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Last updated January 7, 2021
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VIPRE Antivirus VIPRE Antivirus
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VIPRE Antivirus offers antivirus programs for individuals and businesses. The acronym name stands for Virus Intrusion Protection and Remediation Engine. It protects you from viruses, then cleans the virus. Both suites offer unmatched protection against online threats. When you choose VIPRE Antivirus, you get email and endpoint security, and threat intelligence for malware.

The software is user-friendly for the individual and businesses and features quick and quality threat response. VIPRE is a global platform across North American and Europe, and is a j2 Global, Inc., brand.

  • Adds prevention to protection and remediation
  • Home protection for PCs and Macs
  • Business protection
  • Over 20 years of experience in protecting users from malware
  • Installs quickly and doesn’t use a lot of memory