless of where you are, and they can also respond. The Zmodo uses its 1080p high definition camera to record guests who come to your front door, giving you a crystal clear image of them. At night, the camera uses its night vision technology so you can see exactly who is at your door.

With Zmodo you can get a great view of your entire porch due to the 180 horizontal angle of view. Through your app, you can choose to digital pan to get the full picture of who is at your front door. The motion sensors can also pick up any activity surrounding your front door so you can be in the know for when you’re not there. Once the sensors are triggered, you’ll get an alert to your phone with a video recording that is stored in the cloud.

Beam Wifi Extender

Zmodo Greet Pro also comes with a Beam wifi extender that will essentially ensure that you have a strong connection at all times. The smart doorbell requires a 2.4GHz/5 GHz wifi network to properly record, store and transmit signals to your phone at all times. The Beam wifi extender can be mounted perfectly next to the doorbell.


There isn’t much difference between the Zmodo Greet Pro installation process and other brands of video doorbells. In fact, the Zmodo installation process seems to be fairly easy compared to other brands. Simply mount it and connect it to the existing doorbell wiring and turn the power on and you’re good to go.

Final Verdict

Overall, Zmodo is an excellent choice for you if you have a big home and a big family. Because of the Beam wifi extender that comes with it, you can ensure that you will be able to stay connected no matter what. Likewise, if you want the ability to connect multiple users to the Zmodo app then you may want to opt for this model.

Installation is a breeze with Zmodo as well, but if you absolutely need to you can get help from a professional to help you install. For smart home lovers, the Zmodo is also compatible with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa devices. Compared to the competition, you’re looking at similar specs with a smaller price tag, which for many people is enough to reel them in. In general, the Zmodo simplifies the smart video doorbell for you so that you can continue to enjoy your life.

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