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Truthfinder is a background check search engine that offers all of your standard services plus a specialty in deep web and social media searches. Once you sign up for a membership with Truthfinder you are granted access to their database of over a billion public records from criminal history, personal information, arrest records and even social media accounts.

While Truthfinder does provide criminal and arrest records, the company presents itself as a way to “connect with people”. Truthfinder can help you reconnect with an old family member, friend or coworker. It’s a good option for people who want to vet potential dates or new friends. However, if you want to gain some insight into someone’s legal past, it may be a good option as well.


  • Deep web search
  • Mobile app available
  • User-friendly website


  • Majority of customers claim the site is slow 
  • Premium reports at an additional cost

Product Stats

Upon first glance, you will notice that Truthfinder has a user-friendly, modern design for its website. The company makes searching for the information you need an easy, simple process with its layout and features.

The company offers two types of reports, the standard report and the premium report. These reports offer a distinct amount of information depending on what it is you’re looking for.

Standard Report

Choosing a standard background check will typically give you the personal information like name, age, date of birth and other pertinent personal data. You can expect to see things like known aliases, relatives, marriage and divorce records and address history. You can also look up someone through a reverse phone number check.

Premium Report

A premium report is going to the highest level of background check you can get at Truthfinder, but you’ll just have to shell out a few more bucks for it. With the premium background check, you can expect to see the criminal records, arrest records, sex offender data, bankruptcies and foreclosures, to name a few. The premium check is the more thorough report on the person you’re looking for.

People Search

This search type is ideal for users looking to be reunited with an old colleague, family member or someone from your past. It’s normal to lose contact with people in our busy lives, yet with Truthfinder’s people search option, you can be many steps closer to reuniting with them. Simply enter in the person’s name and city (if you know it) and wait for their report to be generated. The report will include their name, current and previous addresses, education information and possible relatives and associates.

Social Media search

A person’s online presence can reveal a lot about them. A quick social media search may prove difficult, especially when searching through thousands of similar accounts. On Truthfinder, you can use their social media search engine to find someone’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Reverse Phone Lookup

You don’t have to wonder about who is calling you ever again. With Truthfinder, you simply enter the phone number and find out who or what is behind the number. Truthfinder also produces the carrier and the last known location (latitude and longitude) of the phone.

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Product Features

What sets Truthfinder apart? The truth is, most background check companies all claim to do the same things: check for people’s information. Truthfinder boasts to take an extra step and go beyond the standard.

Dark Web Scan

A huge highlight with Truthfinder’s service is their dark web scan feature. What is the dark web? The dark web is a breeding ground for identity theft, fraud and other stolen information. It is surprisingly easy to steal data, and with Truthfinder you can be alerted whenever your information may be compromised. You can set up Truthfinder for no additional cost. This service will monitor bulletin boards, peer-to-peer file-sharing networks and other facets of the dark web to make sure your information isn’t compromised. This feature is something that distinguishes Truthfinder from other background check companies.


Another major highlight, as mentioned above, is the extremely easy website layout. Truthfinder definitely stands out when it comes to user experience and user design. The site is simple and easy to read. In no time at all, you can run the search that you want with clear headings and sections. One thing in particular that Truthfinder does well is explaining every step of the background check process thoroughly to their customers through their website and their informative blog.

The site is divided into five sections, and each section is explained in detail in a concise, easy-to-read way. They answer any question or doubt that you may have regarding the background check process.

If that isn’t enough, head on over to their blog, Infomania, where they discuss anything from how to stay safe online to customer stories on how they used a personal background check to their advantage. It’s very clear that Truthfinder tries to make finding information as easy and stress-free as possible for its users.

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While no warranty is offered to their customers for an authorized purchase, if there is an unauthorized charge on your account, the company has a reputation for issuing a swift refund.


Truthfinder puts their users first. From their informative blog and website to their dark web protection, it seems that Truthfinder thrives to make their user experience the most important. The family-style approach is also a comforting factor for the brand. In the end, you’re getting most of the same information that other advanced background check companies offer for a bit of a higher price. However, if you are more focused on doing deep web scans and protecting your identity, then Truthfinder may be the right choice for you. So while you’re spending a few extra bucks a month, you’d be benefiting from some of the pros of this company. Overall, if you are interested in anything related to the dark web or plan on doing multiple searches per month, Truthfinder is the perfect fit for you.

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